On July 1st, the Gate of Languages Primary School with extended teaching of mathematics was founded through the merging of two previously separate schools (The Gate of Languages Primary School and the Uhelný Trh Primary School).  This new institution builds on the traditions and quality of its two forebears.  Our goal is to continue to develop the skills and talents of our pupils and to create a friendly environment for them, their parents and the teaching staff.


The school is located in two buildings in Prague 1 – 13 Vojtěšská Street (primary-school pupils) and 4 Uhelný Trh (primary-school and secondary-school pupils).  Our institution is a school specializing in the extended teaching of languages and mathematics that operates in cooperation with a teacher-training institute.  In the mathematics part of the school, we offer, from the 6th class on, extended teaching of mathematics and science subjects (pupils have extra weekly lessons in subjects such as mathematics, information and communication technologies and physics).  Pupils begin to learn foreign languages in the 3rd class, with 3 lessons per week; in the 7th class, they take another foreign language, with 2 lessons per week.In the language part of the school, pupils learn their first foreign language in the 3th class, with 5 lessons per week, and take on another foreign language in the 6th.  The secondary-school pupils have 4 lessons per week in each foreign language.  We provide students with instruction in English, German and French. The teaching of the foreign languages programme is enhanced by school exchange visits.  Pupils have the possibility to take PRE-SCHOOL-LEAVING EXAMS IN MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS.


We also provide exceptionally talented students (first-rate athletes or gifted artists, for example) and pupils with special educational needs with tailor-made study programmes.  We offer our pupils a large number of after-school activities, organised in both buildings.  All classrooms in our school are equipped with interactive whiteboards.  Both our school buildings have their own school canteen and are within excellent public transport reach.


Each class organizes a field trip at least once a year.  The newly-created 3rd and 6th classes leave at the beginning of the school year for a week-long trip designed to strengthen the team spirit of the class.  A week-long ski-training trip is organized for the 8th-class pupils.  Our pupils take part in many nationwide inter-school games and competitions, in which they perform exceedingly well.  During break-time pupils can play table tennis and table football.  We have just launched an after-school activity for foreigners called LET’S GET TO KNOW CZECH.  Pupils are able to develop their artistic skills in our pottery workshop.  Every year sees a different sculpture by a leading Czech artist displayed in the Uhelný Trh building.  Each school also publishes a students’ magazine.  During the school year, we organize a wide range of activities such as, for example, a Christmas Market, the profit from which goes for the educational support of an Indian pupil.  We also sponsor a coati in Prague Zoo.


In short, the overall school atmosphere is highly focused on the intellectual, creative, and emotional development of our pupils, both our schools providing them with the open, friendly and homely atmosphere which such requires.


For the 2014/2015 school year, we are accepting pupils into the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 8th classes.


Our pupils’ parents have established an endowment fund called “The Ajar Gate of Languages,” account number 1932633339/0800, into which is paid all the money donated by our sponsors, mainly our pupils’ parents.  This fund is used primarily to support the quality of our teaching programmes (for example, the sponsorship of exchange visits).  We are very grateful to all our donors for their financial and other contributions and keep them informed about the uses to which their generosity is put.