- Gallery Total Cards: 792. #51 Baltimore Orioles Team Leaders featuring Cal Ripken Jr and Eddie Murray. Rookies | Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! Wow. Thanks Beckett.

- External Links Hall of Famers | We are lucky to have someone so dedicated to tracking errors and more importantly, willing to share their lists and finds.

- Glossary Trivia | But it is loaded with variations of all types. - Teams Errors / Variations | Daily baseball statistical analysis and commentary. “Complete” 1990 Pro Set error , variation and oddity list. - Pricing Glossary | Tags: 1988 Topps errors, 1988 Topps with Silver Arrow, Angels Team Leaders with Magenta Slash, Bert Blyleven, Cal Ripken Error, Cal Ripken jr, California Angels, Eddie Murray, Jack Clark, Keith Comstock Yellow Name, Mike Greenwell, Topps Offer card with Black Arrow, Wally Joyner. Tags: 1988 Topps errors, 1988 Topps with Silver Arrow, Angels Team Leaders with Magenta Slash, Bert Blyleven, Cal Ripken Error, Cal Ripken jr, California Angels, Eddie Murray, Jack Clark, Keith Comstock Yellow Name, Mike Greenwell, Topps Offer card with Black Arrow, Wally Joyner Contributors | Let’s take a look at some of the toughest 1988 Topps cards to pull: 1. Rookie cards, autographs and more.

- Comments Videos | 1988 Topps Big is a 264-card set released in three series of 88 cards. - Sell Sheets / Ads Bob Uecker stood at the plate right-handed. I am looking for 12411/12478/12545 and 12608....and I have a bunch of extras that you or anyone else collecting these silly things can have. Several cards from 1988 Topps can be found without the black ink on reverse of their cards, because of this, these are not “blank backs” which are more common flaws. Baseball; Sets; 1988; Overview; 1988 Topps. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Not the most spectacular Topps set, not even a top contender for best Topps set of the 1980’s due to it’s drab design and lack of a strong rookie crop. How about why was it issued? Also, the checklist had Steve Carlton listed at #455 (I think) and later Shawn Hillegas. Many, many minor ones that have only recently been discovered, well-known errors as well as several early-corrected cards that have proven to be difficult to locate today.

I would like to say it was a test to see if you were paying attention...but just careless.

The error on this toughie is the single-toned back. PSA | If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Shop COMC's extensive selection of 1988 topps big baseball cards. Copyright © 2020 Trading Card Database LLC In my time collecting, I have only seen about 3-dozen examples pop up. A handful of the O’s card received just a solid, darker orange color. VARIATION ON A THEME. 1988 Topps WORLD OF BASEBALL #300 DON MATTINGLY PSA 9 From my 2004 Beckett Almanac: This one-card Special World of Baseball Edition set features a color portrait of Don Mattingly with white borders. 1991 Donruss Nolan Ryan Card, Covered in Blood Industry experts believe this Nolan Ryan card, covered in what very much appears to be human blood, was responsible for Donruss losing its share of the market.. 1987 Topps Casey Candaele Card, With Sensitive Information

Sell Sheets / Ads | Card Description NM EX/NM EX VG GOOD; 1988 Topps Big #1 Paul Molitor: $0.34: 1988 Topps Big #2 Milt Thompson: $0.34: 1988 Topps Big #3 Billy Hatcher: $0.34: 1988 Topps Big #4 Mike Witt: $0.34: 1988 Topps Big #5 Vince Coleman: $0.20: 1988 Topps Big #6 Dwight Evans: $0.26: 1988 Topps Big #7 Tim Wallach : $0.34: 1988 Topps Big #8 Alan Trammell: $0.34: 1988 … Ward is 696. Great ‘Under the radar’ early card of the Yankee captain! All the Team Leader cards have a 2-tone orange colored back. - Collection Summary, Overview |

External Links | How many were made? - Rookies It looks like you're new here. - Trivia It's scary really, "The Sipe market is ridiculous right now", 1988 Topps WORLD OF BASEBALL #300 DON MATTINGLY PSA 9. Inserts and Related Sets | Teams |

As with all unlisted variations, a market price cannot be established until we start seeing them for sale, so while I can’t pinpoint a dollar value for these cards, I can share what I know and how it backs their rarity.

Quick Links: Quick Look: 1991 Topps Desert Storm Norman Schwarzkopf “Smiling” Photo Variation. PSE | Packaging | What a write-up. but otherwise all commons.

CU | He didn’t necessarily hit, which was part of the joke on his 1965 Topps error card. At one point, these used to sell for $20-30 but I can’t say I’ve seen one offered for sale in at least 4 years now. - Hall of Famers Here's the common version, now let's see if someone can find the one bishop is talking about: Here's a link to a current auction. Rating: 6.8 (105 votes) - Checklist Uncovering the Best of the 1980's and 1990's Sports Card Errors, Variations and Oddities, Quick Look: 1988 Topps Keith Comstock Yellow Name Variation, Quick Look: 1988 Topps Dwight Gooden #405 All-Star Variations, 1988 Topps Baseball: Important, Rare and Interesting Errors & Variations, Quick Look: 1991 Pro Set ‘Special Promotional Sample’ Stamped Promo Cards. I agree. A handful of stars (Clemens, etc.) Since many have asked and so few have seen one, I present one of the last, truly RARE, junk era Topps cards, the 1988 Topps Keith Comstock #778c “Yellow Name” variation: Tags: 1988 Topps errors, 1988 Topps Keith Comstock, 1988 Topps Keith Comstock Yellow, 1988 Topps Master set, 1988 Topps Variations, 1988 Yellow Letters, Keith Comstock Error, Rare Topps Error Cards. Checklist | Has a Carlton ever been seen? Collectors.com |

It appears that the answer to ‘what would have to happen to get me back to this blog, posting new content?’ is: a global pandemic and an excess of (arguably unwanted) “free time.” Anyway, for those getting alerts, welcome back. Rating: 6.7 (98 votes) Click here to Rate. - Videos - Packaging Change Log | Forum | PCGS | I knew Bob F would remember. - Change Log - Contributors

(Don't know why I remember that.) Here’s a variation (read: printing flaw) that you don’t see too often. It seemed that if you could dream of it in 1988, Topps already had you covered in one way or another.

Comments | to the rookie card craze was the hunt for high-ticket variations. Since the price is a bit outrageous, I think the link will be good for a while. 1988 Topps #405, Doc Gooden’s All-Star subset card, can be found in 3 distinct varieties: Tags: 1988 Topps Doc Gooden Error, 1988 Topps Dwight Gooden 3-Way Variation, 1988 Topps Dwight Gooden Error, 1988 Topps errors, 1988 Topps Unlisted Error, 1988 Topps Variations. Tags: 1982 Topps Blackless, 1988 Topps Blackless, 1988 Topps errors, 1988 Topps Kent Hrbek Error, 1988 Topps Variations, Topps Blackless, Topps Missing Ink Variations. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Very excited to have exhumed this image from the mass grave that is archived message board posts. 1990 Pro Set Jim Morrissey #754 – Does It Exist? Each card was the same size of pre-1957 Topps cards (2 5/8" X 3 3/4"), slightly longer and wider than the standard-size of 2 1/2" X 3 1/2". Quick Look: 1995 Fleer Derek Jeter ERROR. Click here to Rate, - Overview The back displays player-information and career statistics. | Gallery | Pricing | Was that the year with the Stanley Jefferson variation, or was it 1989?

1988 Topps Big Baseball Card Values. - Forum

In keeping with the oversized theme, the design was meant to evoke the 1956 Topps set. Collection Summary. While they don’t receive the publicity or fanfare of their 1982 cousins, these oddities are an interesting branch of the Topps ‘blackless’ family tree! - Inserts and Related Sets I tried sensing a pm but it did not go through. - Card Rankings

Card Rankings - Errors / Variations

Not a single one among my 50+ copies! I've always wondered. Below is a list of variations that I have confirmed to exist from multiple sources (in most cases, recurring in different packaging types, different geographical sources, etc). Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Coinflation, Since I've been reorganizing all of my error and variation boxes, I figured I'd post some of my "definitive" lists on here (as time allows). Collectors Corner | Perhaps the only trend in baseball cards during the 1980s that could hold a candle (perish the thought!)