That will be your easy 5. Once you stop the game will tell you to poison the guard.

The mission is quite straightforward as you move along. Throw a bomb to the right to distract the guards.

Especially the present time stuff is not required. The part that really takes your health is running through the city and your health is being auto depleted.

How do scientists know the min limit of temperature is -273 degree celsius? Turn around and pay the girls behind you to follow.

This will be fairly difficult.

Do as it says, don't leave his side. You may or may not have to kill other guards. You can always do this memory again later when you have more equipment at hand. [ame=]Assassin's Creed Revelations Sequence 6 Memory 6 100% sync - YouTube[/ame], Objective: Do not kill anyone except Abbas and his Captains. Objective: Do not be detected while you search for the prisoners. I may try to get Rome to 100% rebuilt before I finish, I'm up to 81%, I believe.

What the heck are they anyway? Always remain within the groups of guards or in a tent. Take note, you can buy the painting but doing so will void the objective. The ones with "Don't create any conflict" or "Don't get detected" are annoying as hell.

Add someone else to employer-sponsored health insurance?

As you play this memory, you should see black dots on your mini map. In addition you will learn what to do to achieve the full synchronization in all tasks. Objective: Do not use more than half your health. When you get to the painting the merchant is standing right next to it.

And maybe "white whale" (but I think this is covered by "sperm whale"). Thank you very much for the awesome guide. Once you get the key it's over, you do not have to go back luckily. Just keep to the main path and groups in the first area and use the moving lot to pass the first gate. I called in individual assassins to help; I didn't find Arrow Storm very effective anyway. There is one main zipline from a building to a ship. I think you can just simply run past enemies.

The next area stick to your right to find the haystack.

November 16, 2011 in Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Objective: Kill a Byzantine Templar with a counter kill. Run to the tree and help her. This worked twice (yes, the fat guy hit me and I had to start over, I didn't have a weapon ready), so it's not just a lucky fluke. These can only be used while replaying memories with the exception of the Desmond Outfit.

To install: Copy to C:\Users\…\Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood\SAVES. Does Google collect and store data about activity done in Incognito mode? Jumping without doing that will alert them (very likely anyways). Wait and kill the guard there. 'MAID OF AMSTERDAM' SEA SHANTY. Attackers look like citizens and can't be locked onto until they're very close; if I swung at one, another got by. The only place this can happen is when you have to disarm other assassins (7 of them). Not being able to do Christina missions?

On your first time through, you should be able to hit around 21 or so. I'm not much for Achievements, so that won't do it. Climb up next to the zipline but instead, jump and parachute to your right to the front of the ship.

[ame=]Assassin's Creed Revelations Sequence 4 Memory 5 100% sync - YouTube[/ame], Objective: Do not lose more than 3 synchronization points.

Why are the ciphertexts of Ansible Vault's AES256-encrypted files disproportionately composed of '3' and '6'.

The tricky part is climbing up, which can be annoying because not all climb points are obvious. It contains a complete description of how to complete the game. Do not worry about any other guards besides the ones riding on horses.

So run off them with by holding down. This is a lot easier than it sounds.

I really wish there was a way to tell on the map which shops/buildings I've renovated and which I haven't, since I'm not sure which I need.

I thought the whole time that I was supposed to kill all 9 and kept replaying because I thought one got away.

To check which points are missing, it is most advisable to check the "progress tracker" ingame, which mentions the side objectives which have to be completed to achieve 100% sync. Get 100% sync in Sequence 2: Desmond Outfit: Get 100% sync in Sequence 8: Killing Spree: Get 100% sync in Sequence 3: Ride the Unicorn: Get 100% sync in Sequence 1: Sisterhood: Get 100% sync in Sequence 4: Ultimate Guild: Get 100% sync in Sequence 5: Unlimited Assassin Signals: Get 100% sync … Jump down into the haystack and assassinate the guard that walks that route.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The part you will have to get creative is when you need to kill the captain. There are 200 of those and you don't have them in your list.

100% sync within AC4 is not dependant upon everything available ingame. You will have to fight enemies, and there are tons of them! (Courtesan Guild Quest).

Definitely am not going to beat the game with 100% sync in place; some of the Dens of Romulus, etc., are going to take a lot of work to get done in the amount of time. The last one I finished was when I saved her fiance from getting beat up... is that the last one, or are there more?

Climb on the roofs and get to the target. If you fall in the water, just restart. You can use anything but blades, but there's hardly any fighting.

All right I edited accordingly thank you everyone. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This might be extremely difficult for some people that aren't good at countering or generally have bad luck. Then you will need to quickly parachute off to make sure Sofia doesn't lose half of her health. You'll have to first find the thief who stole the painting and beat him up. Use impact casings, and drop them around the herald; as the stalkers come in, they'll stop in their tracks, sometimes running away all together! He is just to your right going to the area you need to go. What circumstances could lead to city layout based on hexagons? Just steal the key from the guard. But I don't know what's missing. Wait to kill the 4th enemy. Walk blended and make sure you have at least 3-5 poison darts before attempting.

Run up to the path to the other guards so that they see you. Get to where the enemies are and do the Arrow Storm to kill them. You will literally have to hit the X button once and you're done. Wait until the guard to your left has his back turned and simply drop down into them.