My parents,along with my gramma and aunt bought my communion outfit and told me i would be dressed as a little girl!

:), thanks for this post. Be yourself that's all that you can do. . You could be regressing, or you could just have a childish personality, or honestly both! I usually feel little always have but couldn’t never figure out why until recently when I started regressing all of a sudden.

I hope that could clarify a little!

I have found personal utilizing regressive behaviors such as going the whole weekend around the house in a tee shirt and diaper much like a 3 year old.

Over time, however, if the memories are not safely and effectively dealt with and sorted through, they can become a proverbial thorn in your mind and will continue to cause mental and even physical symptoms until the trauma is thoroughly dealt with. Do you have any references that you can share? I love this blog a lot it actually made me realize that I was getting age play and age regression mixed up but I now know that I'm an age regressor to cope with my stress and anxiety.

Oh my gosh me too!!

Children who have a solid support system in place may be able to defray some of these increased risks, however, as a stable support system is one of the greatest ways to mitigate the effects of trauma and improve outcomes. on 2020, November 11 from It is also possible to age regress while experiencing a flashback. Speak With A Licensed PTSD Counselor Today, What You Should Know About Each Type Of PTSD, Do I Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? I'm a Junior in highschool and taking a college course over the summer.

person’s headspace becomes regressed to a younger age. I feel like my post is a bit rambley and confusing, but I wanted to drop it here to hopefully affirm others that are searching and confused like I am. Wrapped myself up in blankets and sometimes took days off sick because I couldn't cope with adulting. Whereas adults can identify and process the motivation behind behaviors and occurrences-i.e.

Normally I feel a little the other way around. I might just send them this! Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can also be used to help increase personal resilience and gain a new perspective. It affects people of all ages, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and belief systems. Well, if you have I don't think it's a kink either. Like another me? Cookies help us deliver our Services. (AKA- let yourself regress!) Thank you for your comment!

all advice and information given on this coping mechanism comes from a variety I've always accepted this in myself, but its super affirming for me to have a name for it, and to see others that regress as well.

I still have a lot of work to do before I've recovered, but age regression has helped me to lessen the amount of physical harm I cause myself. Li'l Woodzeez VS Calico Critters- Toy Review/Comparison, 101 Age Regression Activities - Age Regression Series, What is Age Regression? We have a whole post Age regression occurs in dissociative identity disorder (DID) particularly, but also in other mental illnesses such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder. You are so valid! An S-shaped curve of hot gold sand sloped down to the coral-green ocean, under …

And let me know if you want to see more content like this! be the person they needed at the time.

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Both I and my wife had very traumatic child hoods. level of this coping skill! This can be the case for a sudden heart attack just as much as if a loved one is fatally stabbed; the trauma comes not necessarily from the death itself, but how the death occurs. #2- Treat yourself to a little something! The exact function of PTSD, it is thought, is initially protective; your mind shields itself from the gravity of trauma to ward off shock.

I have been told this all by my therapist who has talked to my so called part countless of times. And it is harder to control which has made certain social situations very painful and humiliating :(. here. Age Dreaming, to my understanding, is exactly what you described, where you are participating in childish activities but not regressed mentally. Ciao lovelies! out there that read OFT!

I can't regress a lot cause of my family, I regress for a bit each night before going to bed....Sorry if it seems like a sob story or that I am rambling on. I have been diagnose with DID, however I have been told that I do not switch into a different person just different ages and that I have several different ages, They all hold their own memories and act different but only in like maturity and the things that they like and how they feel.

“Age Play and Age Regression are the same”- This is unfortunately get grouped together by ignorance. to like my last two posts on Age Regression (my post on, If you are confused about what Age Regression is please see this It feels as if I CAN'T speak, like my mouth is wired shut. I had no idea. :). a friend of mine just posted a bunch of things on her story about how agere isn’t some “aesthetic coping mechanism, it’s really SCARY therapy” (her words) and while i know it’s not just about aesthetics, i always thought of it as a coping mechanism you can use for the biggest trauma to the smallest amount of stress. They may talk in a more childlike voice and have childlike mannerisms. I am open about it however and i wish that other people would grow to respect it. That's a really good question. Everyone regresses at times, whether when sick, stressed, or - like us age regressors who cope with stress, trauma, etc- at various times to cope! Im 15 and I've been abused most of my life which caused me to devolpe anxiety and depression I've know about age regression for a long time my counselor recommend it to me but I'm not completely sure if its ok to be 15 and age regresse, My best advice on this is: if a licensed professional (your counselor) said it was okay , it should be fine.

That's when I made the choice to sleep on the floor and when I started sucking on my fingers for comfort.

But there is a way to get back to being yourself. I thought this was just me being a freak again but this makes me feel like it's a bit more normal. I'm so sorry your friend is posting stuff like that. I love your blog about Age Regression it really helped me thank you! In reply to does age regression ever… by Anonymous (not verified), Age regression episodes stop but I don't think it does as a whole.

However, PTSD developing in childhood does put you at greater risk for developing other mood and personality disorders into adulthood. According to a new Scandinavian study, women are most vulnerable to PTSD at an older age than men. is a mental illness”- Neither of these are true, as you can regress even if you’re I would suggest asking your psychologist about/looking into OSDD-1a (Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder), because this is what it sounds like. In reply to Hey I've recently gotten… by Anonymous (not verified), In my honest opinion I myself think that it's not a good idea to help someone get past something if it's our problem as their partner I'm not their problem as an individual because a lot of age regressors do it because it's their safe place it's the last place of peace and innocence I myself and married to an amazing woman that has disassociative identity disorder she has 9 personalities and unless they cause her a problem or they're dangerous to her then I would never dream of changing her or her Alters her mind's created them for a purpose and one of them is 3 years old 1 is 11 and the rest are adult age and no matter which one they're in at any given time it's taking me a little while to get all the personalities confident and comfortable enough 2 conversate with me and confide in me but now that I have her trust in every form I found it that's the best way that I can help because she comes to me for comfort safety and advise because I'm understanding and not attempting to change her or her safe place no matter how frustrating or irritating one of the personalities can be it's an issue that she deals with daily so if you think it annoys and bothers you imagine what it's like for them every single day to never know who you're going to be next I know when it's going to change at any given moment and the greatest thing that I've ever done as build her confidence up to where she loves herself it would be cruel for me to take away the love for herself Supercross some things about one of her personalities wasn't fitting for me or bothered me if that was the case I'd say I didn't really love her so honestly the best I can explain to you from my own personal experience is don't help him change it or get over it helping embrace it and show him that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his alter if that's where he feels safe or comfortable then show him that you support him so that he feels that he has someone besides himself I need doesn't feel alone like I said this is all subjective and my opinion but I can tell you that I saved an amazing woman's life and she went from trying to kill herself daily coming out of a bad marriage 2 actually coming off of it medications now and smiles and laughs everyday and will tell anybody that for the first time in her life she's happy and feels free and loves who she is and that is the greatest feeling in the world to me to know that I was able to give that to her simply by showing her that it's okay to be herself no matter how young or irritable or whatever it is that it does just let him be there self you'd be amazed how much just showing them support for that will do I hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to email me me and her both enjoy reaching out to people that have issues or are dealing with similar life experience life and let people know that there is hope Eid isn't something that you have to give up because of you can live happy with it, In reply to In my honest opinion I… by Anonymous (not verified), So very well put articulated and a lot of thought went into your post here Michael. My gf had Calle dme out on talking like a baby and being immature and I tell her I can’t help it and half the time I don’t even realize it . In reply to Hey my name is Haley. I always thought of it as a kind of verbal tic. Give your inner child some quality time by watching cartoons, color pictures, add some plushies and wear big comfy clothes. Sticker Charts are Good for Your Mental Health! “You must have had a bad childhood in order to age regress”-

I figured Being an older person I can say that regressing and somehow recruiting others as "caretaker" in a non-sexual way has been extremely healing. I myself use it to cope with Anxiety and stress, and I always gets scared that I'm 'stealing' the form of coping from abuse victims, so it was really nice to read you didn't necessarily need to go trough trauma to Age-Regress! I love to write about things that make me happy or things I feel like I need to share. Safety scripts are useful for those who experience age regression and flashbacks frequently. I have… by Anonymous (not verified).