The scenario served as a metaphorical representation of Wesker's proclaiming of being reborn "like a phoenix emerging from the flame.". Project W was almost a complete failure, as only Albert was able to survive.

He looked down upon the corpse of Umbrella's founder and pondered how arrogant Spencer had been for believing he, a weak old man, could be a god. With these powers, Wesker mainly did not require weaponry other than his brute strength during combat, combined with a sufficient strategy and some meticulous observation.

1. A less beneficial side effect of the virus caused Wesker to mutate, developing a series of peta…

Wesker managing to capture certain characters and using them as test subjects.

Before being killed by Wesker, Oswell Spencer reveals that Wesker was the survivor of a Progenitor virus variant administration experiment—the "Wesker Project."

He is also the protagonist of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and a playable character in several of the game's scenarios, expanding upon events alluded to in early games, as well as his involvement in Umbrella's downfall after the events of Code: Veronica and his development in Resident Evil 4.

While Wesker screamed in pain, a helicopter piloted by Jill and Josh Stone came in to rescue Chris and Sheva. Ada managed to retrieve the sample, much to Wesker and the opposing organization's pleasure. And so it did, during a S.T.A.R.S. Firebrand | Vector |

[40] In 2012, Complex ranked him as the "second-douchiest" video game character, stating, "Wesker has a following, yes, but there's something very Agent Smith about him that makes us shake our heads."[41]. After a fight with the cloaked Jill, Wesker came in and described the encounter as "one big family reunion". [10] In the January 2010 issue, Nintendo Power named Wesker the ninth best villain in Nintendo history.

Deadpool | Wesker is eventually revealed to be a double agent working for the Umbrella Corporation; ordered by his superiors to lure the STARS into the Spencer mansion to be used as test subjects against the mutated creatures to gather battle data. Osmund Saddler | Jack Krauser | Ramon Salazar | Bitores Mendez | Don Estaban | Las Plagas | Ganado, TRICELL But Chris and Sheva were able to remove the device from Jill's chest and free her from Wesker's control. Stamina: High | Very high, Wesker had sustained numerous injuries in Resident Evil 5, including being dropped from a high altitude into a volcano. Luis was a contact of theirs, and he was making attempts from inside the cult to steal the Dominant Species Plaga sample. He vowed to one day meet Spencer again and succeed him as the one destined to usher in the new future of the world, which Spencer's vision, whatever it had been, failed to accomplish.