He was found hanging in his room at Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberh near Colmar. Nancy Putkoski was married to Anthony Bourdain.

Two years later, Bourdain married MMA fighter Ottavia Busia. Nancy Putkoski is the ex-wife of late American chef Anthony Bourdain. Nancy Putkoski was born under the Zodiac sign Aries, an epitome of courage, independence, and egotism, on April 8th, 1955 in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Nancy is best known as the high school sweetheart and ex-wife of Anthony Bourdain for more than 20 years. Bourdain married his high school sweetheart Nancy Putkoski in 1985 but the pair divorced in 2005. She is a registered Republican with Caucasian ethnicity and Christian religion. Her ex-husband Anthony was found dead in his room on 8th June 2018.

Sadly, they had to go their separate ways as Anthony’s career led him to be in different places.

He is an American chef who has traveled the world to showcase the different cuisines he has come to know and love.

Nancy has always been private about her life.

The two met in high school and took their relationship further, getting married in 1985.

Nancy Putkoski is a common American woman who is living an ordinary life off the spotlight. They Divorced After 20 Years Because of His Extensive Travels & He Became Suicidal After the …

She became popular as a result of her marriage to Anthony Bourdain, an extraordinarily multi-talented celebrity chef, author, and television personality known for his appearance on Food Network’s A …