The capital received as a result of the sale will be redeployed to support further growth in Prudential 's core businesses.

Partly through restrictive local legislation and partly as a result of the operation of the Suffolk system of redemption in Boston, these institutions were always conservative.

Measuring the actual numbers who attended the Mela as a result of Mela on the Mile proved difficult. New members who had joined as a result of the anti-war movement came together with veterans of past struggles.

Therefore, "because fishing is fun" is a dependent clause (it doesn't express a complete thought). Then twentieth-century biologists explained heredity and adaptation as a result of genes and mutations. Interesting. self-worth as a result of the birthday gift. This is as a result of a decreased blood pressure and heart rate, and improved venous drainage which results in less oozing.

The review is taking place as a result of a co-ordinated request from a number of organizations representing boaters, including IWA. Incidentally, he supposedly came on the radar as a result of a tip from this man or woman everyone's read about; the so-called psychic tipster person. If, however, you stop using it, the stains that built up as a result of your eating, drinking and other lifestyle choices are likely to return. Silver-mining ceased to be highly remunerative beginning with the closing of the India mints and repeal of the Sherman Law in 1893; since 1900 the yield has shown an extraordinary decrease - in 1905 it was $6,945,581, and in 1907 $7,411,652 - and it is said that as a result of the great fall in the market value of the metal the mines can now be operated only under the most favourable conditions and by exercise of extreme economy. I saw Samuel yesterday but he didn’t see me. A dependent clause does not form a complete thought and cannot stand alone. Luckily, the mistake is easy to correct using any of the methods for forming compound sentences that we described above.

Compound Sentences. As a result of the international North Sea fishery investigations, it has been proposed to extend the same principle for the development of the deep sea fishery in the neighbourhood of the Dogger Bank. That is, “17β-estradiol was totally mineralized to CO2…” constitutes a result of the experiment. In consequence of this change the number of local electors increased by more than onethird between 1887-1889; it decreased, however, as a result of an extraordinary revision of the registers in 1894. Thus, almost all of the increase in muscular work associated with running up inclines must occur as a result of increased muscle shortening.

His suicide came as a result of his disappointment in love. Many people report feeling an energy boost and improved health as a result of adding these whole foods supplements into their diets. Her death was ruled a probable suicide as a result of an overdose. fibrosis of the lung as a result of the chronic inhalation of asbestos fibers " . This is because the verb is at the end of the sentence, and thus much of the meaning is often there too. Compound sentences can make your writing rich and colorful.

The former was in part settled by the acquisition of Bankot (1755) as a result of an alliance with the peshwa, the latter by the successful expedition under Watson and Clive against Vijayadrug (1756). This custom has, however, as a result of the High Church movement, fallen almost completely obsolete.