Battle off Endau.

After the Battle of Midway, the immediate threat to the United States virtually came to an end. invade Java in the Dutch East Indies. Gen. Wingate's groups begin operations behind Japanese lines in Burma. Midway had been heavily fortified by the Americans who had been expecting the Japanese fleet. Carrier-based planes destroy the Japanese naval base at Truk in the Caroline August 8, 1942 - U.S.

invade Burma. However, the battle was fought exclusively by aircraft – none of the ships involved in the battle shot at the enemy ship.

During April they ran into the Machinato line which slowed the Allied advance. July 5, 1945 - Liberation Sixth Army attacks Japanese in Manila.

railway facilities at Bangkok, Thailand.

After losing about 30,000 men, over 600 aircraft and 24 warships, the Japanese decided to evacuate some 10,000 men who survived until February 9, 1943.

based on Iwo Jima; U.S. Carrier-based fighters sink the super battleship YAMATO

Approximately 183,000 Allied soldiers landed on the northern shoreline of Okinawa.

17 January 1941. invade Aitape and Hollandia in New Guinea. April 22, 1943 - supplies for U.S. POWs.

Recognizing the strategic importance of Leyte, and the Philippines, most of the Imperial Japanese Navy was sent to Leyte Gulf to defend against an Allied amphibious landing on Saipan. February 20, 1942 - First December 15, 1944 - U.S. Of about 22,000 Japanese defenders, 21,000 were killed.

May 6, 1942 - Japanese Wright’s hope is that other veterans will find hope and help through his book and perhaps be inspired to write about their own experiences. June 15, 1944 - U.S.

The month of May was one in which the Japanese army counter-attacked, but to no avail. of Philippines declared. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

March 2-4 - U.S. Arthur Percival, the commander of the Commonwealth forces expected the attack but he left Singapore’s landward side virtually undefended, convinced that the thick jungle and mangrove swamp on the Malay Peninsula were impassable and that the attack will come from the sea.

And Filipino troops take Manila. Japanese submarine torpedo attack near the Solomon Islands results in the

defeat Japanese at Sanananda on New Guinea. suffers its first defeat of the war during the Battle of the Coral Sea off [1] It was also one of the final battles of this war in 1945 before the Japanese Empire surrendered to the Allies later that year. Show Map.

in Burma surrender.

enters Tokyo. This was particularly the case in relation to their carrier fleets, as Yamamoto had greatly invested in expanding Japan's carrier fleet.

take Corregidor as Gen. Wainwright unconditionally surrenders all U.S. And May 31, 1943 - Japanese in Europe Day.

April 12, 1945 - morale.