Better organizational performance leads to … Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning, 3 (2), 141–148. Hence, Wilkinson (2009) suggested the individual curriculum where education system should consider to analyze the situation where individual differences in education plays a big role in learning. Why Students Need a Physical Education Class in School, Ideas on how to Improve Students’ Grades and Performance in School, Ten Ideal Gifts You Can Give to an Online Freelancer, The Advantages of Going to School – Why Everyone Should get Education, How to Teach Your Child to Be Responsible. For that reason, education has become more important than just for personal fulfillment, it is now indispensable especially now that times are changing. On the declaration of Nyerere (1978) quoting “Development is for Man, by Man, and of Man” he explained that the politics, society and economy must free individual to liberate or develop himself because in the end, man can only make himself not by others. On the reexamination article of Wrong (1999) to the theory of Moore, he agreed that individuals have different mental capacity and talents. Societies benefit as well. Sorting learners to their different field is a part of the role of education system. She also added: Personality is a system constituted of distinct psychological functions that, when integrated, characterize the singular form that every individual act in the world. First are the majority high tax contributors who are well educated people, because of the qualification and competencies of the economy, the people strive for more education for them to be qualified or promoted into better job position (Holland, Liadze, Rienzo, &Wilkinson, BIS 2013). Another part of this paper, I collectively listed the benefits of education to the society and individuality.

People are not only aware on their day to day life situations but can also explain and perform critical thinking on their challenges in life. Furthermore, they tend to be extra flexible which motivates them to learn more for their wholistic satisfactory. Psicologia Em Estudo, 19 (4), 587–597. In the political aspect, they have greater propensity to vote, the also has less propensity to commit crime (theft) since they can learn new and alternative ways on how to earn money. - High royalties for the sales Society and social good receives a secondary benefit in having good quality education. To further understand the differences, I itemized the three functions of education according to article written by Biesta and other literatures I gathered. Educational Studies, 10 (2), 93–102. Benefits of Education are Societal and Personal. Depending on your field, you may have to contend with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other fresh graduates for a low-paying entry-level position. Second is they become open-minded to greater innovation and market flexibility (Florida et al., 2006).

In fact education helps you become a useful member of the society. 300–315). , Erwin Z, Comment Closed, March 10, 2016

Education is a necessity of civilization developing in size and quality, and it has become vital that the society needs educated individuals to solve life challenges and problems. Those who get an education have higher incomes, have more opportunities in their lives, and tend to be healthier. He added that the major function of education in schools and other institutions depends to the qualification of the person. In the end, accomplishing an education is a major benefit of an individual and for bigger picture, on society. Third, good education may also reduce burden on public finances from better co-ordination with other social policy areas such as in health and crimes (McMahon, 2009). The economy of different countries is now competitive, by this they need to improve their strategies and products to attract better business opportunities such as having many investors leading to expansion of the companies, by this they are not only giving more tax revenues to the economy but also giving more job opportunities to the members of the society (Machin, Vignoles, & Galindo-Rueda, 2003). A society needs to have qualified and well educated citizens as it helps create a smooth and developed society. Stocklmayer, S. M., Rennie, L. J., & Gilbert, J. K. (2010). Education is also essential to the success of every one of the 17 sustainable development goals . Daniel I am using your piece as a reference in my essay. Thus, developed personality is characterized by certain univocal reactions to events (relative unity of behaviors, the individual’s reaction to what happens around him or her) and by unit values. Holistic Personality Development through Education: Ancient Indian Cultural Experiences. Posted in Education.

hi daniel i want to use you information can you please tell me where you publish,your surname. Please help us improve. An educated person has a better chance of getting a higher paying job.