Mirror cladding has become a popular way of increasing the visual depth in a room or space. A critical part of all bathrooms a bathroom mirror is essential. We can make a beautiful mirrored furniture for your side table, table stool, console table, king size bed and entertainment unit. A few important tips when you buy mirrored furniture online: look for quality products e.g. What you surround yourself with says something about you, the places you have been, the people you love, and the things that inspire you. Our artisans exceed your wildest expectations with this incredible new design. Inspired by traditional Indian patterning, it features an inlaid dresser with fine ornaments. View designs, pricing, availability, delivery info and special offers. With varying glass types and finishes we can accommodate large shapes and sizes to great precision and pride ourselves in a clean gym mirror experience. These mirrors have a thicker wooden frame than normal so they are designed to sit on the floor. Along the line, people realised that there is more to mirrored furniture than that. Discover beautiful mirrored furniture inspired by the exquisite craftsmanship of our Rajasthani artisans. Iris Bespoke Furniture is an independent retailer with over 12 years’ experience bringing fine Indian furnishings to the UK. Our Black Mother of Pearl Floor Mirror is one of our best sellers. Before leaving the bedroom, after you’re all glammed up for the day, you check your appearance to ensure you’re looking good. In today’s world of interior design, mirrored furniture has gained an indisputable privilege of adorning living room, corridors and bedroom spaces. The excellent appearance and unique ability to fit nicely into any corner whilst illuminating your home make it a top choice for interior decorators. Bespoke mirrors for any opening, select from types of mirrors and add features such as demist mirrors. We liked the result so much we made it one of our stock items at Iris. We are team based in London, specialising in bespoke glass products and services. where mirrors are made to be moisture resistant, or where handcrafted glass is created by artisans allowing bevelling that gives the furniture piece beauty that is bespoke, and choose a design that will bring out the feel of the design that you have in mind for your homes e.g.

Your bespoke bathroom mirrors Select the size of your bespoke bathroom mirror down to the mm and customise with a decorative panel in the colour of your choice. A few important tips when you buy mirrored furniture online: look for quality products e.g. Your reflection never looked more beautiful than in this stunning piece of Indian craftsmanship. Over the following months we will be updating the website with case studies of some exciting bespoke mirrored furniture projects. Create your own beautiful mirror. lJPyIdgdc-MB-YJkyWpOFtdvLG1BkL4g3vwuWtdGuTQpX92IB, 214-216 Alexandra Avenue, Harrow, HA2 9BU, Access via Sandringham crescent, behind row of shops, Bespoke Glass Furniture & UV bonded Products. Smaller spaces look larger than life with a mirrored furniture from Iris Bespoke Furniture. Hermes Mirrored 3-drawer Side Table / Nightstand, Hermes Mirrored 3-Drawer Dresser Sideboard, Etienne Mirrored Side Table/ Nightstand, 2-Drawer, Etienne Mirrored Dresser Sideboard, Slim, 5-Drawer, Etienne Mirrored Console Table, 2-Drawer, Modern Parisian, Alchemy Mirrored Vanity Dresser Table & Stool Set, Anatolius Mirrored Console Table, Vintage Gold. Cheadle Glass offer a bespoke mirrored furniture service, allowing you to transfer any piece into something special. Give Us a call (01273) 671443 or fill out our online form. When making your furniture, our craftsmen use a hand-painted smooth finish to ensure the dresser shows its full potential. Your home tells your story. Let us dazzle you with something you will sure to love as your own! Iris Bespoke Furniture has the technology and experience to bend, shape and toughens mirrored objects to achieve the perfect furniture you desire. We create fitted furniture for luxury homes. Everything is packed in tight in the container so damage is much less likely. Check out the range of Bespoke Furniture Design available in India.

With an unrivalled reputation for excellence, Iris remains at the forefront, inspiring homeowners who need unique mirrored furniture they can’t find in a mass-produced furniture store.