Scrying can only target creatures on the same plane of existence, and wild zones are described as essentially a chunk of the plane intruding into Eberron; I think it’s reasonable to say that the Thousand Eyes cannot scry into wild zones, so those become sanctuaries for rogues and rebels alike. And use Kaius in this way give a more complex relation between him and Vol. Race restriction: Half-orc or human. Sarlona is described in detail in the 3.5 sourcebook Secrets of Sarlona. powers related to food and shelter. But most commoners know nothing more about the realm of the Inspired. The necklace worn by the Inspired might convey a sense of awe or joy to the people around it; THAT’S valuable. In MoE, psiforged were created in Khorvaire, but the origins of the original batch are shrouded in mystery, and they are believed to have fled to the Frostfell to get away from humans, whom they drive mad.
Thanks to the Patreon supporters who keep this site going and who chose this topic! They permanently link two specific points. Publishing!! I love these games! *Really* good article though, I’m excited for part 2, With an article this long, it would be surprising if there WEREN’T typos. Bear in mind that just because they have psionic ability doesn’t mean that they are an attempt to mimic the Inspired. Secrets of Sarlona says: The Edgewalkers feature a few diviners and abjurers, and if a Riedran child develops the talents of a warlock or a sorcerer, he might be claimed by the Edgewalkers. a beast to perform a single action for you. The Mark of Handling grants stealth in OSR games, but I have rarely seen surprise involved in those

So in bringing Riedra into a campaign, you have a number of choices. So, it's clear what the designers are intending with 5e dragonmarks. This covers the most basic issues, but there’s certainly other questions one might ask regarding Riedra in fifth edition…. An object or construct you Why did we create it in the first place, and what does it offer to a campaign? So that sets some concept of quantity and value: Crysteel is presumably valued closer to steel than to, say, platinum.
You mention in this article that magic is used in Riedra. Lady Sharadhuna doesn’t think the Inspired NEED to conquer Khorvaire; she thinks they’ve already won the war. Even a rough “its worth about 1.5x the amount of steel/silver/gold/etc” is handy to have.

a sigil of warding in the air. However, this do have limited use.

Immortal elans were described as being living prisons for exiled quori, while the insectoid dromites leave deep below Sarlona and fight an ongoing war with the Inspired.

What did Khalesh know about the Silver Flame that the people of Thrane have yet to discover? than birthmarks, more distinctive than any tattoo—that also grant their bearers Travelers must provide a valid reason for entry and show that they have no criminal tendencies or intent, as well as enough knowledge to avoid accidentally breaking Riedran laws. They have a very strong tie to the Eberrron setting, and as such, might not be good options if you are to be playing somewhere else. Utilizes the Underneath system. It’s supposed to be possible, just not easy. They don’t seem to believe that Dal Quor works that way at all. abilities that enable its possessor to discern the presence of threats, from One more point to consider when working to present the alien flavor of Riedra and the everyday role of psionics is the casual, institutional use of telepathy. . The Mark of Healing grants curative WRITE FOR TRIBALITY All the art from this article belongs to Eberron and Wizards of the Coast. Here’s a crucial piece from Races of Eberron: The majority of kalashtar devote themselves to spiritual warfare. However, in canon Eberron, it’s not a scenario that’s likely to occur.

magical powers related to transportation and teleportation. They don’t conquer with invading armies; they conquer by tricking people into tearing their own nations apart. The Kalashtar are far more common in Khorvaire than Inspired, and psionic ability also manifests in certain Cults of the Dragon Below. A more lawful or rightful way? direction of north from your current position. If you’re just talking about a crysteel necklace that DOESN’T act as a reservoir for psionic power or hold some triggered ability, I think it wouldn’t have a lot of value.

So I’d start with that; they’d have to deal with a daily scrying attempt. Sarlona was the birthplace of humanity, and today humans make up the vast majority of the dragonmarked population, but no dragonmarks have ever appeared on the people of Sarlona. modifier. If you choose to make the Dreaming Dark a major foe in the campaign, Riedra can become far more important, as diplomatic immunity and embassies serve as shields for Riedran villains. By that logic, one would think that the way to preserve Il-Lashtavar would be to spread war and suffering. I know it has been a while. magic is the appearance of dragon­marks among seven of Khorvaire’s common Setting intro, the Fury and the Reconstructed Halflings with the mark of hospitality are the greatest of people to be friends with. Crystal is a useful medium for psionic energies; as noted, crystal spheres provide illumination in most Riedran villages. But it certainly fits their style. invisible.

I have always played Riedra as the Soviet Union; after all Soviet Union existed for decades before the Cold War; If the Last War was World War I then Riedra will be a protagonist in World War II (By the way, I have changed the last War to include Sarlona; My Riedra is quite more recent than canon one, being born only 20 years ago.). The most basic, core idea of Riedra was a civilization where psionics are the foundation of society. You can apply this principle to any character, PC or NPC.

But by other canon sources, the kalashtar who actively meddle in the world are the shadow watchers, and they are a minority; the majority of the kalashtar believe that they are fighting the war by meditating in their monasteries.

They have a system of swift communication, a vast network of observation, the ability to transport forces across the continent in a brief time.