and his brother, familiarly known as " The Prophet," who were attempting to combine the tribes between the Ohio and the Great Lakes in opposition to the encroachment of the whites. (well) Used with prepositions: " They combined their ideas to go up against last year's winner. he had imbibed from his Swiss tutor, Frederic Cesar de Laharpe, the principles of Rousseau's gospel of humanity; from his military governor, General Soltikov, the traditions of Russian autocracy; while his father had inspired him with his own passion of military parade, and taught him to combine a theoretical love of mankind with a practical contempt for men.

The boy ran to the park, and then he ate a hotdog. Always have students look for sentences to combine in their own writing when they are editing. As the students finish completing the independent and combined sentence, pass out the Crafty Combining worksheet as independent practice. He'd taught her a few things during the two weeks he toyed with her, among them, how to combine her flexibility and speed into something more lethal. A girl finds a book with a red cover on a winter day that transports her to a sunny beach. More recently, I have been using computer graphics to combine them. Using one object, write two sentences about the object. Each class based its position on Scripture, but the latter (which prevailed) had the advantage of being able easily to combine with cosmological and theological propositions current in the religious philosophy of the time.

Give each student a piece of writing or notebook paper. In his words it was intended "to insure a more natural union between intellectual and manual labour than now exists; to combine the thinker and the worker, as far as possible, in the same individual; to guarantee the highest mental freedom by providing all with labour adapted to their tastes and talents, and securing to them the fruits of their industry; to do away with the necessity of menial services by opening the benefits of education and the profits of labour to all; and thus to prepare a society of liberal, intelligent and cultivated persons whose relations with each other would permit a more simple and wholesome life than can be led amidst the pressure of our competitive institutions.". 13); (34) the tree called peridexion (protects pigeons from the serpent by its shadow); (35) the pigeons (of several colours;: led by one of them, which is of a purple or golden colour); (36) the antelope (or hydrippus; caught by its horns in the thicket); (37) the fireflints (of two sexes; combine to produce fire); (38) the magnet (adheres to iron); (39) the saw-fish (sails in company with ships); (40) the ibis (fishes only along the shore); (41) the ibex (descries a hunter from afar); (42) the diamond again (read "carbuncle"; found only by night); (43) the elephant. Ask for volunteers to combine two sentences on the board into one. Their historical importance, their spiritual fragrance and their literary value combine to put their author almost on a level with Petrarch as a 14th century letter-writer. From A Merely Formal Point Of View, We Have In The Barycentric Calculus A Set Of " Special Symbols Of Quantity " Or " Extraordinaries " A, B, C, &C., Which Combine With Each Other By Means Of Operations And Which Obey The Ordinary Rules, And With Ordinary Algebraic Quantities By Operations X And =, Also According To The Ordinary Rules, Except That Division By An Extraordinary Is Not Used. Following the tradition of Mercury Rev and Arcade Fire, this six-piece combine small-town folk with rock theatrics. This reconstruction, which merges subject and predicate in one expression, in order to combine it with the verb of existence, is repeated in similar proposals of recent English logicians. Diphthongs As in English, it is often the case in Welsh that two vowels combine to form a diphthongs As in English, it is often the case in Welsh that two vowels combine to form a diphthong. Alumina and lime, for example, which cannot be reduced at ordinary furnace temperatures, readily give up their oxygen to carbon in the electric furnace, and then combine with an excess of carbon to form metallic carbides. And if we were to combine those he wants to injure people by malicious slander. She is unique in being able to combine serious knowledge of personal finance with the lightness of touch of a seasoned comedienne. Several distinct influences combine to produce this result. Give your third grader extra comma practice with this worksheet that asks them to combine two sentences into one using a comma. Textured illustrations make Carmelita’s community familiar and accessible. Journal of Educational Psychology, 89, 223-234. It was originally intended that this should eventually be extended across the territory to Cowie Harbour (Sabuko Bay) on the east coast, but the extraordinary engineering difficulties which oppose themselves to such an extension, the sparse population of the territory, and the failure of the existing line to justify the expectations entertained by its designers, combine to render the prosecution of any such project highly improbable.

On the one hand, it seemed to follow from the existence of such a family that Homer was a mere " eponymus," or mythical ancestor; on the other hand, it became easy to imagine the Homeric poems handed down orally in a family whose hereditary occupation it was to recite them, possibly to add new episodes from time to time, or to combine their materials in new ways, as their poetical gifts permitted. We can also say: The boy ran to the park and ate a hotdog there. If an amount of the bases sufficient to combine subsequently with the fatty acids be present, then the corresponding salts of these fatty acids are formed, such as sodium salts of fatty acids (hard soap) or potassium salts of the fatty acids (soft soap), soaps of the alkaline earth (lime soap), or soaps of the metallic oxides (zinc soap, &c.). (The last illustration pulls the apparently disparate vignettes into one.). It is concluded that this " continuity illusion " helped the auditory system to combine information from physically non-simultaneous formants. In algebraical transformations, however, such as (x-a)2 = x 2 - 2ax+a 2, the arithmetical rule of signs enables us to combine the sign-with a number and to treat the result as a whole, subject to its own laws of operation. Support: Provide these students with examples of two independent sentences to combine during paired time, and support them as needed.

Commas alone cannot join two complete sentences. Even though these two sentences are about two different subjects doing two different things, they both share the phrase “at the party.” Since they have this information in common, we can combine them: At the party, the girl ate cake but the cat drank soda. combine with bases as well as acids; this is the case with elements occurring at the transi tion between basigenic and oxygenic elements in the periodic classification, e.g. We've listed some of that research here. A compound sentence allows us to share a lot of information by combining two or more related thoughts into one sentence. He aced all of his classes. Most theories of atonement would combine two or more of these, and would include repentance and amendment. They possess an unpleasant odour, fume on exposure to air, show a neutral reaction, but combine with acids to form salts. Unusual bodily vigour enabled him to combine severe devotion to work with facile indulgence in sensual pleasures. The circumstances in which it was held, the influence of the men who conducted its deliberations, and the result of its proceedings, combine to render it of no small importance for the history of the Reformation in Germany. Sentence combining calls on you to experiment with different methods of putting words together. Also, you should know that in contrast, combining the subjects makes a compound subject, but NOT a compound sentence: The lion went to the candy store, and the zebra went too. Combine that with complete anonymity and it spells big trouble for any business conducting online commerce.

His most important project, a bill transferring the conferment of degrees to the state, passed the Chamber, but was thrown out by the Senate. Combine these two sentences into one compound sentence: Which of the following words is a conjunction? This ingenious book works on several levels. Take a minute or two at the end of your writer's workshop to ask students to share any sentences they combined. Conjunctions are important because they let us combine information, but still keep ideas separate so that they are easy to understand. Reading Teacher, 58, 468-471. For example, "The cake was. To Summarize. 176+15 sentence examples: 1. The Master Blaster & Rubber Tire Ride -- Both these rides combine to make the longest indoor water flume in Ireland. The Daltonian would say that each of these weights represents a certain group of atoms, and that these groups can replace, or combine with, each other, to form new molecules.