The plots are usually simple and not too heavy, even predictable at times, but I guess that’s what makes them interesting: they’re grounded on reality and you can really relate to the characters. Haha! Okay, uhm where do I start. What Happened After I Decided to Quit Blogging: Lessons on Chasing Dreams, Finding Happiness and Figuring out your Purpose. Today, with the rise of 2gether: The Series (they just hit 100 million views on Line TV and the series is not even finished!! Note: This series involves suicide so it might cause some trigger. I personally love “Edge of 17” which is more for teens. Je prends en compte la cinématographie, la musique, la manière dont les thèmes présents dans le drama sont abordés, le réalisme, la psychologie des personnages et l'alchimie du couple ou des couples, bien sûr. To be honest, I am not a fan of Pete and Ae.

Some of these are already showing while some are still not in production. Haha. The way they attack the issues are very relevant and it’s not your typical teen romance.

), people are starting to get hooked on Thai series that’s why I decided to share with you guys a list of my fave series since the beginning of time.

There’s something about Bright and Win who plays Sarawat and Tine respectively that makes it so special. Episode 8 was my favorite since it shows that Nanno is just human like us, capable of having emotions. These are BL series made in Thailand, Taiwan, and Mainland China.

The plot is quite different from the usual BL series we see. But as the story progresses, a lot of unexpected twists happen. This one is so heavy that it goes straight to the feels. Thai Drama - 0000, 1 episode.

This Thai BL series has just ended. Too bad because it had great casts and storyline. The casts are quite unfamiliar to me so let’s see how this will this work out. Lol! I’ll let you decide on this one. 194 People 10 Loves Report.

Do not forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe to your YouTube channel! I cringe at their acting and I felt like everything was forced. Episode 1 and 2 are already available on LINE TV. Blogger from MNL.

Exactly two years ag, It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in, “A man does not climb a mountain without bringin, But aren't we all part of the same cosmos? YYY is a Boys’ Love sitcom that will surely make you laugh. DramaLover143's Rating. Note: I find the season 2 to be very boring. So, without further ado, here’s my list of 15 best BL series of all time. Another favorite of mine, The Gifted was one hell of a good series.

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ADDICTED. “Monster Romance” is also great too although the side characters were really the stars of the show for me.

If you know the UK series Skins, it’s basically a Thai version of that. Fortunately, LBC 2 will focus on TinCan’s story so I am looking forward to it. My Dear Loser is a compilation series divided into 4 different series. It’s a nice representation of the LGBTQ community and its constant struggles. Great news! Dubbed as Friend Zone: Dangerous Area is a sequel to Friend Zone the series. I know most of us do not get a happy ending but Third and Khai got theirs so I am happy for them. The story is about a teenage boy who decides to help a ghost find the cause of his death but the ghost ends up falling for him.

Of course first on our list is none other than 2gether: The Series.

TharnType The Series is good but if I’ll be very critical, it’s borderline problematic as it involves a lot of emotional manipulation and gaslighting (or is it just me?). But if I’ll be very honest, there’s nothing new to the story (well at least for the past few episodes).

Until next time!

My Imaginary Boyfriend.

Tay and New is such a phenomenal BL couple.

Looking for something new to watch in 2020?

Probably the best series of 2019, this one just hits differently. You're not my hom, Someone once told me that when you're lost and con, Funny how fast time flies by. Your email address will not be published. Imagine Hormones The Series meets horror. This will most likely make you laugh than cry.

It has not finished filming yet so it will stop airing for a while. As the title suggests, the story begins 5 years later where Bank discovers that his older stepbrother, Gulf is alive.

I think there was some issue with one of the producers but it’s really difficult to know the real deal. Maybe because the original casts have already graduated and season 3 has an entirely new generation. You’ll definitely enjoy each episode of Sotus.

I love both of them. Also, I do have to mention how the entire story revolves around the concept of privilege and equality. Thai BL Compilation List. Remember her name. When I learned that they have been replaced for the second season, I was sad. It’s not entirely a BL series.

Oxygen The Series is an adpatation of the novel Oxygen written by Chesshire.

If you want a background of how Pete and Kao’s story started, you should watch Kiss Me Again first.

This series made my cry heavily!! There were just so many things going on that I was left wondering where the series is actually heading. Read More: Backpacking Thailand: 8 Days 7 Nights for just Php 7,500! The story is about a teenage boy who decides to help a ghost find the cause of his death but the ghost ends up falling for him. Gun Attaphan: Best actor. The Theory of Love is one of the most relatable Bl series I’ve watched. Problematic and a pain in the ass.

It’s a bit of fresh air seeing a BL drama outside of the university. I really love season 1 and 2 but I find the season 3… meh.

Some scenes were quite boring but the whole series is quite entertaining, so, yes it is worth watching. En of Love is already available on YouTube since March. ✨ Video TOP 7 Hottest Korean Dramas To Watch in November 2020. It’s a good introduction to the BL world. My Bromance 2 The Series: 5 Years Later is a sequel to the Thai BL Movie My Bromance. The story is very fresh and I was surprised how good Ohm Pawat is when it comes to acting. Happy Birthday the Series and He’s Coming To Me are underrated ones which both need to be seen!

Sort By: Alphabetical Order. I wish there’s a second season but I read somewhere that HIStory will not have a new season. To me, they are perfect for the roles. It’s a worldwide phenomenon and for all the good reasons.

255 Titles 120 Loves. The chemistry between Korn and Knock is on point. I feel like their love story and characters are far more interesting than the main couple. This will hurt your brain, seriously. Report.

She’s a toxic antagonist that made Knock stupid. Best BL Couple (2020) show list info Voting Lines are Official Closed since May 8, 2020 but you can still vote because we will still get the new Voting Entries in the end of the Year. Dont except to see a lot of sexual scenes but in a realationship,they concentrate more on making every day the best with the loved one and all the problems they had to face.THE BEST BL EVER 10/10. From sex to gender confusion to alcohol and drug use, it showcased all the good and bad sides of being a teenager making it a very controversial series. If there’s one series that I would recommend everyone to watch, it’s Hormones.