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Black Disabled People's Association is featured in the Overseas Aid charity database on Charity Choice. 0000055047 00000 n 0000054851 00000 n 0000059342 00000 n Thank you!

VAT NO.GB 899 3725 51, Add a donation link to the page of your choice, Wilmington Publishing & Information Ltd, a division of Wilmington plc. “I don’t think I’ve seen so many disabled POC speak so freely about themselves in my life,” Thompson told. 0000052498 00000 n

Last May, the hashtag #DisabilityTooWhite was trending among the disability community on Twitter.

0000056173 00000 n 0000009025 00000 n 0000052670 00000 n It’s a learning experience—most people have a lot of inaccurate perceptions about disability that have to be unlearned. 0000006039 00000 n

trailer Once I became an advocate and started to build that support system, it helped me move away from those negative ideals that might have impacted how I view myself and, instead, to see myself as whole. What’s a good entry point for allies who want to get involved but don’t know where to begin? One of my favorite pieces, about a research study, called, Mothering the “Useless:” Black Motherhood, Disability, and Slavery. Black Disabled People's Association 0000058305 00000 n 0000053860 00000 n This hashtag was started by social worker and disability advocate Vilissa Thompson, founder of the self-advocacy organization Ramp Your Voice.

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This study reviews the JRF’s Making Change Happen programme, which provided a …

You wrote a moving piece about meeting President Obama as a college senior and the heartbreak you felt on the last day of his presidency. This response counted as progress in itself.

,” tells about the complexities of triple jeopardy status in terms of receiving care and support.

It’s a natural occurrence when you’re around people that look like you—you start to build more confidence and you don’t feel so isolated or alone. 0000057976 00000 n

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With the hashtag #DisabilityTooWhite, Thompson. The ensuing tweetstorm was overwhelming.

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The media is a different monster—in terms of [representation of disabled people of color in] film and TV, that’s a bigger animal. 0000054710 00000 n

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It requires taking time to learn about disability—not just diagnoses and types of disability, but also understanding how mandates work, like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and understanding how other acts have come into play.