The thunderstorms produced an EF-1 tornado that damaged a farm in rural Hamilton and 29 waterspouts, in addition to dropping small hail in many locales in southern Ontario Wednesday.

Certainly a very rare sight in British Columbia: A weak tornado, caught on camera in the Vancouver Island community of North Saanich, is Canada's first of 2020 (see it in the video above). Officials say the EF0 rated twister - which had wind speeds up to 130 km/h - made landfall in Thornbury, damaging trees, power poles and street lamps before entering Georgian Bay.

A huge tornado touched down in a rural area of Manitoba, Canada, near the North Dakota border on Friday evening, August 7, 2020. After an investigation, Environment Canada has confirmed a tornado touched down in Fort St. John on August 21. Nationally, NTP has confirmed 48 tornadoes, with another 51 weather events under investigation.

Published Sunday, July 19, 2020 1:17PM EDT Last Updated Sunday, July 19, 2020 6:39PM EDT SHARE TORONTO -- Environment Canada has ended a tornado and … The team at Western University’s Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) has confirmed an EF0 tornado touched down in Point Clark, Ont., Friday night. A tornado, which touched down in the City of Kawartha Lakes last month, has been classified as EF1, according to researchers. MONTREAL -- Quebec has officially had its first tornado of 2020, Environment Canada says.

"We were just shocked to see how much damage there was."

“It looks like a house suffered some considerable damage and there is another picture showing a grain bin that had been destroyed and tossed a considerable distance,” he said, adding that unless the storm struck something big, it’s hard to measure how powerful it was. “We have a close collaboration with Western University, a specific group called the Northern Tornadoes Project, they actually do research on tornadoes across the country,” he told the Times on Aug.4. Summer 2020 has been an active tornado season in Ontario, which kicked off into high gear with what was eventually deemed an outbreak, even before the season technically started.

"As more reports come in, you can connect the dots more easily and see which ones seem to line up and those are the ones we're investigating because there's just scattered damage all over the place." The line of severe storms passed through Southwestern Ontario, causing emergency alerts to be broadcast across the region, causing some people to take cover from anticipated tornadoes and wind damage. Over the past weeks, it seemed like Toronto was under several tornado watches.

Later that afternoon, another was confirmed near Assiniboia. Kinmount’s tornado was rated an EF (Enhanced Fujita Scale) 1, with maximum wind speeds of 150 kilometres an hour. Western University researchers have confirmed that at least three tornadoes touched down in the London, Ont. A storm that knocked out power to thousands of Ontarians on June 10, including many customers in Muskoka, may have produced three tornadoes in the Muskoka area. Belmont also saw a tornado on June 10, when a barn was severely damaged in a series of storms.