v. Death, Marriage, Divorce, or Change of Address - You will need to provide appropriate evidence, eg death certificate, marriage certificate, passport, documentary confirmation of new address, as necessary. The list of codes is to an EU standard, with some required and some optional. iii. 3 risposte. The carte grise must always be available when using the vehicle and may be asked for if, for example, you are subject to a police check (even so, it is not recommended you keep it permanently in the car, but rather in your pocket/hand bag etc, in case the car is stolen). Most of the factual information is on the back (see image right) listed by categories with letter codes, while most of the front is taken up by a key to this. Together with your driving licence and certificate of insurance, it forms part of the mandatory set of documents you must carry with you when you are driving a vehicle in France. ... campervan etc...) in France has its own registration document: the certificat d'immatriculation, which is informally known as the carte grise. 8Plates now stay with the car for life instead of changing if you move department. Pour obtenir un certificat immatriculation voiture, il suffit d aller sur internet et sur le bon site. Comunque noi, nonostante sia una procedura onerosa, abbiamo preferito farla al di là degli obblighi legislativi dato che… Combien même tu prendrais une assurance ( qui ne vérifie pas si tu as le permis ou pas), elle ne fonctionnerait pas en cas de sinistre. EVERY vehicle (whether a car, motorbike, moped, campervan etc...) in France has its own registration document: the certificat d'immatriculation, which is informally known as the carte grise. With the new-format cards it is also possible to report a change of address online at www.mon-service-public.fr You will receive at home a sticker to place over the old address, a process which can be repeated up to three times before you must replace the whole card. Transfer Certificate - This form is the transfer document, confirming that the former owner transfers the vehicle to the new owner. Le risque est trop important pour le prendre. Il donne une qualification d'ouvrier ou d'employé qualifié dans un métier déterminé. French La durée de l'immatriculation temporaire est indiquée sur le certificat d ' immatriculation . If you wish to use their English language speaking service you need to use this dedicated link, and not make an application through their main portal. How France will celebrate Armistice Day this year. Classificazione. You can read more at Importing a Vehicle to France. ...detto ancora Carte Grise, il Certificat d'immatriculation è necessario per assicurare in Francia la propria automobile. The companies also carry out calculating the taxes payable, using on-line calculators, but in tests we carried out the results were not always consistent, with figures sometimes higher than the official level of taxes due using the government calculator. The certificat d'immatriculation should be carried in the car at all times. Come faccio a superare i quiz per il patentino? Get news, views and information from France, Subscribe now to read unlimited articles and exclusive content. Other than personal details, all of the information to be completed is contained on the vehicle registration certificate, the carte grise. Toget… Documento necessario è il certificato bonus-malus della predente assicurazione per avere il riconoscimento del proprio coefficiente. Modifica ), Stai commentando usando il tuo account Google. Scrapped Vehicle - In the case of a vehicle being scrapped, the declaration must be accomplished in collaboration with the salvage professional.

nm écrit fourni par une administration, une personne officielle et attestant un fait, un droit, la réussite d'un examen, Ti preghiamo di spiegare perché vuoi rifiutare questa voce (traduzione/definizione non accurata, voce già presente...), Imparare l'inglese, il francese e altre 5 lingue gratuitamente, Reverso Documents: traduzione de documenti, Tutte le definizioni francesi del nostro dizionario. Each region applies their own charge, although they are broadly similar for each vehicle type, ranging from around €75 for the smallest, greenest cars to potentially several thousand euros for the largest and most polluting vehicles. The document describes the vehicle under different headings including: In most cases, when you purchase or otherwise acquire a vehicle in France it will come with its CG. Come posso convincere mia madre a prendermi uno scooter elettrico? This may or may not indicate that the vehicle is stolen or that the registration document is fake; • you change address, or on marriage, death, or divorce to have it in your correct name, joint or single name; • in the event of being lost, stolen or defaced. If you did not already have one of the new numbers, a renewed card will have a new registration number on it and you will need to have the vehicle’s plates changed. Il giorno dopo siamo tornati all’agenzia con gli,originali di COC, certificato di proprietà, libretto circolazione e copie di carta d’identità, fattura di un utenza e verbale del controllo tecnico. If you find such an error getting the details changed on the document can involve a considerable amount of time and cost. If lost or stolen, you are required to immediately inform the police/gendarmes. Definizione di certificat d'immatriculation in francese significato di certificat d'immatriculation, dizionario francese de definizioni , consulta anche 'certificatif',certifiant',certificateur',certification' Pour l'etablissement d'un certificat d'imatriculation (carte grise) puis je me rendre dans n'importe quelle préfecture (et donc payer moins cher mon cheval fiscal) ? As part of the sale process the seller will invalidate the main part of the document by writing across it the date and time of the sale. Ma question : Dois-je obligatoirement les faire dans ce délais sachant que je ne pourrais l'utiliser avant d'avoir le permis? ( Chiudi sessione / 

Di fatto si tratta di una reimmatricolazione. The format of the carte grise changed in 2009 when a new number plate system came in. We explain more about this important document. L'assureur te demandera la carte grise, mais tu as le droit de payer l'assurance d'un véhicule qui ne t'appartient pas. Fai una domanda e ottieni le risposte che cerchi. Tu peux faire le changement de carte grise. Different fees making up the cost of the card. ? The document has several purposes, notably to confirm: It does not certify that the vehicle is roadworthy and legally compliant at a given time, for which purpose you need a 'control technique'. The document has several purposes, notably to confirm: It does not certify that the vehicle is roadworthy and legally compliant at a given time, for which purpose you need a 'control technique'. Information on the back is letter-coded and starts with the registration number (as on your plates), which now stays with the car for life. ma le gomme della moto dove si fanno cambiare? If there is more than one owner of the vehicle then all parties must sign the certificate. The charge for the new certificate depends on a number of factors, notably engine size and emission rating. Ottenuto il COC, abbiamo fatto copia del certificato di proprietà, del libretto circolazione, del COC stesso, della carta d’identità, di una fattura di un utenza dimostrante il nostro domicilio in Francia. There is a French government website where you can do a vehicle history check, which we wrote about in an article in our Newsletter. If you start the process, but end it before completion, you will need to restart it again via the link. Both buyer and seller should sign it. Vehicle category (eg. A foreign registered car imported to France will need to go through a conforming process before being eligible for registration and a certificat d'immatriculation.

La seule obligation pour un véhicule "au garage" est qu'il soit assuré. A vintage car may also be without a CG, although this would be rare. Registration Document - At the conclusion of the sale the certificat d'immatriculation should be handed to the new owner, annotated 'vendu le (date)' and signed by the seller. French supermarket issues poultry products recall, Public in France warned over low-hanging hornet nests. ? 'Release' is the date of first registration expressed as eg, 09/05/2010, 'Kind' refers to private car, utility vehicle, scooter etc, Be careful with 'fiscal power', which is not the horsepower of the vehicle, but the '. Con il documento provvisorio abbiamo attivato l’assicurazione con un ulteriore sconto di 50 euro avendo già un altra assicurazione sulla casa (e per quest’ultima la fornitura gratuita di rilevatore di fumo che qui costa all’incirca 30 euro).