She has a court order from the judge who originally sentenced Stanley, releasing him from Camp Green Lake. 's' : ''}}.

return MonthArray[intMonth] wronged. The boys are digging holes because the warden is looking for something. When he didn't fulfill his agreement, the curse was born. Ms. Morengo is a patent lawyer who is helping Stanley's father with a new product he has invented. He habitually eats sunflower seeds, which have replaced his habit of smoking cigarettes. yet revealed so the ties between past and present are not yet proven. However, Stanley does not lose sight of the fact that the His real name is Hector Zeroni and his nickname is Zero. Zigzag is unaware of the private deal between Stanley and Zero and finds it unfair. the most interesting character-well, I think so- in Holes. The reader must keep careful track of the details of Stanley’s trial, She is self-confident and assertive, intimidated by neither the Attorney General nor the Warden. } Soon he no longer concerns himself with the opinions Kissin' Kate Barlow kisses each man that she kills. var year = today.getYear() of the other boys.

Because Zero drinks from jars of one-hundred-year-old peaches, he gets awful stomach pains and loses the ability to walk any longer. Eventually, when Zero becomes friends with Stanley, the reader learns that Zero is silent because he does not like answering questions and most likely because he is wary … Stanley learns that Zero is the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni, who put a curse on the Yelnatses. Three days later, Katherine shoots the town sheriff, who would not help her save Sam from the townspeople, and she becomes Kissin' Kate Barlow, a ruthless outlaw of the Wild West. Holes may connote emptiness and nothingness, yet in the course of the novel, Stanley becomes “whole.” The secondary character Zero, the symbol for whose name links him with holes (0) and who is described as having a head with “nothing” in it (19), also becomes whole. var MonthArray = new Array(" January ", " February ", " March ", if(year<1000) year+=1900 He is overweight and is accustomed to having bad luck. It could be someone who you just don't 'get' right away or someone you suspect isn't as they seem. He has a generous spirit, exemplified by the fact that he shares his last jar of "sploosh" with Stanley after he has run away. He is quiet (in fact, he rarely speaks), and he … A curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather and has since followed generations of Yelnatses.

mouth seems too big for his face. He attributes this bad luck to his "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grand-father," who caused Madame Zeroni to put a curse on the Yelnats family. Madame Zeroni wants to help Elya Yelnats when he tells her about wanting to marry Myra Menke; however, Madame Zeroni is direct with Elya. List five character traits of Stanley, the protagonist of Holes. When he starts to make friends with fellow camper Stanley, it might be the first time he’s ever been able to open up to someone.

Trout's family, and future generations of Walkers, continue to dig, looking for Kissin' Kate's buried treasure for years. ... he has a long skinny neck, a big round head and frizzy blond hair. “he was the smallest kid in group D”. At first Stanley bends to the cruelty around Armpit even shoves fellow camper and main character, Stanley Yelnats, when he calls Armpit by his real name. Because the town's one-room schoolhouse needs repairs, Katherine trades her jarred peaches for the handiwork of Sam the Onion Man. Madame Zeroni gives Elya a piglet along with specific instructions. Charles Walkers earns the nickname "Trout" because his feet smell like dead fish. Hopeful and optimistic, Stanley keeps going despite the obstacles that he faces. He was homeless before being sent to Camp Green Lake. Internal vs. Hello everyone! He is sarcastic and verbally abusive to the boys, always reminding them that they aren't attending a Girl Scout Camp. flashcard set, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | The Holes quotes below are all either spoken by Zigzag/Ricky or refer to Zigzag/Ricky. It could be someone who you just don't 'get' right away or someone you suspect isn't as they seem. I want to tell you about Trout is loud, stupid, arrogant, and disrespectful. Mr. Sir's actions are totally controlled by the Warden. After much chaos, the attorney takes Stanley, Zero, and the fortune off the premises. Get entertainment recommendations for your unique personality and find out which of 5,500+ characters are most like you.

Zero reveals that his name is Hector Zeroni, that he has been homeless for most of his life, and that he has no family. On the last day, he is to take the pig up the mountain before taking it to Myra's father and then carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain, too, singing the lullaby to her as she drinks from the stream. Beyond Madame Zeroni, much of Zero's family is a mystery. courage, happiness and self-confidence. The present day parts of the story are narrated like an adventure. - Definition & Examples, What is a Compound Sentence? Zero is a quiet, dark-skinned boy with a wide-mouthed She tells him that the girl's head is empty, that she is foolish and spoiled. The Warden is a villainous and menacing person. No one is aware of his abilities, his family, or even his connection to Stanley. Mr. Pendanski calls him 'stupid' and bullies him in front of all the campers. And then she spits on the dirt (the same way Zero spits in each hole after he finishes digging).

him and develops an emotional hardness, but then he befriends Zero, the least He is to take the pig up the mountain each day and sing a lullaby to the pig as it drinks from the stream. function GetMonth(intMonth){

of sneakers and is sent to a juvenile detention center that borders on the barbaric. described in chronological order, but do not necessarily correspond to the historic Zero is the only boy at Camp Green Lake who is referred to by his nickname by other campers and Mr. Pendanski alike; Mr. Pendanski is vocal about his belief that … Stanley, the Zero's great-great-grandmother was Madame Zeroni, who put a curse on generations of the Yelnats family. ... That's why Zero dup up Stanley’s hole. Mr. Pendanski, however, is morally ambiguous. This pacing method allows In the end, when Stanley and Zero are back at Camp Green Lake, X-Ray acts as though he is jealous of Stanley — he is the only one of the group of boys who does not come over to talk to Stanley and Zero. She is forced to close Camp Green Lake and sell her land, which eventually becomes a Girl Scout Camp. When Stanley finds Zero in the desert, they become loyal friends. even his physical development. other boys have the potential for violence and does his best to stay on the good Holes – Literature – Characters. Zero, whose real name is Hector Zeroni, is a camp, that’s reason why he is called Zero by the others.

Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Lamb to the Slaughter: Summary, Setting & Characters, Methods of Characterization in Literature, Using Fractions in Everyday Life: Examples & Importance, Character in Literature: Definition, Types & Development, Onomatopoeia in Literature: Definition & Examples, What Are the Seven Elements of Art? The historic parts are narrated like a folk take. She has straight black hair and dark eyes.

A rare smile spreads across his entire face. Think about the different characters in Holes. She is a short woman but she gives the impression that she is taller.

The two become real pals. Instead of giving them an answer, Kissin' Kate is bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard and dies. It's during the car ride that Zero reveals that he was the one who stole the pair of shoes that Stanley was wrongly accused of stealing.

Current events are quite given all of the details needed to solve the puzzle until the very end. slower for the first half of the novel. Now Stanley has been unjustly sent to a boys' detention center, Camp Green Lake, where the boys build character by spending all day, every day digging holes exactly five feet wide and five feet deep.