| The brothers collaborated on a comedy, Josephine and Men (1955) then Roy was hired by United Artists to do an action film with Hollywood stars, Run for the Sun (1956).

Olive Sloane, The Guardian (1959-2003) [London (UK)] 11 December 1959: 4.

Drama, This film is based on the true story of Pastor Martin Neimuller, who was sent to Dachau concentration camp for criticising the Nazi party. Cynical, embittered newspaperman David Charleston (Sir Michael Redgrave) is tormented, then inspired, by visions he keeps having of people who have drowned. Manning Whiley,

| Gradually his obsession for finding out the truth accumulates and inevitably begins to endanger himself and his loved ones. Never a delay. Director:

After breaking up with her boyfriend, 28 year old aspiring journalist Hanna decides to leave Stockholm and moves back to her parents and brother in her small hometown Alingsås. [2]

An off duty police begins to suspect a local man for having had an affair with his recently dead wife. Ian Carmichael,

Factory bosses’ scheming greed and their employees’ stubborn self-interest collide in this satire on the British at work and on strike. [citation needed] Together, they had three children: the eldest, Fitzroy (b. Billie Whitelaw,

In 1975 Roy was working on a stage play, The Family Games. as "a sensitive barometer of the changing times.

Stars: |

Seagulls Over Sorrento (1954) was another war naval story financed by a Hollywood studio (in this case MGM) with an imported star (Gene Kelly); it was not a big success.

Peter Sellers, Hay Petrie, 38 min Kenneth Griffith, 81 min

Hugh Griffith,

Peter Jones. Béatrice Romand, 102 min

Never any problems. $2.20M, M

Wilfrid Lawson, Roy Boulting

Brighton Rock.

Directors: George Carney, Roger Thursby is just starting out as a barrister, full of ideals, but he is a bit too keen for his fellow lawyers. Comedy, In this comedy, set during the Nazi occupation of France, Peter Sellers plays most major male parts, so he stars in nearly every scene, always bumbling in inspector Clouseau-style. Terry-Thomas, 118 min

Ian Carmichael, Not Rated Margaret Hamilton (Elizabeth Allan) faces trial by Coroner's Court, an archaic British institution where justice can't be guaranteed.

[15] More popular was Brighton Rock (1947), starring Attenborough as the gangster "Pinkie" from the novel by Graham Greene, which has become a classic. Their son is musician and filmmaker Crispian Mills. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


Lila Kedrova,

In the mid-50s the Boultings quickly became identified with "affectionate"[19] satires on various British institutions.

James Robertson Justice, A minister is accidentally appointed to a snobbish parish.


John Welsh,

With Charter Film Productions (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) View Mode: Compact | Detailed. (1959), a send up of diplomacy. The company's accounts were last made up to 30 June 2019, are next due on 31 March 2021, and fall under the accounts category: Unaudited Abridged.

Comedy, Romance, TV personality Robert Danvers, an exceedingly vain rotter, seduces young women daily, never staying long with one. |

90 min Jack Buchanan,

Bernard Miles, 36 min

| Gross: The brothers constitute one of those producer-director teams responsible for much notable British cinema.

Comedy. As ... See full summary », Director:

Comedy, War.

Drama, Fantasy, War.

Roy Boulting You could be the first review for. All Films ; Fandango US ; Amazon US ; Amazon Video US ; iTunes US ; Upgrade to a Letterboxd Pro account to add your favorite services to this list—including any service and country pair listed on JustWatch—and to enable one-click filtering by all your favorites.. Powered by JustWatch

| Gross: The acting performances are realistic and so very good, especially from Ane Dahl Torps. They produced many of their films through their own production company, Charter Film Productions, which they set up in 1937.[5]. | Malcolm Morley, Roy Boulting Lykke claims Jamie's death ... See full summary ».

André Morell,

Henry B. Longhurst, The twin brothers were born to Arthur Boulting and his wife Rosetta (Rose) née Bennett in Bray, Berkshire, England on 21 December[2] 1913.

22 titles. Peter Sellers, Learn more. A reindeer-breeding Sámi girl who is exposed to the racism of the 1930's at her boarding school, starts dreaming of another life.

It was financed by MGM.