He’d sell them to the Iranians at a conference in Vienna. We’ve always loved to discuss some of the shadier dealings of the government and the military—and no organization provides more fodder for these discussions than the American Central Intelligence Agency. They decided the best way of doing that was by giving them blueprints for a working nuke. As a result of his team’s bungling, Lady was forced to go on the lam. The Vietnam War is widely regarded as one of the messiest conflicts in US history. One day at a diplomatic lunch, US-funded protestors exchanged gunfire and mortar rounds with police just outside the building. Operation 40; Operation Cannonball; Operation Charly; Operation IA Feature; Operation Lincoln; Operation Matador (1975) Operation MIAS; Operation Midnight Climax; Operation Momentum; Operation Mongoose; Operation PBHistory; Operation Washtub (Nicaragua) Such was the case with the 1963 mission to unseat Iraqi dictator Abdel Karim Kassem. Convinced Slahi had some information they wanted, agents tried to extract it by forging a letter from his mother.

Under the watch of Robert Seldon Lady, the CIA’s Milan branch succeeded in snatching Nasr and transferring him out of the country for torture. Some agents had used their secret phones to make calls to people in their personal lives. Know what the CIA did when they found out their mistake? Faced with the choice between a hard-line communist and a bunch of literal Nazis, the people of Albania opted for the former. This included handing bundles of cash and equipment to the Mafia.

Morris M. is Listverse's official news human, trawling the depths of the media so you don't have to. So when US forces decided to depose him in 1949, the CIA figured it’d be easy to turn his populace against him. When Italian police used this evidence to mount a raid on Robert Seldon Lady’s home, they found a stack of photos the agency had taken while following Nasr, including (presumably) a selfie of Lady posing with him in a Guantanamo cell. The major slipup came when they installed his successor. He was eventually convicted in absentia for kidnapping by an Italian court. Plenty of their buyers were American GIs.

Aside from sending nearly 60,000 US citizens to their deaths, it resulted in the humiliating fall of Saigon and contributed to the rise of Pol Pot. Two: making that one place a Pizza Hut. Hezbollah had just crashed the government, and anti-American and Israeli sentiment was running high. Things only got worse for the CIA when it was revealed the spies had been given traceable phones by their handlers and received insufficient training. Although it’s only hit the headlines in the last couple of years, the Iranian nuclear program has been worrying governments for well over a decade.

He avoids Facebook and Twitter like the plague. The El-Masri they’d flown to Afghanistan and repeatedly tortured wasn’t an Al-Qaeda operative at all but an innocent German businessman with a similar name. With as much help from the CIA as possible, they cultivated labs and seized control of docks, setting up a global smack network that would keep cash flowing into Mafia pockets for the best part of 25 years. A general who’d deposed the previous pro-Western monarchy before going mad with power, Kassem was hugely unpopular at home. Thanks to their toppling of one Iraqi dictator, the CIA opened themselves to half a century of trouble in the region, trouble we’re still feeling the effects of even now. But another side to the story suggests the agency is neither heroic nor evil but simply run by bungling idiots. Targeting known Al-Qaeda associate Khaled El-Masri, they managed to have him stopped at the Macedonian border and spirited away to Afghanistan. 10 Dirty Secret CIA Operations.

They also spelled his name wrong, making the letter as objectively convincing as one scrawled in felt tip in a different language.

The CIA even helped them export their stuff and take total control of Sicily while simultaneously rendering key players untouchable by other law enforcement agencies. In 2000, the CIA became convinced Tehran was going for the bomb and that it was imperative to stop them. Although most of the agents simply disappeared, it’s almost certain they were murdered by the militant group, a tragic end to what would otherwise be an amusing story. Among the key documents that shed new light on these activities are memoranda of conversation of presidential national security meetings, NSC staff papers, …

But the trick CIA officials used to try and get terror suspect Mohamedou Ould Slahi to cooperate fell short of unsavory and went right to dull incompetence. By now, we’re all aware that some less than savory tactics have been used at Guantanamo Bay over the years.

Chicago and New York gangsters were also recruited and sent to Sicily with the money and go-ahead to do whatever they wanted. Among them was the minister famous for deporting Jews to gas chambers during the occupation and a collection of devout royalists who supported the return of lunatic King Zog. In 2015, despite a European Court of Human Rights ruling, El-Masri still hasn’t received so much as an apology. Among the subjects addressed are CIA covert operations in Africa, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Guatemala, Peru, radio broadcasting, and the war on terror, and official views on these activities as well as the management of U.S. intelligence. Slahi’s mother couldn’t write.

They stuck it on the turntable, began the broadcast, and listened in horror as “The Star-Spangled Banner” began to play. All they needed to do was send in some good guys with guns, and the Albanian people would rise up against this psychopath, right? The man chosen to head the operation, Kermit Roosevelt, was discreet to the point of madness. While it kept the Communists out, it made heroin into the booming business it remains today. Since this was the CIA’s first coup, the agency wasn’t as organized as they would later become.