“The closest day that Vancouver’s had prior to this was December 7, 2018, where it was -5.7°,” explains Carmen Hartt, meteorologist for Environment Canada. “The closest day that Vancouver’s had prior to this was December 7, 2018, where it was -5.7°,” explains Carmen Hartt, meteorologist for Environment Canada. [100] The rare intensity of the snowstorm has been described as the strongest that Seattle had seen in over a decade and crippled the city. It was the second record in two days for Vancouver, which saw thermometers dip to 0.8 C Wednesday, wiping out the old record of 2.8, which had stood since 1960. Most of these events were caused by an atmospheric river known as the Pineapple Express. Maryland might be known for its crabs and coastline, but it can actually get mighty cold in the state during the winter.

If visiting Montana is on your bucket list, your best bet is to make it a summer trip. Three or four arctic fronts pushed down into the region, which we don’t typically see.

Your support is vital to helping us provide free local news. [74], After windchill temperatures were predicted to plunge to between 10 °F (−12 °C) to 20 °F (−7 °C), many Kentucky schools closed. [37], On February 2, the temperature in Yellowknife dropped to −42.9 °C (−45.2 °F)[38] and a wind chill of −53 °C (−63 °F). Anyone who lives in upstate New York knows how cold the state can get. COVID-19 hospitalizations rise to highest since early April, Pandemic mental health crisis calls up, suicides down, RCMP must respond to spying allegations: lawsuit, One in 20 Surrey businesses have closed due to pandemic: SBOT survey, 'Cultural reasons’ for Chinese nationals using underground banks, commission hears, Nearly 1,000 COVID cases, 5 deaths since Saturday, Air quality not a top concern for Metro Vancouver residents, says survey, Less pipeline politics polarization now between B.C. Chicago's Northerly Island recorded temperatures as low as −21 °F (−29 °C) and Chicago's Midway International Airport recorded a temperature of −22 °F (−30 °C); O'Hare's maximum of −10 °F (−23 °C) that day was a daily record and also only 1 °F (0.56 °C) higher than Chicago's official record cold maximum set on January 18, 1994 and December 24, 1983. People who moved to West Virginia to escape the cold were in for a surprise in 1917. Though Washington isn't far from sunny California, the two states' climates are nothing alike. When it comes to snow, however, don’t be surprised to see some flurries before the end of the week. If that sounds cold, get this — the coldest temperature ever recorded in the country was in Alaska 48 years ago, when thermometers read 80 degrees below … [75][76], Two brothers in Boone County, Obie (72) and Roy Fugate (67), died in their driveway outside of their home due to the cold after their truck was stuck in the mud. This may be the new normal, we have lost one month Spring is much later now, even the migratory birds cannot adjust because it happened so fast. [20], On the same day, the temperature in Abbotsford dropped to −9 °C (16 °F) with a wind chill of −20 °C (−4 °F). [24], Prince George dropped to as low as −36.2 °C (−33.2 °F) with a wind chill of −43 °C (−45 °F) on February 4. [69] Kokomo recorded a wind chill of −49 °F (−45 °C)[69] while Evansville recorded wind chills as low as −19 °F (−28 °C). Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Maine is about as far north as you can get on east coast. On Feb. 9 of that year, the state experienced its lowest temperature ever recorded: -51°.