When it’s about planning a honeymoon, every couple wants it to be special, and an unforgettable experience. Make manatee friends at Blue Spring State Park, kayak with dolphins on the Wilbur Rose Paddling Trail, or combine them both with a dolphin & manatee paddle boarding tour. downscale_only: false, Curing all the post-wedding blues, a honeymoon is something that every couple looks forward to. 7. Places To Visit: Cape Mulinu’u in Samoa, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Pacaya volcano in Guatemala and Skaros in SantoriniOther Things To Do: Go swimming with turtles and surfing in Samoa; Wildlife safari in Zimbabwe; Stay in exquisite water villas at Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia; Enjoy volcano hikes, mountain biking in Antigua and kayaking in Lake Atitlan of Guatemala; Hike from Fira to Oia in Santorini. Places to visit: Rhodes, San Diego, Miami, Further Read: 27 Things To Do On Mauritius Honeymoon For A Ultra-Romantic Affair In 2020. Don't let them know ahead of time that you have scored tickets for one of their favorite bands.

I did this every night--after all, it wasn't like I had a wedding dress to fit into anymore! OK, enough dilly-dallying. Read Next: Crazy Things to Do In Vegas. You can see every natural thing from dense rain forests to deserted beaches. This way, you can get creative together and have something tangible to take home with you to remember your date. You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. And stay safe too: If the crowd makes you feel uncomfortable at any time, take that dance party back to your hotel room.

}); Which ones do you think are skip-able? Hey, I'm Lia! It has a red-hued natural occurrence with several creekside Cottages. This is a romantic getaway that you will not soon forget. Irrespective of everything, hitting a casino would be one of the best choices you make whether you play Texas hold ‘em poker or gamble the night away as it is one of the top things to do on honeymoon night! This will definitely have the two of you connecting and laughing in no time. I am heading to Orlando in February to visit some of my family. The main advantage here is the place has zero traffic lights and very less population approx. But if your meals aren't part of the hotel deal, make sure to squeeze in at least one crazy delicious and filling dinner during your stay. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer. Consider one of these romantic activities the next time you want to make your time out together more memorable. var slider = !window.jQuery ? The right questions inspire understanding, compassion, and action for positive change. Thanks Karen!

are few activities that can be planned for the Honeymoon trip.

Just keep your mind wide open and enjoy the great looking canyon walls and waterfalls in the breathtaking Zion Park. Have a few other couples over and enjoy having a game night with your closest friends. Hire a limo to show up at your house for a dinner outing. Nothing. You can either try to do this together as a team or create a competition out of it and compete against each other to find out who has the best record. You can even add some essential oils to make the bath even more relaxing. Yes we’re talking about romantic spa treatments and no it’s not just for ladies. controlNav:false, Check out a local pool hall and spend the evening with your partner giving it your best shot. You’re welcome, Jo! If you’re a sweet lover you must order something like chocolate pudding fruit or any dessert. Here's Our Take. You may both feel a bit awkward, but at least you will feel awkward together. The Ale Trail and beach fireworks sound magical! Find some handy city-specific tips from Vishal!

}); Afterward, hightail it back to your room and order breakfast in bed and see where that leads. Or, rent a few of them and have a movie marathon. The waves carried us a little further out than we would have liked (and the water sports guy almost took off in his speedboat to rescue us!