Denmark is almost flat. [7], 7. History and culture. But I would be most likely to do it with the “stronger” kinds containing a lot of ammoniumcloride like ‘Tyrkisk Peber’ or ‘ piratos’. But don't worry, we've toned down the craziness a bit, so nowadays the barrels are simply decorated with cut out versions of black cats and the bonfires only burn doll versions of witches. The northern part of Europe is rainy in general, and Denmark is no exception. About “janteloven”, it is not really about being equal, but a nasty old script about not being worth anything. Me neither! Walk through Danish history and the homes of the Danish Royal Family, past and present, at these stunning castles in Denmark. From any point in the country, one could reach ocean by traveling just 52 km. In the 1840s, some Austrian bakers settled themselves in Denmark and introduced the beloved pastry. Denmark has the highest cancer rates in the world – 328.8 occurrences per 100,000 people. Explore the history of Denmark and how Danish culture has been shaped. We even enjoy cycling to such a degree that 75% continue biking all through winter and we have a Cycling Embassy. The beer was first exported in 1868 to Edinburgh, Scotland.

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And that this caring is one of the reading for the wellfare system. At that time The northern european cities, mostly german, joined in The Hanseatic League, which was a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and market towns. This is one challenge you'll most likely be unable to complete as you cannot be more than 52km from the ocean in Denmark.

Facts about Denmark 4: an absolute monarchy. As Nikolai is currently seventh in line to the throne – down from third when he was born – he’s unlikely to have to put his career aside to rule over Denmark anytime soon! Which was your favourite fact about Norway’s southern neighbours? As a result, the barren layers of chalk and limestone that earlier constituted the land surface acquired a covering of soil that built up as the Weichsel retreated, forming low, hilly, and generally fertile moraines that diversify the otherwise flat landscape.

Skip to content. [44], 48. So while Denmark itself is small, its total territory is much bigger. Another reason is that new cars are heavily taxed to discourage them. From weird Danish traditions and letters, old flags and amusement parks to bike- and swim-friendly facts, get to know Denmark a bit better with these 17 fun facts! Jutland is the only peninsula in Denmark, the rest are islands. The constitution of Denmark was signed on 05 June 1849.[2]. In 1792, Denmark became the first European country to abolish slavery. The climate in most islands in Denmark is temperate.

These streets invite you to intimate walks next to colourful houses, small coffee shops and vintage boutiques.