Mark, I am a big fan, but I have to say I think you’ve kind of gone off the deep end with this eating-with-your-fingers thing. For all of you who love hosting parties and love making delicious food for your guests, here are ten super tasty finger food dessert recipes you should give a try. Easy to make when you use frozen puff pastry, these little bites of puffed, golden brown dough filled with a sweet caramel filling are heaven to eat. Before you scoff at the simplicity of this menu (are they really giving me a recipe for a simple garden salad?) It won’t take you much money to make it because you need a few ingredients to make these super delicious chocolate mousse cups. Cake has no place at this dessert table. Drain well and set aside to cool to room temperature. Don’t worry no one asks for sauce. Salt and Pepper to taste. Artichokes make for a fun – although labor intensive – finger-lickin’ good time! Everybody loves finger foods. First, wash the asparagus and pat dry with a clean kitchen towel. How can you say no to such an adorable mini raspberry cups? These bite-sized delights feature a moist, nutty peanut butter cake filled with sugary jam and dipped in melted white chocolate. Sprinkle of garlic salt Cut the fruit again so that you now have it in quarters. Traditionally, the first toast is offered by the host as a welcome to guests. To make it more fresh and tasty, you can add raspberries on top or for a booze twist you can pour coffee – flavored liqueur. To steam the artichokes, fill a large saucepan with about two inches of water. "I made these for a barbecue and they're wonderful! Search for "Desserts You Eat with Your Fingers" on © 2019 Yellowstone Publishing, LLC. Have a little time on your hands?

See more ideas about Desserts, Dessert recipes, Food. var zergnet = document.createElement('script'); As I tried to make abundantly clear I’m not suggesting all Grokkers out there start eating with their hands at every meal! zergnet.type = 'text/javascript'; zergnet.async = true; You can also add berries on top or even crushed Oreo cookies. Very frustrated from looking for “bring a finger food” recipes that will guarantee that there is at least one real food on the table at baby showers, church receptions, etc. With Jessica McGovern. Place chicken in a deep, pre-greased pan or roasting dish. I always eat like this. For artichokes – it also tastes great to add a touch of red wine vinegar to the water you bowl them in. Small petits fours of two bites or less are eaten with the fingers.

Tearing into a whole chicken will make you feel just like Grok! You can also add others if you want to. I used to always eat pomegranate seeds as a child. I’m trying to stay strictly primal/paleo, but I always run into problems when I ... Today’s recipe is courtesy of Ashleigh van Houten, nutrition journalist, public speaker, certi... Research of the Week Not had them for years though. How do you rest your utensils while eating? Method: It’s fun and absolutely delicious, and of course meets the primal criteria.