In the pantheon of memorable and quotable lines in movies, there are so many that happened on the fly. How did Hans know that those kids on TV were Holly McClane's? He eventually turned that snippet of an idea into a sequel to The Detective. Other fun names for the film are Poland’s The Glass Trap, the Finnish version translates to Over My Dead Body. Thankfully after some cajoling from his agent, Rickman changed his tune and gave us an iconic performance for an iconic film. The daughter also answers Dick's question,"is there something you would like to say to them (parents) if they're watching?" Example: Early in the film, Bruce Willis's John McLane accepts a bit of folk wisdom to ease his jetlag, a man telling him to remove his shoes and socks and curl his toes into foot-fists. He’s cleaning himself up and just wearing a tank top when the criminals attack and he has to quickly swing into action. Edit, It is never explicitly mentioned by any of the terrorists how they plan to get away with the money while the area is full of policemen and FBI agents. Hollywood was introduced to the great thespian, Alan Rickman. Several of the key scenes in the film took place within the elevator shafts and air ducts of Nakatomi Plaza. In 10 years, the Mad Titan went from a semi-obscure comic book baddie to one of cinema’s greatest villains.

Which made the footage even more exciting to watch, so editor Frank J. Urioste kept it in the final cut. Supplies are pretty limited. action masterpiece for the ages, which sees a badass NYPD cop take on a skyscraper full of bad guys in the midst of an office holiday party.

Producers were pushing for an earlier confrontation, and when they heard Rickman put on an American accent, it sparked an idea. The air ducts, heaving a bomb right down the elevator shaft, even the climactic strapping a gun to McClane’s back; it all canine right from the pages of Nothing Lasts Forever. The scene is especially tense when the strap slips off the gun and causes McClane to fall a terrifying distance just as he’s about to grab a vent and climb to freedom. These are pretty harrowing scenes that can make a viewer’s hair stand up and feel a little claustrophobic. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Your gift recipient won’t have to preheat, either. It was a simple line: “Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*cker!” But it became the film’s defining moment, and the unofficial catchphrase that has been used in all four Die Hard sequels as well. His reason was that the material just seemed too dark and cynical for him. The shot used in the film is the first take, and his look of shock is completely genuine. Edit, Bearer bonds are official documents with monetary value.

However, thanks to another literally classic, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the events unfold over the course one night instead of three. Luckily, McTiernan found Rickman performing on the English stage shortly after Neill’s refusal. And it was a state-of-the-art one, too, with animated lights, moving traffic, and the ability to change from night to day. Probably not that much And not just once, but on a few different occasions.

Die-Hard on a bus (Speed)? Anyone who makes a movie or has made a movie knows about the hours of preparation that goes into making a scene. Best of all, it doesn’t require a permanent water hook-up. Bruce Willis, on the other hand, was actually born in West Germany to an American father and a German mother. When filming the stunt, McTiernan first told Rickman that he would be dropped onto a mat below at the count of three. Think again. He referenced the injury in a 2007 interview with The Guardian. Robin Hood and Galaxy Quest showed off just how versatile the thespian really was.

While the Nakatomi employees are reveling on the 30th floor at their company's Christmas party and John is in the bathroom freshening up, a group of heavily armed thieves pretending to be terrorists, led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), stage a siege, taking all of the employees, including Holly, as hostages, leaving John to launch a one-man war in an attempt to stop them and save the hostages. You name it, we probably have a Die Hard On A...for it. Edit, He didn't, however, he did know that the elevator car they used was stopped at that floor. The original script had the events of Die Hard unfold over three days. Most microwaves perform essentially the same functions, but their aesthetics is one way to tell them apart. Edit, The Extended Special Edition runs approximately 62 seconds longer and includes a further plot scene. This Philips air fryer uses superheated air rather than oil submersion to crisp up foods and remove up to 90 percent of fat compared to regular frying. Later, he is forced pick the glass out of his bare feet in the bathroom.

On the other hand, Dick's actions caused Gruber to take Holly hostage and made the situation more difficult and dangerous for John by giving Hans that much leverage. After adjusting for inflation that amount would be equivalent to $1.275 billion in 2014 dollars. Here are 30 things you might not know about the movie, which was released on July 15, 1988. Or maybe “error” would be a better word.

From 1963, Sinatra stars as Joe Leland investigating a homicide that may or not have a lot more to it. But in the scene in which McClane jumps into an elevator shaft, his stunt man was supposed to grab onto the first vent. Single-cup coffeemakers have become the standard in home brewing over the past several years.

McClane climbs up to the roof and warns the hostages that they're going to be killed if they stay there, shooting his gun into the air to scare them, so everyone starts going downstairs. Today he’s one of Hollywood’s biggest names, but when he took on the role of Die Hard’s leading man, Bruce Willis was largely known as a television actor. User Ratings But according to Stephen de Souza, the screenwriter of both Die Hard and Commando, while there was a sequel to Commando planned, the only similarity with Die Hard is that they both took place in buildings.

In 2013, Thorp’s long out-of-print book was resurrected to coincide with the film’s 25th anniversary. Whenever blanks were fired during a scene on set, Rickman would flinch from the noise. Edit, Holly told Hans that she wasn't married, but he can clearly see the pictures of her children on the desk. While “yippee-ki-yay” was in the original script, Willis added the colorful button on the line to add some flair and the rest is history. Which forced McTiernan to have to cut away from him so that his reactions were not caught on film.

But for most fans, nothing can top the original 1988 film. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Gruber orders McClane to put down his gun, which he does, but when Gruber thinks that he's in control of the situation, McClane whips out a gun that he had taped to his back, shoots one of the remaining terrorists and wounding Gruber. Die Hard does follow its source material closely, but one aspect that John McTiernan changed for the better was the timing of the movie.

Who did McClane drop on to Powell's squad car? We’re talking about a pack of machine-washable, spandex socks featuring all four superheroes. By the end of McClane’s ordeal, his undershirt had seen far better days. The first book of the series was actually adapted into a movie by Hollywood filmmakers too. Gruber plays along and jeers McClane for being a reckless cowboy, to which McClane responds using his classic “Yippee-ki-yay” line. Once it was confirmed that the stuntman was okay, McTiernan knew that it had to make the final cut. “Batman?” Ready to rock. That's the alchemy all those formulaic Die Hard in a battleship/submarine/bus/Air Force One knockoffs could never successfully replicate.

According to an interview with Willis, “I think I’d already read the script for Die Hard once but had to pass because of the show. Since the premiere of Die Hard, Willis has revealed that the memorable phrase was a joking ad-lib meant to fool with everybody. “I was just trying to crack up the crew,” the actor said. Essentially, the film is a tragic story of a guy trying to get rich and failing because of being antagonized by a flat-foot cop just visiting his estranged wife. Isn't Karl German? “I was just trying to crack up the crew and I never thought it was going to be allowed to stay in the film.". No, it’s… that one comic book person in your life who’s really tough to buy for. When they filmed the scene though, the surprise was on Rickman; they dropped him on two.

McClane and Holly leave the building together, and McClane and Officer Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) meet face-to-face for the first time.