The other huge change is that there’s no more Chaos system, which I have mixed feelings about. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The amount of magic abilities has been toned down a notch. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language. You are now limited to 3 abilities which can be modified via collectable bonecharms. Even though it’s a shorter and slightly shallower game, there are some exciting new abilities and interesting changes to the energy system, and the freedom from consequences of Chaos further encourage experimentation and freedom. The animations are really gory (as they have always been) with limbs getting chopped off and all the blood painting the streets red. It makes sense given the shorter campaign length, and it was refreshing to have more freedom to make a mistake and not feel the immediate need to quickload. On the other hand, violence not affecting the story, combined with Billie’s only real goal being to end the Outsider, had the disappointing result of all the more prominent targets along the way being rather inconsequential. Games Reporter, The layout has been slightly changed. You can then reactivate Displace to hop to the ghost, as long as you have line-of-sight and aren’t too far away.

There are only 8 collectibles to find and even mission select to mop up miscellaneous trophies.

I will say the level design has been fairly rote so far, as I head into the third mission. Earned the platinum trophy, did all main missions, side contracts, painting collectibles, Original Game+. Given how good Dishonored usually is about supporting stealth and combat options I’m a bit surprised there are no alternate means of taking out these targets sans-murder. My first playthrough lasted around 3 hours but it can easily be speedrun in 40 minutes or less if you know the way and rush past everyone. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. My only complaint is that you need to be a bit flexible to take on every contract. It didn’t suit my playstyle, but it’s still a neat tool to have available. If you held off buying a copy to avoid any disastrous technical woes, let me assuage those fears: Death of the Outsider runs fine, which is to say it runs as well as Dishonored 2 did post-fixes. It’s not great and I’m not sure it’s worth the $49 CAD unless you are a fan of the franchise. It’s a lot of the usual—soldier-filled streets, alternate paths through pseudo-Victorian apartments, some industrial areas, some docks. In the first area for instance you’re asked by some nameless benefactor to destroy a bootlegging operation en route to your final goal. Filed Under: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Reviews. For more. In general, Death of the Outsider feels like an extension of Dishonored 2, which it pretty much is despite being sold as a standalone game instead of an expansion. ESRB: Matue / PEGI 18 *Rates how much fun the Platinum / 1000 Gamerscore is to achieve: Are trophies fun to do? That’s a bit of a shame, coming off Dishonored 2’s Clockwork Mansion, plus that one time travel level, and so on. Apart from a new attack, there were no new abilities or items to unlock, and there’s no way to upgrade or alter your powers except for a few Bone Charms that don’t make a radical difference. *Reserved for extraordinarily good or bad features that the other categories don’t cover (such as game-breaking bugs). Stealthing this game is just too easy with the Semblance skill (but then again it’s up to you whether to use it or not). They’re wonderfully detailed, with care and creativity poured into every nook and cranny.

Multiple playthroughs required? Guards and civilians chatter about these people and their surroundings, sharing backstory and making them feel like real parts of the world. One caveat: There are a small but notable number of Steam reviews (and Steam forum threads) complaining that the game won’t even launch on their machine. Anyway I’ll save most of my thoughts for a review proper, as I said. The game lives up to the same AAA quality of Dishonored 1 & 2, it’s just a bit shorter. No level stands out like Dishonored 2’s Clockwork Mansion, but they’re still compelling to explore.

As noted earlier, even if you haven’t played previous titles this one is good to make first contact with the Dishonored franchise. *Graphics, Texture Quality, Character Details, Lighting, Weather Effects, Animations, Loading Times, Number of Loading Screens, does it run smoothly, *Amount of Content, Production Quality, Replay Value, is there enough content to justify a purchase. One required I kill literally every guard (over 50 of them) during a mission to collect my reward. Death of the Outsider takes place after the Events of Dishonored 2, but the story is easy enough to understand even if you haven’t played previous games.

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