Oh boy, even though I ended up being the top scorer on my team, I never lived that one down. She did, however, say that "the screenplay, by Jeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman and Daniel Pyne, is occasionally sharp-tongued but more often pleasantly knee-deep in rustic corn".

I always thought the Grady was a little too stereotypical of Southern towns. It’s all silent and dark… and then you hear something from the back of the room. Click here to read them.

He looks up, almost hits an oncoming car and runs through a picket fence. Overall, a good job. Lightning is self-absorbed and cocky, but he ultimately finds out that friendship and love are the best things in the world. Advantage: Cars. The one thing that always bugged me about Doc Hollywood: why the hell was Dr. Stone in South Carolina if he was going from NYC to California. COLORFUL CAST OF SECONDARY CATEGORIES

This is the number of comments. While passing through Grady, South Carolina, Ben smashes into a fence to avoid hitting a cow.

Contact Us  |  Report a bug/error msg  |  Terms of service/legal/privacy policy Advantage: Doc Hollywood. So, let’s go to the tally. You with me? Yeah, and then Chicken Run was a copy of The Great Escape. "They are talking about the second one, you know, the direct to video one without any of the stars that made the first popular. "[7], Doc Hollywood debuted at number three in the U.S. box office. I mean, it’s eerie.

In the end though, there's no defense when the team isn't going to Rocket to the top, Best movie subby's seen this week on Netflix. How's your sister?

They are voiced by, respectively, Larry the Cable Guy, Tony Shaloub, George Carlin, Paul Dooley, Cheech Marin and Jenifer Lewis. Eyde Byrde as Nurse Packer, Grady's residential nurse who oversees Ben's community service. The wreck left him emotionally scarred (if that’s possible for an automobile), and a wee bit bitter. A lone voice hollering, “Freebird!” Now, as someone who has yelled “Play some Skynrd!” at every concert I’ve ever attended (symphonies included), I gotta tell you, I almost peed my pants. Fox. I know it's scary and maybe shocking, but there's only a precious few ways a plot can go. The town's residents begin integrating Ben into their small-town life. While his 1956 Porsche Speedster is being repaired, Ben tends to patients and flirts with ambulance driver Vialula (better known as "Lou"), a single mother of a four-year-old daughter.

Hell, again, it’s essentially the same plot.

Hogue initially dismisses Ben as too young and inexperienced until Ben saves his life from a heart attack. Unwilling to exploit the situation or incite Hank's jealousy, Ben secretly leaves town at night. ), So, like I did with Ray and Walk the Line, I can’t help but compare the two. But, if you’re looking for a good movie, and you liked Doc Hollywood, you could do worse than Cars. Plus, any movie with Larry the Cable Guy loses style points. When Dr. Stone shows up, he gleefully points out all of the things that the hotshot young doctor doesn’t know. Do you realize he’s from Nebraska?

That was some farked up HTML. Near the town's reservoir, Ben happens upon a local man whose wife is in labor inside their car. Fox. Lion King was not crap. Beverly Hills' superficiality soon leaves Ben, who grew up in a small town, feeling empty and lonely. Fox as Dr. Benjamin Stone. But it surprised me by also being a love story, and a pretty good one – the kind where the lovers are smart enough to know all the reasons why they shouldn't get together, but too much in love to care. In Doc Hollywood, he did a phenomenal job with a B+ script. Plus, it really ups the value of re-watching the movie on HBO, not on basic cable. It was odd, really, because there haven’t been a large number of talking-car movies. The fence belongs to the town magistrate. then, as soon as he's able, he leaves that godforsaken place and never looks back. Let’s do a comparison of Cars and Doc Hollywood.

From a middle-class background? So will the vehicular counterpart to Julie Warner come out of the water with nothing but primer showing? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Lou, not wanting Ben to waste his talents in a small town, suppresses her feelings and tells him she is marrying Hank. Fox. His voice is self-assured with an undercurrent of vulnerability. OK, I must say that the similarities between the two movies are indeed staggering. After you saw it the first time you had to know she wasn’t getting naked again! This thread is archived, and closed to new comments. ), WACKY DETOUR OFF THE INTERSTATE in doc hollywood was due to cows being walked down the road and doc tried explaining said too then unbeknownst to him the judge who is upset about the best fence he had just put up and was still painting. Stiers is always solid (Major Winchester!).

Just like Lou went to law school in Doc Hollywood. Overall, this is one of his good early 90s efforts that helped us forget movies like The Hard Way, Light of Day and Bright Lights, Big City (the last one at least gave us the foundation for an all-time porn movie title… think about it). Must have been the @ symbol. The back-to-basics, anti-greed message of Doc Hollywood has been all over the screens this season, from TV's Northern Exposure to the movies' City Slickers, Regarding Henry, Life Stinks and The Doctor". Kenneth Branagh's 1996 "Hamlet" was just a cheap knock-off of the 1602 version. To say that I was surprised by this scene is putting it mildly. Runtime: 0.485 sec (485 ms). On the eve of Ben's departure, he shares an intimate evening with Lou. Julie Warner skinny dipping. Movies Quiz / Cars vs. Doc Hollywood Random Movies Quiz Can you name the similar characters from Cars and Doc Hollywood? She’s resigned herself to the pace of life in Grady, but she obviously wants more. I know it was 1991 and Mapquest wasn’t around, but jeez. And yes, I’ve officially been thinking about this waaaaay too much. You need to create an account to submit links or post comments. Whatever.

This is your Fark Writer's Thread, profoundly drunk edition, It's can be isolating when you're trying to make Harden decisions without Russelling any feathers. scape: Would the Neocons have used such a stupid picture? Change ).

Not really a close race. Bilko, Lion King 2 = Crap, http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/10004076-cars/, Remember that murder hornet nest they found and destroyed in Washington State? Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale.

"Many reviewers also felt that Cars' plot was too indebted to the 1991 Michael J Fox comedy Doc Hollywood, in which a hotshot Los Angeles doctor learns a new set of values when he is stranded in an average American town. You figure it out. Cars: Bonnie Hunt plays Sally Carrera, a Porsche who’s stuck in the one-stoplight town of Radiator Springs. Having completed his medical residency in a Washington, D.C. hospital, Dr. Benjamin "Ben" Stone drives to Beverly Hills for a job interview with noted plastic surgeon Dr. Halberstrom. I’m just sayin’.

She bristles against the charms of Dr. Stone initially, but she ultimately falls for the (wee little) hunk.

( Log Out /  Owen does a good job of capturing this character.

This year: Buttermilk-brined Thanksgiving turkey, Trump will never support the results of a democratic election.

A young doctor on his way across the country to a job interview crashes his car in a small town and is sentenced to work for several days at the town hospital. I didn’t see that coming. And it is a comedy. Fox, Julie Warner, Barnard Hughes, Woody Harrelson. ( Log Out / 

She was “bringing the room down” before singing “Let’s Wait Awhile” and I just shouted it out. Playing a self-assured doctor. Doc Hollywood: Barnard Hughes plays Doc Hogue, the town doctor who delivered babies and tended to the sick in Grady for decades.

From Family Ties through Spin City and most movies in between, he always brought his A game.

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Doc Hudson sentences him to repave Main Street. The fence belongs to Judge Evans, who then sentences him to 32 hours of community service at the town's medical clinic.

As my college buddy Tony once said, that one scene made this the best date movie of the year. Classic Motor Carriages Classic Speedster in Doc Hollywood, Movie, 1991 Class: Cars, Convertible — Model origin: 00:08:12 Vehicle used a lot by a main character or for a long time There was a starship troopers II? Oh, and fun fact, we first see Sally in a courtroom serving as a prosecuting attorney in Lightning’s case. I'm confused because the early reviews have been amazing.

Owen was good, but Fox made Doc Hollywood an enjoyable movie, especially in multiple viewings. The film's soundtrack features the Chesney Hawkes song "The One and Only", which reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. WACKY DETOUR OFF THE INTERSTATE Kind of like Starship troopers II.". This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 00:31. Links are submitted by members of the Fark community. I'm shocked I say, shocked! Doc Hollywood: In Grady, Dr. Stone runs into a bunch of characters: Woody Harrelson as Lou’s would-be fiancée Hank Gordon, David Ogden Stiers as the mayor, and Bridget Fonda as the mayor’s amorous daughter.

I haven’t seen plagiarism like this since Dook basketball great Greg Newton. About 15 minutes into it, I started to think, I’ve seen this before.

Awwwww… See for yourselves, Can you suck a golf ball through a garden hose? I’m proud to admit that portions of Doc Hollywood – including the famous lake scenes – were filmed in my own hometown of Mechanicsville, VA. Reading this one day after watching the movie CARS made my whole day. You know what was really godawful shiate was Aladdin 2. SMP 200th post extravaganza (an all-clip episode) « sweet monkey pie, Why the ‘Cars 3’ Daytona 500 Trailer Makes Me Far Less Excited About This Pixar Sequel | Fishstream TV, UNC baseball: Undone by karma (and some poor fielding). As a Canadian, I am a fan of Edmonton-born Michael J.

Good times.) Plus, we later found out that his Parkinson’s disease really started to show while he was making this movie. Overall, a great job.

Very nice comparison! Will wonders never cease.

Anyone of the Venture Brothers episodes (just pick one) blows the doors off anything Pixar has ever done. And that he’s as much of a redneck as George W. is a cowboy?

She bristles against the charms of Lightning initially, but she ultimately falls for the hunk. Along the way, we learn that Doc Hudson was a former Piston Cup champ – a fact he hid from everyone in Radiator Springs – but he retired after wrecking in a race. Doc Hollywood: Four words. Cars: Owen Wilson provides the voice of Lightning McQueen, a NASCAR-esque racer who finished in a tie with a Richard Petty-esque car (voiced by the King himself) and an asshole car (voiced by the ever-surprising Michael Keaton) for the Piston Cup. "Many reviewers also felt that Cars' plot was too indebted to the 1991 Michael J Fox comedy Doc Hollywood, in which a hotshot Los Angeles doctor learns a new set of values when he is stranded in an average American town.

HOW THE FARK HAS NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS YET?! Doc Hollywood: Julie Warner plays Vialula, aka Lou, an ambulance driver who’s actually a lawyer that once lived in New York, but she got knocked up and moved back to Grady with her daughter. PROTAGONIST (that’s the main character to anyone who flunked Intro to Drama) "[11] Critic Simon Kinnear of Total Film concurred, stating "Actually, this one pretty much is just 'Doc Hollywood with cars.