This recipe is absolutely perfect! I added just 2 tsp of vanilla and just one cup of sugar. I cannot wait to see all the photos and hear from those who try this so reach out on FB, Insta or email to share your successes (or fails – even fails will be delicious and salvageable! Can I replace the all purpose flour with gluten free flour? 100% recommend! I clicked on the “other method” you suggested for another reviewer. Hello, I’ve made this recipe multiple times and I absolutely loved it each time. I’ve always found cheesecake intimidating so this was my first one. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes it may brown a little on top without being overbaked. So glad it turned out well, Alicia! But it really looks like it should have cooked for 20 more minutes! A few years ago I discovered this one when I googled New York Style Cheesecakes. Will it be the reason? I made a cherry sauce to go with it. Thank you! Use vanilla, chocolate, or coconut! You’ve kept me and my husband with full stomachs. Because only had 2-8 oz blocks of cream cheese on hand, I halved the recipe and made in an 8 in round pan.

Remove the pan from the oven and set aside.

Extremely versatile as well and it’s super easy to add in your own flavors- oreo, sprinkles, chocolate, etc. I have since made this 3 more times (with the 18 inch foil ) with different variations (lemon-pomegranate, pomegranate and triple citrus) to rave reviews. No sour cream, heavy cream, 1/2 cup. best cheesecake ever! I'd love to know how it turned out! Caster sugar may work, but cheesecake is pretty finicky and so I think it’s best to stick with the recipe for the most predictable results. Then off to the fridge overnight. I’d recommend replacing the flour in the filling with 2 Tablespoons of cornstarch. Would removing the lemon jest and lemon juice drastically effect this recipe? It’s the only size I have. I was planning on making this recipe, but instead of a 9″ cake, small bite sized cakes in a cupcake liner. You do understand not many need to see you carrying on, we just want the recipe and instructions, less the excessive commentary. Also, you’ll need to reduce the baking time by a lot; I’d start checking around 25 minutes. The only variation was I didn’t use the sugar for the crust! he could not wait to wake up to try it he loved it! I’d start checking at 1 hour and then keep a close eye on it. Both times I used parchment paper underneath the crust for easier removal. Hands down the best cheesecake ever. The second cake I reduced the sugar by 1 cup as my second family member is a low sugar person. Hi Nicole, Christine can weigh in with her recipe, but I’d probably use 2 tablespoons cornstarch in place of the flour for this recipe. Rate the recipe: 5 stars means you loved it, 1 star means you really disliked it.


I’m wondering if I can substitute the flour for cornstarch? Every year ended in a fail. In fact, the first time I met my future mother-in-law almost 20 years ago, she told me that the way to Michael’s heart was through his stomach, and that whenever she wanted him to do anything as a child, she bribed him with a slice of cheesecake. Hi Karen, If you’d like to use an oreo crust for this, no need to mix in graham cracker crumbs as well. Hi Wendy, It’s really best to bake cheesecake in a regular oven but it may work. Talk about a confidence booster! It didn’t change the taste but just looks brown on top. Can I ask you if possible to give me the ingredients in grams, so I can be sur to fellow the exact recipe? cooking it in a bain-marie has always given me a crack-less, perfect cheesecake. Hi O, The springform pan is by Kaiser (I believe Williams Sonoma sells them). I only have a 6-inch pan, can I half the recipe? . You’ll need to reduce the baking time by a lot; I’d start checking around 25 minutes. 10/10 for taste! I went from not knowing how to make cheesecakes to making perfect cheesecakes every time. The first time I made a cheesecake that DIDN’T crack! My family was impressed and has requested that I make it again for the family gathering this Christmas which is still many months away. Hope you enjoy! Could I do that with your recipe? OMG. If I only have a 7.5-inch pan, how much ingredients should I cut and anything different in making the cake?

And are the baking instructions same then? Brenda. You do not want any colour and the edges should not puff up too much. If you feel you need to cook for longer to achieve this do so at 5 minutes increments, checking carefully until you are happy it is done. Feel free to omit it if not everyone in your family likes it. Very good recipe! Everyone loved it! I’d just keep a really close eye on them. I served the cheesecake with a homemade cherry sauce and everyone raved about how great dessert was. Despite wide and heavy duty kitchen foil, and my best efforts at making the dish water-tight, water seeped into it, which was somewhat heart-breaking after all this effort. Another winner from Jenn! Hi Jenn, I made the New York Cheesecake. I made a fruit coulis for the first one, and a lemon curd for the second one. This was my first attempt at a baked cheesecake, and it turned out absolutely perfect! Can I scale this recipe down to using a smaller 6inch pan? This recipe is so easy to follow.

Next wrap the springform pan with one large piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil, covering the underside of the pan and extending all the way to the top. For the crust, mix together flour, sugar and lemon zest in a small bowl. Carefully remove the roasting pan from the oven and set it on a wire rack. The texture of the cheesecake was absolutely perfect as was the taste. Hi Malak, One stick of butter weighs 113g, so that would make each tablespoon 14g. Even if ingredients such as Graham crackers cannot be found here, the recipe turned out to be amazing. The bubbles don’t really hurt anything, but next time, you can try tapping the pan on the counter a few times before putting it into the oven. First attempt? This cheesecake comes out delightfully dense yet still fluffy, exactly the texture I was looking for. —Brenda Clifford, Overland Park, KansasGet RecipeTaste of HomeCaramel-Pecan Cheesecake PieIn fall or any time of year, this nutty, rich and delicious pecan pie recipe is one I am proud to serve. To view them, scroll down to the recipe and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. Otherwise, it is perfect. My daughter and I made this yesterday for upcoming Thanksgiving dinner and couldn’t resist a slice!

Is there any specific reason why (other than sweet tooth ) this recipe uses almost double the amount of sugar?

Enjoy! But for the berry version, I wouldn’t combine the berry mixture (I assume jam) with the batter; it will be too diluted in color. Hi Ashleigh, you could use Cup4Cup for the crust (a gluten-free graham cracker crust would work also). Press the crust onto the bottom and 1-1/2 inches up the sides of your prepared springform pan.

Hi Tuulia, You can resolve the issue of the top browning by, as you mentioned, loosely covering the top of the pan with foil when you begin to notice the browning. Serving this with homemade caramel sauce. I’ve never made a cheesecake before, so was a tad nervous. You know what you’re doing Jenn Segal! What am I doing wrong?!?!? I’m in the process of baking this now. Collapsing is usually a result of over-mixing the batter after the eggs are added. Instead of putting 1/4 tsp salt in the batter I put sugar. Would I still cook it the same? Instead, you could add raspberries or strawberries to the top of the cheesecake like I do in this recipe. Everyone, including a couple New Yorkers, loved it. Looking forward to trying the recipe! Finally, New York cheesecake is often served plain (or with some simple berries on top) so the tangy flavor can really shine. 2. like in these mini molds: Also, can I skip the water bath? I made it perfect so it didn’t crack, which was fantastic. We’ll see how it works out, Dear Jenn, It is me, Roger again.

Hello again! So I’m a recent expat, and in Spain the ‘cheesecake’ is more like panna cotta. Did you wait until it was completely cooled before slicing? So, I happened to be out of graham crackers and ended up making the crust with almond flour with a touch of cinnamon and it was better imo. So glad it was a hit (and the cake “break-in” made me laugh)! Enjoy your treat as is, or serve it with fresh strawberries. I’ve made many cheesecakes but this one didn’t seem nearly as fussy as other recipes I’ve tried and I’ve made other recipes from this site with good results so I gave it a whirl.

Hi, I followed directions to the “T”. Thank you . I don’t make any berry sauce to go on top. Hope you enjoy! I made it twice, once with a 10 inch and a 7 inch springform pan. Unanimous vote, the berry sauce for the big win! The top was browner but it certainly was still a perfect texture and taste with a sour cherry sauce. Hi Faith, I know how hard it is to find time to bake with little ones. I consider myself to be a bit of a “cheesecake snob” and when people tell me they’ve never met a cheesecake they don’t like, I always tell them I have. My husband’s favourite New York cheesecake & I halved the recipe! Hi Rubie, I think you could refrigerate the uncooked batter for a day or two and I’d stick with granulated sugar for this. This one looks great – and the photos with the instructions for wrapping the pan etc are so helpful. Either nine or ten inches in diameter depending upon the size of your springform pan. I’ll be using this recipe for the rest of time. It took an hour fifteen to cook to the center. This should take 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours. Hi Trish, you can make these in a muffin/cupcake tin but they will be a bit challenging to remove. I have tried this recipe several times earlier in my previous oven and it is unbelievably delicious. Pour the cheesecake filling over the baked crust. Would you consider developing a recipe for a Turkish delight cheesecake? This is the easiest and tastes great. I don’t know if your family would like it but I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you for the recipe.

I am planning on making them in a mini cheesecake pan this time (similar to a cupcake pan but the bottom is removable), Is there anything I have to do differently? Rgds Roger. The only part of the recipe I didn’t follow is adding sugar to the crust as I find the Graham crumbs that are sweetened with honey to be sweet enough for my taste. It made me really happy that my family loved this and it encouraged me to continue baking. You mentioned cream cheese room temp. So smooth and decadent. I think you could get away with skipping the water bath with these. Hi, made this cheesecake and turned out well and tasted SO GOOD. A real show stopper!

Thanks! Glad you like it! Followed the recipe, wrapped the pan twice in the wide foil and still the water bath leaked into it. I just looked at the macros and can’t believe its over 600 calories per slice! Hope that helps and that you enjoy! You’ll need to reduce the baking time by a lot but it’s hard to say by how long without knowing the size the mini versions will be. Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. I was thinking of adding half of the batter to the pan, a swirl of strawberry purée, then the rest of the batter with more purée. Can’t wait to make it again and again! . Which way should I go? Then, place the springform pan in a larger, rimmed baking pan. I only had 24 oz of cream cheese, so I mathed everything in the filling by 3/4 (I used 4 eggs plus 1 yolk because eggs are hard to math) and that made a nice layer of cheesecake for the crust. Definitely my ONLY cheesecake recipe from now on!

Great texture ! Hope your son enjoys! If you do try it with the cookies mixed in, I’d love to hear how it turns out!