Yes it's a gloss but I don't feel the stickiness on my lids.

It doesn't have a jelly or bouncy texture at all. Product is a little wet and sticky goes in good but does not last long! For that purpose it is AWESOME. I’m not into highlights but when it is applied nicely it is a cute lil glow, but the sparkles don’t show up much either which is a bit disappointing. I wanted to love this product. Offer ends on 11/11/2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

It looks pretty on the eyes but it begins to crease and it is uncomfortably sticky.

Whenever I try to apply it on my cheeks it lifts my blush and foundation and makes it all patchy. I have only tried it a couple times and trying to do different things to see if I can stop the creasing. So wearing an eye gloss is something unique in its own self. Ended up loving it and it became part of my main beauty routine and price is great, If you apply this on bare lids it looks stunning! This gloss is so glowy and beautiful! Beauty Squad members. its extremely sticky and made my face feel greasy and gross where i put it. It doesn't dry down or anything, so people with flowing hair be aware, but as long as you don't wear foundation, this product works well in a very thin layer tapped out over cream and powder blush. the product has very little payoff. I wanted this to mix with my cream highlighter for a more subtle, glossy shine.

You don't need a lot for everyday use, but I noticed that it does move and pick up some foundation. This multipurpose, face and eye gloss gives a sheer wash of shimmer to the cheeks and eyes creating a mesmerizing, glistening, dewy effect. Treat your skin to a dollop of Jelly Pop Water Gel Moisturizer, and give your cheeks a summer-kissed swipe of Flush Blush.

However when you do wear this do you not wear any eyeshadow underneath because it will crease as you blink.

This product doesn't pair well with heavy make up like a full face of foundation concealer and powder, but it does go on well on bare skin or a light skin tint. The application easy, a little goes a long way but the creasing and stickyness made it a pass for me.

The texture is designed to quickly melt into your skin, leaving behind a refreshed, dewy glow that simply radiates summer vibes. 25% off of orders $30+ for customers that are not e.l.f. Elf is still an amazing brand but this product just wasn't worth it, and I tried it solid for a week to give it an honest go to really make it work cause I really wanted it to be a part of my collection.

This is really great as a face gloss to use as like a Dewey highlighter appeal. Remember not to rub your eyes like crazy though!!! It is beautiful on top of shadow, adds sparkle and it is a one and done, you use your fingers, apply and then stop, if you keep messing with it then you will mess up your shadow but it creases like the reviews say. (Mini kit) 4.3 out of 5 stars 53. I tried putting this on my face, biggest regret I've had for a good minute. The creasing was terrible!

looks really nice as a highlighter but stays very sticky, I think there's a cute idea behind this product, but it's just not the greatest in actuality. I tried it on both my cheeks and eyes, and couldn't stand to leave it on either place. I will try it back however without any foundations or any other products under. Jelly Pop is all about caring for your skin in even the hottest, most humid weather, with summer skin care formulas that are effective year-round, but are especially well-suited to those days when the temps keep climbing.

Personally, I don't do editorial looks for insta, so I didn't buy it for my eyes, but keep that in mind. Jelly Pop collection! Beauty that POPS.