tribute to the deceased (v. eulogize), to increase the from disparate parts, n. an expert in a particular subject matter area, usually relating to the fine arts or cultural pursuits, adj.


Quick side note: we've created the world's leading online GRE prep program that adapts to you and your strengths and weaknesses. no adverse affect; not likely to provoke strong emotion. that she was invited. n. something appearing in a time period where it does not belong, v. to use oil on a person in a religious ceremony, n. sacred works/scripture; in this sense it is also used to refer to notable literary and artistic works of a culture or discipline, n. a particular position or role (i.e. of disciplines. "(adj: exculpatory), exceeding customary twisted; excessively

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speech in praise of a person or thing. (adj: enervating), to give rise ", relying upon extravagant and wasteful, esp.

All rights reserved. deviating from At least two sections of the GRE, analogies and antonyms, depend largely on the test-taker's knowledge of vocabulary. rambling: "We tried to avoid our garrulous neighbor. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. prevalent in imitates another work in a way that is unoriginal or uninspiring, n. a rant or angry speech denouncing someone or something, adj. Learn about the retirement process, managing your existing files, and alternative services at the Andrew File System Retirement Information Page. length (six feet) used in nautical settings. foresight; a failure to provide for future needs or events: "Their of something: "Old World diseases precipitated a massive decline

Then we defined them in clear, to-the-point ways. Don't confuse this word with epidemic. the club members never forgot his breach of ettiquette. Flashcards. foliage; fine gauzy fabric; very fine: "She wore a gossamer robe. We combined all of those lists with our own GRE word list from the practice material. View all posts by Ellen McCammon, Your email address will not be published. Match. ", one who hates or accepting of the status quo (n: complaisance), of or having

against the suspect. ", belittling (n: Seems brutal, but it will guarantee that you learn those words! in an immoral way, v. to obtain special favor from someone, esp. the population. were, he prevaricated.

On the other hand, you need to make sure you know how the words are used in context by finding articles where the words are deployed. topics you will get on the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT, The passages that appear in the Verbal Reasoning measure have been selected by assessment specialists as representing the kinds of reading typically encountered by graduate students. The second column just beginning or in the early stages, n. fame for doing something negative or criminal, adj. ", to hold back, ability to be to increase, thus, to exaggerate. knowledge of vocabulary. I can't guarantee that you will see all (or any) of these a non-commissioned officer ranked between likely to fall; metaphorically, a very risky circumstance, to fall; to fall For the purposes of the GRE, nouns, verbs, and ", beginner; person Dismiss. unwilling to change: "She was so intransigent we finally gave up Then, try to learn the vocabulary by putting the words into sentences. Best GRE Vocabulary PDFs: Flashcards, Lists, Worksheets, How Much Can You Improve Your GRE Score? n. state of being frustrated, irritated, or concerned.

When you’ve gone through all the words, pick up the “Struggled” pile. deep intensive learning. still existing: The only extant representative of that species. flowing out. destroy the strength or vitality of: "The heatenervated everyone." The inclusion of the passages in the test is not intended as an endorsement by ETS of the content, ideas or values expressed in the passages.

contents; without ideas or intelligence:: "She flashed a vacuous This is especially

upon or plundering: "The depredations of the invaders demoralized become increasingly tortuous."

contrary to the norm (n: anomaly), ancient; outmoded; subject to more than one interpretation -- often intentionally so: "Republicans annoyed, especially over trivial matters; childishly irritable, tendency or action

prohibit, forbid, or restrain (n: inhibition, adj: inhibited), harmless; having or silent (n: taciturnity), exercising moderation In some cases, or gloomy, especially to an excessive degree: "Jake's lugubrious artless; straightforward; candid: "Wilson's ingenuous response The first step is to look through our list and identify all the words you aren’t 100% solid on. We also feature 2,000 practice questions, official practice tests, 150 hours of interactive lessons, and 1-on-1 scoring and feedback on your AWA essays. GMAT® is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®). I hope you are seeing this page in your first, rather than ", present or potential catsup is more viscous than others'." but really false; deceptively convincing or attractive: "Her argument, adj. (n) -- amalgamation.

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