Educational Resources: - Register for our next Tech Tuesdays session- An educational series tailored to the process automation industry. Choosing the right lighting is important.”. is a brand of Illuxtron International B.V. Literature; Blog; Testimonials; Education. The ultra-slim Eyeleds® line of recessed lighting products is sweeping the global market with its ease of installation and sleek, ambient look. Upcoming Webinar: - Register for our next webinar called, How to Precisely Measure Speed and Length of Endless Material without Contact on November 19 at 1pm CT, 2pm ET. That lets you select an invigorating cool light in the mornings for instance, or a cozy dim light at night. “Choosing the right lighting is very important”, Designed for the comfort of your eyes. Browse our complete range of LEDs to bring EyeComfort into every room in your home. See America's hottest brands in our online lighting store. All photos, unless indicated otherwise, are examples of applications for Eyeleds®. Global research shows that eyesight deterioration is a big fear with people, but few take steps to maintain it. “The type of lighting we use day to day can have an impact on our quality of life. EyeComfort LEDs have a high Color Rendering Index, meaning that your home's furnishings appear in high definition and true color. jQuery('.switcher .selected').click(function() {jQuery('.switcher .option a img').each(function() {if(!jQuery(this)[0].hasAttribute('src'))jQuery(this).attr('src', jQuery(this).attr('data-gt-lazy-src'))});if(! Tel: (440) 358-4700. Learn more about the EyeComfort parameters. By contrast, poor artificial lighting can have deleterious effects on the quality of life and lead to disturbed sleep patterns, eye discomfort, and even headaches.   There are many LED lights on the market today, but they are not all created equal. We put quality at the forefront of our process from the initial engineering and design to final manufacturing, building the highest quality grow lamps, ballasts and fixtures on the market. Our EyeComfort LEDs use smart electronic design so that you can create the perfect ambiance and enjoy a gentle solution for your eyes. The Company offers LED lamps, luminaires, and lighting controls for the commercial, industrial, utility, and specialty lighting markets. The ultra-slim Eyeleds® line of recessed lighting products is sweeping the global market with its ease of installation and sleek, ambient look. Lighting designers are increasingly turning to Eyeleds® systems for high-end LED luminaires, for interior and outdoor applications. Our LEDs conform to our EyeComfort standard, which measures our products against a set of key comfort criteria: flicker, glare, stroboscopic effect, photobiological safety, dimmable, tuning and color rendering – factors that can impact the comfort of your eyes. EYE HORTILUX ® Grow Lamps are manufactured in our factory located in Mentor, Ohio! Fax: (440) 350-7001. Certified displays have reduced blue light and are flicker free to protect eyes and preserve user vision and allow the user to change … All the best lighting fixtures new lamps for home and office. EyeComfort LEDs are designed to reduce glare, ensuring complete comfort for the eyes in every room of your home. When you buy a HORTILUX product, you know you will get quality and grow more. Utility Lighting Products EYE Lighting International operates in the United States. EYE Lighting International of North America, Inc. produces lighting products. Many made in the USA. For instance, controlling the colour and intensity of lighting over the course of the day can improve our sleep patterns, which can be critical to well-being and health. Industrial Research - Listen to our on-demand webinars. For your wooden floor, tile-floor, vynil flor, carpet (tiles) floor, you basically can choose out of our product ranges: For stairs, including multiple indoor use possibillities, you can choose out of our product ranges: For beautiful and functional outside terraces (tiles) / decking wood, paving and landscape projects, you can choose out of our product ranges: © 2020 Illuxtron international B.V.

function GTranslateGetCurrentLang() {var keyValue = document['cookie'].match('(^|;) ?googtrans=([^;]*)(;|$)');return keyValue ? Search. EYE Lighting International of North America, Inc. produces lighting products. Please click here to see how we are continuing to serve our customers. LED lighting. Lighting can play an important role for, productivity, children’s eyesight development, aiding the elderly and our wake-up and sleep-cycle. EyeComfort LED lamps and fixtures are designed to deliver high quality, comfortable light. Congratulations! Commercial, Institutional & Improving the comfort of your eyes could be as simple as screwing in a different light bulb. All rights reserved. HID Lamps. Eyeleds® Scroll down to learn more or shop popular EyeComfort bulbs now. You are now visiting the Philips lighting website. The available light colours are warm white, cool white, blue, amber and RGB.

Based on LED technology, the product offers a combination of energy efficiency a minimal maintenance, warm light quality and thin design. (jQuery('.switcher .option').is(':visible'))) {jQuery('.switcher .option').stop(true,true).delay(100).slideDown(500);jQuery('.switcher .selected a').toggleClass('open')}}); Since 2004 Exposure Lights have been consistently raising the bar for innovation and performance across cycling, marine and outdoor LED sports lighting.