Family Tax Benefit Part B (FTB B) is paid per family and is designed to help single parents or families living on one main income.

How to manage your payment Your options and obligations for Family Tax Benefit. Before you start, check if you can get it. Ftb a is based on your combined income. After that 6 months I will go back to work full time but will spend 2 days working from home so i can look after baby. care for the child at least 35% of the time. They: There is extra support available if you’re caring for your grandchildren. Act reference: FAAct section 21 When an individual is eligible for FTB in normal circumstances, section 34 When an approved care organisation is eligible for FTB, section 35 When an approved care organisation is not eligible for FTB, Part 3 Division 1 Eligibility for FTB, Policy reference: FA Guide 2.1 General provisions, 2.2 FTB eligibility for individuals, 2.3 FTB eligibility for approved care organisations (ACOs), Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.S.103 Standard rate (FTB), Rent assistance, Current FTB rates & income test amounts, Method 1 - calculating the maximum rate of FTB Part A, Method 2 - calculating the maximum rate of FTB Part A, 1.2.10 Energy supplement (ES) - description, Current ES rates, SS Guide 1.1.R.160 Rent (RA), Rent Assistance (RA) - Description, Government Rent & RA, Policy reference: FA Guide Calculating FTB Part B, Current FTB rates & income test amounts, 1.2.10 Energy supplement (ES) - description, Current ES rates. An individual is not eligible for FTB Part B if they are a member of a couple and their youngest child is aged 13 years or over, unless the individual is the grandparent or great-grandparent (1.1.G.15). It may not include all of the relevant information on this topic. FA payments are aimed specifically at families to: Twelve types of assistance that were previously available to families were replaced by 3 forms of assistance: Payments under the government's new tax package came into effect on 1 July 2000. From 1 July 2009, CCTR was renamed child care rebate (CCR). Family tax benefit eligibility. FTB Part B provides extra help for single parent families and couple families (1.1.M.50) with one main income earner. Example: Kelsey's child turned 4 during the 2017-18 entitlement year, therefore Kelsey must meet the health check requirements and notify Centrelink of this by the end of the first income year after the entitlement year her child turned 4; that is by 30 June 2019. are in full time secondary study in an approved course leading towards a year 12 or equivalent qualification. One of them (can't remember which) you can't get while on paid maternity leave. family allowance at the minimum and more than minimum rate, dependent spouse rebate (with children), and. Part b u dont get on paid mat leave - part A is the higher amount anyway. Once baby is born I'll be taking 6 weeks annual leave.

I've been trying to research it for a while as well as reading posts from other people regarding the family tax benefits, but I still can't work it out and just don't get it.