Anything that cannot be rationally explained has a platform for discussion here on the From The Shadows Podcast. Emily is the founder of Tales from the Shadows and its sister podcast Sounds from the Shadows. On the second half of this special episode we are excited to bring to you a follow up with the Ghost Sisters who have returned from their investigation of the URA Shrine in Bristol Tennessee and are coming on the podcast to give us an update on the paranormal and unexplained activities at and around this shrine. Today’s guest is Ohio author Wendy Koile....she joins us to discuss her career as an author and tell us some tales from her book ...”Legends and Lost Treasure Of Northern Ohio” ....she is even going to share a tale of buried treasure that can be found right here in our own backyard....we apologize in advance but our time spent with Wendy was so good we decided we had to split it into two please enjoy part 1 and come back next week for part 2! Mr. Jones is a paranormal researcher and investigator from Circleville, Ohio. Anything that cannot be rationally explained has a platform for discussion here on the From The Shadows Podcast. Seth Breedlove is an Ohio filmmaker. We like to call this segment “The Midweek Howl”. Col. Crawford’s place in history was changed forever when his best friend #GeorgeWashington coaxed him out of retirement which lead to his tragic death.

Ashlie has held managing positions and researcher with both Wyandot county and Wood county historical societies where she specializes in folklore and explaining the real facts that contribute to the folklore. Sean of the book "Autumn Dark" talks about having a chilling experience when he encounters some scary happenings in an abandoned remote location in a small rural town within the state of Ohio during the 90s in the midst of the #satanicpanic era. The Writeway Podcast takes a serios look into the publishing industry and gives you the tools to become your own best writing advocate. Here is a link to Nick Redfern’s blog: and  on his blog will be a link to where you can find his many published works.

In part 2 of this interview, Mr. Haddox tells us about some paranormal instances which he has witnessed.

Ashlie Payton is a graduate of Bowling Green State University College of Arts and Sciences, in History. They are a team of investigators who share a passion towards the spirit world. The howler shares some of the stories that he tells the crew behind the scene when the microphones and cameras are not recording. Disclaimer:  this episode of the podcast contains adult language and discussion and is not appropriate for children.

Linda’s latest project is a documentary film called “Return to Wildcat Mountain:  Wisconsin’s Black Panther Nexus” and is now streaming on Prime Video: #IKnowWhatISaw #TheBrayRoadBeast #Dogmen #Werewolves #strangecreatures #ReturntoWildcatMountain #coasttocoastam #thetravelchannel The From The Shadows Podcast is a program where we seriously discuss the supernatural, the paranormal, cryptozoology as well as ufology.