Since the start of the pandemic, Gordon Food Service in Ontario has been able to donate well over a million dollars in food and supplies to food bank and food share organizations throughout the province. Gordon Food Service Home Office 1300 Gezon Parkway SW Wyoming, MI 49509 Home Office Mail Address P.O. Culinary Consulting & Nutrition Resources. We work harder, dig deeper Photo above: Gordon Food Services, Ajax Ontario February 2019. Changes may be needed because of new circumstances in the community or because of requests made by property owners. Also includes an demolition of structure.

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Marriage Licences and Civil Marriage Ceremonies, Neighbourhood And Community Organizations Support Program, Parks, Trails and Conservation Areas - Town of Ajax, Firefighter Recruitment and Training - Town of Ajax, Activities and Recreation Programs - Town of Ajax, Occasional Use On-Street Parking Permit System now available in Ajax - Town of Ajax, Fire and Emergency Services - Town of Ajax, Amazon Announces Plans to Build New Fulfillment Centre in Ajax - Town of Ajax, Building Requirements and Permits - Town of Ajax, Applications Licences and Permits - Town of Ajax, Marriage Licences and Civil Marriage Ceremonies - Town of Ajax, Virtual and In-Person Events - Town of Ajax, Home and Property Renovations - Town of Ajax, Planning and Building Services - Town of Ajax, Fitness and Health Centres Memberships - Town of Ajax, Support Local Restaurant Bingo! Please be advised that contributions of funds or products can be made only to charitable {501(c)3} and educational groups. © 2020, Gordon Food Service Store. Gordon Food Service, Inc. P O Box 1787 Grand Rapids MI 49501 The notification of our decision will be sent in writing to the address on your letterhead, and we … Gordon Food Service believes in the importance of a charitable community.

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All Rights Reserved. A Minor Variance provides approval for changes that do not fully comply with the Town’s zoning By-law. The Economic Development Office encourages growth and expansion by providing you with the assistance needed to make your development project run smoothly. The Building Approvals Section, responsible for enforcing the Ontario Building Code (OBC) in Ajax, issues permits for the construction, renovation, demolition and changes of use of buildings. Gordon Food Service, Inc.

Photo above: Gordon Food Services, Ajax Ontario February 2019 When to Contact The Economic Development Office It is recommended that you contact the Economic Development Office as early as possible in your projects so that all efforts can be made to provide assistance in the process. P O Box 1787 AJAX, Ont. • Where buildings and other structures can be located; • The types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used; • The lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights. The site you are connecting to is not published by , so we cannot guarantee its availability or take responsibility for its content. The Sign Permit process ensures the safe installation of fascia and ground signs and is issued through Building Services.

- Town of Ajax, Building and Construction Projects - Town of Ajax, Town of Ajax Fitness Membership Request Form - Ajax, Roads parking and Transportation - Town of Ajax, When to Contact The Economic Development Office. A site plan shows a building footprint, building elevations, access routes, parking, grading, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, and landscaping. Discussion with our pre-consultation team early-on could help to reduce costs and avoid delays in the latter stages of your project.

Salad, Chicken, Refrigerated, 3 Lb Package, Sauerkraut, Fresh, Refrigerated, Plastic, 1 Gal, Pickles, Kosher Dill, Whole, 25-30 Count, Refrigerated, Plastic, 2.5 Gal, Salad, Tuna, Deli, Refrigerated, 4 Lb Package, Salad, Chicken, Deli, Refrigerated, 4 Lb Package, Tomatoes, Grape, Sweet, Fresh, 2 Lb Package, Coleslaw, Shredded, with Green Cabbage/Red Cabbage/Carrots, Separate Components, Fresh Cut, 5 Lb Bag, Onions, 1/4 Inch Diced, Fresh Cut, 5 Lb Bag, Pickle Chips, Dill, Sandwich-Sliced, 140-160 Count, Refrigerated, Plastic, Salad Blend, Mixed, with Iceberg/Carrots/Red Cabbage, Fresh Cut, 5 Lb Bag, Apples, Golden Delicious, Fresh, Bagged, 5 Lb Bag, Tomatoes, Vine-Ripened, Hydroponic, Fresh, 15 Lb Package. Planning and Development Monthly Newsletter, Determine if your project qualifies for the award-winning. Auto Attendant 905-619-2529 Provide some information about your group and the upcoming event (i.e. If your plans for developing your property are not consistent with the Town’s Official Plan you will need to make an Amendment to the Plan.

In recognizing the importance of community involvement and to ensure that the contributions available are used for the intended purposes, certain guidelines have been established for donation of funds and product by the company. An official plan amendment is a formal document that changes the Official Plan.

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A pre-consultation (pre-con) meeting is an opportunity to meet with representatives from various Town departments such as Fire, Engineering, Planning, Building, and Economic Development who will each provide feedback on your initial site plans. In any development project, a meeting with members of the Economic Development Office and Planning and Development Services team is recommended. Be as specific as you can about what you are asking for (type of product, quantity, etc. Please note that fax or email requests can not be accepted, and Gordon Food Service Stores do not process charitable requests. At our family-operated company, we are empowered to take the long view in terms of what’s best for our customers. purpose, history, who will benefit from the event, etc.). These initial discussions will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your project, ask questions, and seek clarification on the approvals process.

A site plan package includes architectural plans, and detailed engineering drawings of proposed layout and improvements to a given lot. DONATION COMMITTEE This monthly newsletter contains updates on recent development activity, key building permits issued and applications received and upcoming events and public meetings/open houses. The item has been added to your shopping list. Gordon Food Service Store is open to the public. ), and how this investment will benefit the community or group you are serving. If you are unsure, contact us.

Following the meeting, you will receive a copy of the minutes taken and a check list confirming what materials and information you need to include in your formal application.

It states exactly: If you want to use or develop your property in a way that is not allowed by the zoning by-law, you may apply for a zoning change, also known as a zoning by-law amendment or a rezoning. Our easy-to-navigate stores provide unique solutions to run your business and satisfy your party guests. 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Main 905-683-4550 A Minor Variance will not change the Zoning By-law, it merely grants a variance from certain existing provisions/standards of the By-law, where appropriate. Council can only consider a change if the new use is allowed by the Official Plan. Site Plan Approval is the statutory process for reviewing the building size, location, design, access, services, parking, loading, and landscaping of proposed developments. A Building Permit is required for all construction work. If you are a Gordon Food Service customer, please include your customer number on the letter. The notification of our decision will be sent in writing to the address on your letterhead, and we wish you and your organization much success with your event. <a title="Open external page!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2877.246176539242!2d-79.02267268449582!3d43.85072597911516!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x89d4dfdfe8edb98d%3A0x163f67dfef97a90e!2s65+Harwood+Ave+S%2C+Ajax%2C+ON+L1S+2H9!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sca!4v1540824134708&wmode=transparent&wmode=transparent" href="!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2877.246176539242!2d-79.02267268449582!3d43.85072597911516!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x89d4dfdfe8edb98d%3A0x163f67dfef97a90e!2s65+Harwood+Ave+S%2C+Ajax%2C+ON+L1S+2H9!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sca!4v1540824134708&wmode=transparent&wmode=transparent" target="_blank">View the content of this inline frame within your browser.</a> 65 Harwood Ave. S. TTY 1-866-460-4489.

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Please address your letter to the Donations Committee (address below) and allow three weeks from the time we receive it in Grand Rapids for processing. (Recipes) Event Planning Contact Us Gordon Food Service Store Online Contact Form Main Operator: 616-530

Some projects may qualify for PriortyPATH, the town's streamlined municipal process for site plan approvals. A Sediment and Erosion Control Permit needs to be obtained before: the removal of any topsoil, the placement of fill, or the grading of land within the Town.