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Single wall pipe is sold in coils through 8" (200 mm) diameter . 3383 0 obj <>stream ..:: Parsethylene kish co. does not have any representative in iran ,The Company`s products are sold only through the central office with an official Certificate ::.. Polyethylene pipes of size 1 inch (nominal outer diameter) of Pars Ethylene Kish with the best PE 100 materials in coils of 100, 200 and 400 meters according to the Inso 14427 standard table. 90 0 obj <>stream T. AVG I.D. 1 PIPES & FITTINGS 56 HDPE Pipe PE 4710 Resin Specifications DR 7 (333 PSI) DR 7.3 (318 PSI) DR9 (250 PSI) DR11 (200 PSI) NOMINAL PIPE SIZE AVERAGE OUTSIDE %PDF-1.6 %���� width:110px;

Pipe - HDPE, ANSI DR 26.0, IPS (in) Written by Matt Milbury on 21 February 2016. low alloy steel bolts conform to awwa c111.4 e. when pvc bell end is encountered, field cut pvc to form plain end per manufacturer's instructions. HDPE, ANSI DR 26.0, 80 psi, Pipe Iron Pipe Size (in) Datasheet. We also have a variety of fittings for use with our pipes, including valves, mouldied and fabricated fittings.

quality with pars ethylene kish. About the countless advantages of these polyethylene pipes, the following could be stated: Remark: Polyethylene pipes in the work pressures of 10, 12.5, 16 are produced in coils and for other work pressures, they are produced and presented as in 20 meter coils (e.g. weight (lb) 10 10.750 360 030 704 9.630 HDPE PIPE: Industry IPS, DR17 Black Pipe, No Stripe, 50' Long • Blue stripe optional. }, Valve | PEX pipe | Push fit system | Plastic pipe | Polyethylene pipe, Water pipe | HDPE Pipe | Corrugated pipe | Spiral Pipe | PVC Pipe | Sewerage pipe. PRESSURE-RATED HDPE PIPE HDPE Water/Sewer IPS Nominal Laying Length: 40/50 feet (Laying length tolerances are in (IN) accordance with AWWA and ASTM standards) Coil option available upon request for size 6" and below. e�H�N�!�rA�*0�!cA�B0H��v +�psú��1�a�W��js��ţ��I�,0Ŕ g��@�L6>l<=�淝%�}�~y[�'1���J=�قI1�\�^9���&�{��w��o)�}��Y�ߍ8��H�������ۥŞ$�eq�ԋ�6��cc������Ӹ��MX�*�.YB�~������P��q�Z�j���f0���Q$���T����!Y![��v��\��!Yo*�? standard corrugated pipe ADS single wall corrugated HDPE pipe is ideal for drainage projects where flexibility, light weight, and low cost are important .