CHAMUCOS TEQUILA ANEJO 80, 750, $59.74 This gimmicky-looking tequila is a product of the Premium de Jalisco distillery, which also makes Trader Joe’s silver tequila. RED CEDAR CORN WHISKEY BARREL AGED 80, 750, $27.55 Aged corn whiskey from Red Cedar distillery in East Lansing, affiliated with the Michigan State University distilling program. Not as bad as the JB, but not great either. From the Zarić distillery in Kosjerić, Western Serbia.

Needs mixing, maybe with club soda. Waxy and perfumed on the palate like a scented candle. 2) Oak, toffee, corn chips, old wood, ancho chilies. It is an older, more powerful, richer unchillfiltered edition but one very much in the house style. Good for them and their gullets, but this whiskey just begs for water. Many mistakenly assumed that it was going to be another wheat bourbon, but that’s not what this is.

JIN LIU FU 104, 375, $16.69 I’m not sure what this is.

See THX Gin and Gentry bourbon above. Heaven Hill bought the brand then and it served as their bottom shelf, 80 proof rye for the next 30+ years. DI SARONNO W/JAR & SQUEEZER 56, 750, $26.99 Make your own fresh-squeezed amaretto sour.

The winner did not surprise me, but how bad JB and JD were did.

Notes: Not chill-filtered.

Not to say #3 is the equal of #1 or #2; it’s not. Short. Nose: Alcohol, oak, jalapeno, caramel. LONG ROAD AQUAVIT 90, 750, $34.99 Long Road distillery in Grand Rapids’s take on this caraway flavored spirit. Acai and cucumber are used to flavor the spirit in addition to the usual aromatics. Elijah Craig Old Fashioned Week Presents an “Old Fashioned Cocktail Hour” with Chef Richard Blais in Partnership with PUNCH October 8, 2020 read more . LOCAL CHOICE BLACK CHERRY 90, 750, $29.99 TerrePure flavored whiskey. It’s gradually become more available in the US over the past few years. If it's queen, then EW white label (BiB) is king of the bottom shelf. Sweeter nose, sweeter overall. I didn’t expect much difference between these two but there was quite a bit. Nice bourbon flavor but too bland overall. You’d be stupid NOT to buy it. Simply put, the DSP 1 did not fare well against the 354. More burn, less sugar but dull. So another explanation for the greater wood influence could be a series of hot summers during the aging period for that batch of whiskey. Great taste, great bottle design, great price. Bushmills is owned by Jose Cuervo. Mixed: Does very well in all applications I tried.

In the case of Buffalo Trace (the maker of Stagg), that’s sweet vanilla and a little bit of grassiness. Please excuse the audio issue that occurs partway through the video, it is brief. 354 needed no water and gave off some very pleasant characteristic rye notes in the nose and the palate. For the sake of brevity, I have excluded apparent corrections from this post. It’s fine.

354: Round and soft, even neat. Seems like an interesting project. Two are from the same distillery (presumably). When mixed, there was very little difference between the two. These lists contain a variety of information but the most important to consumers is the minimum price at which the spirit must be sold at retail. This is a protected geographical name for Serbian Slivovitz. Heaven Hill Bourbon Gold Label, United States, Kentucky : Bottle (750ml) $ 9.99 $ 13.32 / 1000ml ex. My home state of Michigan, like sixteen other states, is what is called a “control state”. Seems to get drier as the finish goes on. Much more drinkable with a bit of water. Many have gone down that road before. OLMECA ALTOS PLATA 80, 1000, $26.99 Plata= silver. It’s no longer a lightweight and has a solid caramel backbone to support the unusual baked goods and cinnamon flavors. It's the cheapest straight bourbon I could find at the local abc, and figured I'd give it a shot. Parting words: Bernheim Original is a rare thing in two ways. An even bigger surprise was when it was announced that the 2014 edition of the PHC was going to be a wheat whiskey. Too sweet to drink neat. I have never had an young Kentucky style rye with this much oak showing. Overall - Is it the best of the bottom shelf?

Finish: Pretty hot with lots of oak and a touch of sweetness. OK, but unbalanced.

With water, a little or a little more, it leaves a pleasant combination of peppermint, caramel, oak and of course alcohol. Honeycomb finish.

Stands up to Coke and does well with Benedictine. He claims that his process can create the flavors of a fully aged bourbon in a day or so. 1: Neat- Heat and little else.

The logical explanation for that would be that the bourbon going into the later one was older than that going into the earlier one. With a little bit of water, it opens up considerablly. Caps retained out of laziness but with full names given where the state has abbreviated them. As before, it’s aged for five years in used bourbon barrels, then finished in former Cognac barrels. #WhiskeyFriday. PENDLETON MIDNIGHT 90, 750, $32.95 Pendleton bottled at 90 proof and partially aged in American brandy barrels.

TROYANSKA SLIVOVITZ PLUM-4 YR 80, 750, $24.99. TRAIL’S END BOURBON WHISKEY 90, 750, $44.97 Kentucky bourbon finished with Oregon oak staves. Thumbs up. Heaven Hill Distillery Announces Release of 2020 Parker’s Heritage Collection Limited Edition Bottling, Elijah Craig Bourbon Launches Old Fashioned Week, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur Unveils New Premium Packaging, Creative Campaign, Evan Williams Bourbon Launches American-Made Heroes Foundation Fund, HEAVEN HILL BRANDS TAKES ACTION AGAINST COVID-19, Heaven Hill Distillery Launches Season Two, America's Largest Independent Family-Owned & Operated Distilled Spirits Company. Lemons, sugar and egg whites not included. RED STAR ER GUO TOU JIU 112, 375, $8.87 Red Star is the best known brand of erguotou, a style of baiju. Sugary aftertaste.

It’s remarkable and well worth the price. Is this the 36 month age stated green label or a different package?

SOUL PREMIUM CACHACA 80, 1000, $32.99 Cachaça is a Brazilian style of unaged rum.

copyright © 2020 heaven hill brands.all rights reserved. With water: a splash of caramel corn, then a low ancho burn. Parting words: Heaven Hill’s Bernheim Original is the world’s best selling straight wheat whiskey. Pretty good for what it is. Yes, the price is high, but I’m still excited about this.

2) Full bodied and slightly drier. Not harsh at all. It is much closer to the standard 12 y/o Elijah Craig, but even more so to the better vintages of Evan Williams Single Barrel, again at much higher proof.

It even stands up to the hallowed Van Winkle Family Reserve rye well. It is in the classic Heaven Hill style. Caramel, root beer. Nose: Alcohol, old oak, caramel, wheat bread in the oven. It’s a wheat whiskey, meaning that it is made from a mashbill containing at least 51% wheat, the rest being corn and malted barley.

Mammoth is located in Central Lake, Michigan. J: Pale.

Water brings out candy and oak notes.