Your browser appears to have Javascript disabled. Beef topside is taken from the round, and has no bones in it. Topside is extremely lean and performs best when diced for slow-cooking in a hearty casserole or braise. Take the pan out of the oven and place the topside on a plate to rest.

I would also be interested in hearing about any other good recipes for using beef topside. Serve with Yorkshire pudding and horseradish sauce for a traditional English Sunday roast.

Topside roast also performs well diced and cooked low and slow in a … What Are the Best Tips for Roasting Beef Tenderloin?

Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Taken from the uppermost portion of the hindquarter behind the sirloin, beef topside doesn't have much fat or connective tissue, so it's most tender when cooked to medium-rare or medium.

Could someone explain to me what it is exactly? They can also be sliced thinly across the grain for stir-fries or diced for low, slow-cooking. Rub the garlic halves and thyme leaves all over the beef.

I find that using cheaper cuts like this take a lot of seasoning, because there is no fat to give it natural flavor. 1.5kg floury potatoes (peeled weight), cut into small chunks; 2 tbsp plain flour; 100g beef dripping or sunflower oil; For the gravy I bought some beef topside quite awhile ago, before I really knew how to cook. Interested in Gordon Ramsay restaurants? Ideally, the beef should be completely covered. Rest the topside for 30 minutes, then cut the twine from it. A traditional roast beef made with an economical topside joint. Taken from the uppermost portion of the hindquarter behind the sirloin, beef topside doesn't have much fat or connective tissue, so it's most tender when cooked to medium-rare or medium. Beef cooked in red wine and stock sounds delicious to me, and I've been looking for something else to cook with beef topside. I looked up a recipe for it, and it seems like it is basically the same thing as pot roast to me. As a well-used muscle, it’s extremely lean with a lot of connective tissue. Add 2 or 3 cups of stock, wine or another aromatic liquid to the pan, to use as a basting liquid. Andrews received formal training at Le Cordon Bleu. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. Carve the beef thinly and pour the gravy into a warm jug. It tastes delicious when roasted as a whole joint, or diced and slowly stewed so the meat breaks down and becomes melt-in-the-mouth. If not, add a cupful of hot water, Cover with a lid and transfer to the oven.

I am always looking for new recipes and would definitely consider making it sometime if anyone here would recommend it. Like all types of meat, though, if you don't cook it the right way, even a $50 steak will be tough.

Preheat the oven to 190°C/170°C fan/Gas 5. It turned out horribly! Place in the centre of the oven and roast for 20 minutes, then reduce the temperature to Determine which direction the grain of muscle fibers go on the meat, then slice the roast across into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Meanwhile, to make the gravy, place the roasting tray over a low heat on the hob, add the onions to the juices in the tray and cook gently for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until really soft and caramelised. Heat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which takes about 30 minutes. Place a few paper towels under it to absorb the moisture. Preheat a dry frying pan until very hot, then sear the beef over a high heat until it’s coloured on all sides.

It'll be just as good cold, too, A cheat's canapé that uses pastrami and mini Yorkshire puddings topped with fiery horseradish and mustard, Serve up a spectacular centrepiece of roast beef with a rich stuffing, and a clever twist on Yorkshire puddings, Carve this rolled sirloin at the Christmas dinner table. Beef topside is a cut of beef taken from the round of the cow. Basically, you put a small amount of liquid (usually water or wine) in the bottom of a pan. Estimated roast beef air fryer cooking times.

Season the topside with freshly cracked black pepper, if desired, and slather it with oil. BUY BEEF TOPSIDE.

Generally this is one of the leanest, or most fat-free, cuts of beef available, but it is often bought surrounded by a layer of fat. Preparation Take your beef out of the fridge 30 minutes before it goes into the oven. The topside cut is the closest one to the back end of the animal, with the sirloin and tenderloin cuts directly next to it. Most of the cuts I find in the store are at least 2 pounds. I guess you could say that pot roast is more of the Americanized version of beef bourguignon. Roast beef with red wine & banana shallots 2 ratings Succulent roast topside of beef, made especially irresistible with a mustard crust, piquant shallots and red wine enriched gravy 1 hr and 40 mins Ren Behan is a mum of two and a lawyer turned food writer. It also helps that it's a bit cheaper than the other, more fatty cuts of beef. The only way to assure that it is done to the desired degree (rare, medium rare, medium, etc) is to use a meat thermometer. Note: if you are cooking a tenderloin or other long or flat shaped cut, expect to halve the cooking time – around 22 minutes for medium-rare for a 2lb roast. Cook for 2 hours and 30 minutes, Remove the beef from the oven and place it on a plate to rest. Maybe I am missing something, though. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, How to Cook a Roast Lamb With a Microwave Oven, How to Cook an English Cut Beef Chuck Shoulder Roast, Delia Online: Beef -- Silverside, Topside Top Rump. I've found that you can pretty much substitute top round for any meat that is called for in the recipe. Move the beef around the pan and flip it over to colour it on all sides. I cut it into really thin slices and stir fry it in soy sauce or a tangy sauce, and it usually turns out pretty well. Question: How long will a 3-pound roast beef take to cook in a 300-degree oven? A.J. However, I've found that my slow cooker works really well for cuts of beef like this. Topside doesn't have mush connective tissue, so it doesn't need liquid to tenderize it, but basting it with stock helps with the dryness that occurs because of its leanness. Choose a large, heavy-based roasting tray, ideally with deep … Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited (GRHL) uses cookies to store or access information on your device to help us understand the performance of the website and to personalise your experience when browsing our website. Thank you for signing up for our e-newsletter, giving you news about the latest happenings, events and offers across the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants. Beef topside is a cut of beef taken from the round of the cow.

Beef topside is often coated in a layer of fat to help it baste in its own juices during cooking. Beef topside is amongst the leanest cuts of meat, because it comes from a frequently used and powerful muscle. Then you just set the meat in and let it simmer for close to an hour. Perfect for busy family weekends, Matt Tebbutt's roast beef combines spices and meltingly tender meat.

I really like to use mine to cook a whole meal, not just the meat portion. Searing the meat in a frying pan prior to cooking can also help to keep moisture inside the meat.