WhatsApp. This raises all allies’ strength, constitution, agility, and intelligence, and even stacks when used multiple turns. Furthermore, this style gives a big increase for her STR stat. I have a few other SS Styles, but they either didn’t make this list, or it’s not up-to-date. Abilities – increases own STR, recovers own HP, increases attack damage, Skills – heals an ally, attack all foes, inflicts paralysis on target, Abilities – increases own INT, increases damage, inflicts charm on a random enemy, Abilities – Attacks enemies, paralysis the target, reduces target’s STR, Abilities – attacks enemies, inflict stun effect. This is a subreddit dedicated to Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe (ロマンシング サガ リ・ユニバース Romanshingu Saga Riyunibāsu?

├ Episode 4-1.

Romancing Saga Tier List: S Tier SS Style Characters⇓. Even though you will see some SS styles rated differently, keep in mind that the biggest impact you can in your game’s progression is by raising styles that exploit different enemy weaknesses. Currently, there are many new SS characters, which is why the score is low below.

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├ Spiral Corridor Floor 51 For those of you who are playing the Close Beta, here’s the Tier List based on the beta test characters. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO GACHAGAMER.COM. ├ Jewel Farming Guide

Her other styles also provide more utility, so she’s an excellent character you can commit to long term. Romancing Saga Re: univerSe – Tier List.

Below the list of S Tier characters in the Romancing SaGa Re: universe.

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Skills: – AoE attack + inflicts darkness on the target. ├ Pre-Registration Reached 1 Million (June 16,  2020) "See the Best Styles Overall and their Ratings! Selma (Silver Heart Heir) – S Tier.

Also, the role of stats play heavily in the game and most of the styles have their stats balanced between each other so the biggest determining factors in this tier list are the following: How well can this style exploit enemy weaknesses, How much damage it deals compared to other weapon classes, How well it performs its role (tanking, support, damage dealing, control). var cpmstar_siteskin_settings = { ├ Forest of Mystery Guide ├ How to Farm Accessories

Here’s the SaGa RS Tier List featured S-style characters in the global version –. Gaming Setting | Gaming Tips | Gaming News | Gaming Reviews and Upcoming New Games – All About Gaming You need to Known. Check out our other style tier lists and rankings pages below! ├ Episode 3-2. Pair with a recovery-type character to maintain Ginny’s HP, Monika[Siste of the Marquis] – 67/100 – C Tier, Ellen[Nothing Like a Good AXE] – 65/100 – C Tier, Albert[Lef-Handed Warrior] – 63/100 – C Tier, Jamil[The Phantom Thief Strikes] – 60/100 – C Tier, Aisha[Winter Gives Way to Spring] – 64/100 – C Tier, Guella Ha[Where Shall We Go] – 67/100 – C, Gerard[These Aren’t Pajamas] – 52/100 – C, Wallenstein[I Will Protect the Emperor] – 48/100 – D, Charl[Silver Glove Inheritor] – 60/100 – C, Robin[No Evil Will Go Unpunished] – 63/100 – C, Black[The Treasure’s All Mine] – 62/100 – C, Leonid[Defender of the Holy Grail] – 73/100, Volcano[I’ll Glady Work with You]  – 67/100 – C, Annie[You Must Have a Death Wish] – 61/100 – C, Gen[Swordsman Nobushige Genjiro] – 67/100 – C, Rich[I’ll Protect My Family] – 52/100 – D, Laura[I’am Laura the Sea Wolf!] The game was released worldwide in March 2020. This one’s garbage. └ Release Date on June 23,2020! Similar to but outclassed by SS Emelia but can inherit vertical line cold attack from SS Swimsuit Azami for efficient multi-target damage or anti-counter ability from A Azami. https://www.mrguider.org/articles/romancing-saga-re-universe-tier-list-best-characters-guide/, Another Tier List for JP version: You have entered an incorrect email address! ├ Zweig Battle Festival Guide Once remaining is done, go to settings -> apps -> clear the Romancing Saga Re univerSe app data. https://gamerch.com/saga-reuniverse/entry/58109. With 12K, you can pull 4x times. So this is just a tier list of Romancing SaGa Re: universe. The Astronomer Shen Du

├ Best Quests for Training ", "Check the Best Styles to Reroll in the game! ├ How to Farm Armor ├ Spiral Corridor Floor 44 Not only that but her damage output is very reasonable for someone who is primarily used for healing. A wide range of weaknesses can be exploited with powerful composite skills.

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Furthermore, each character has several styles to them, so even though we will be evaluating only SS rarity styles, keep in mind that the potential quite often comes from all of the styles combined together, since the character growth is directly related to how many styles you have trained for him. ├ Christmas Miracle Reward List ├ Fast Reroll Guide ├ Pre-registration Now Open (May 14, 2020)

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Included are the best and strongest styles in the game, the best styles for each role, and brief information on each's characteristics, skills, and abilities. Ginny’s ability to continuously stack intelligence debuffs on a single target is complemented by her impressive damage output. At style level 30, attacks’ damage increases. ├ Spiral Corridor Floor 76 When landing an attack, increases INT, recovers BP. Also in this page are the best S styles to inherit skills from and to raise base character attributes with.

"See the Best Styles Overall and their Ratings!

The tier list will have the following tiers: C, B, A, S, and SS. Sadly, his other two skills feel not worth using and get you stuck on basic attacks until you have BP ready for another ultimate attack because he can randomly gain Large Damage increase and it would be a waste to lose BP to mediocre D or C power skills. T260G can inherit Ground Sweep to gain an all target stun attack, making him more versatile when up against high level enemies. The only drawback is that his performance goes down once he loses max health, so he can’t act as a tank, even though one of the powers decreases damage.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'gachagamer_com-leader-3','ezslot_23',116,'0','0'])); Hector’s SS style is given out to everyone during the tutorial and is a good investment if you unlock his A style Orion early in the game.