Winters tested for another role at MGM, the same day she tested at Universal.

Ronald Charles Colman was an English actor, popular during the 1930s and 1940s, He won an Academy Award for Best Actor for A Double Life (1947) and received nominations for Random Harvest (1942) and Bulldog Drummond and Condemned (1929, nominated for his work in both), Colman starred in several classic films, including A Tale of Two Cities (1935), Lost Horizon (1937) and The Prisoner of Zenda (1937), Colman has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to motion pictures and television making him one of less than a hundred male actors in Hollywood history to receive both an Academy Award and induction into the Walk of Fame.,_Melbourne.

I am probably the only girl who played Scarlett with a terrible Brooklyn accent.” Cukor just laughed. If you’d like to hear HUNCHBACK, please check my FB page, Lon Chaney – Man of 1,000 Faces.

By the time George said `cut,’ he had almost choked me to death.’ At the end of the scene, Colman asked, “did it hurt” “Not at all,” Hasso said. A British gentleman, with good manners, Colman didn’t want to hurt Hasso in the scene where he chokes her. “Mr.

BTW, the Barrymore JEKYLL/HYDE was made by Paramount not MGM, and I believe his SHERLOCK HOLMES was a Goldwyn film.

Then one day, Cukor called to tell her she got the part.

When I mentioned Feathers, I meant to convey he bought 16mm films from me.

Thanks for the reply Bob. At the end of the movie, where is the boy?

He lives in Ann Arbor not too far from the Detroit suburbs where I lived on and off in the 1970s with family(my 89 year old aunt, Mom’s older sister, died suddenly from a fall last Oct after we established a new phone contact). is still around, I believe…has ANYONE asked Goldwyn’s son about this? Released on February 20, 1948, A Double Life scored a huge success and enjoyed some nice reviews.

Lon Chaney in LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (1927), BLOOD AND SAND (1922) on TV's "Silents Please", Rediscovering a Treasure from Christmas Past – THE JUGGLER OF OUR LADY, THE LOST WORLD (1925) – The Original Continuity Script, Video Tour of the Souvenir Program from BEN-HUR (1925). Cukor must have thought he hired the village idiot.” Cukor asked Colman to take her to lunch at the Commissary and put her mind at ease.

When did Ronald Colman die? Only later, I found he was gay”.

She got most of the silent films, which were considered unmarketable by the 1930s so they basically languished with the exception of THE WINNING OF BARBARA WORTH (1925), a film much admired by Mrs. Goldwyn. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He lived about 10-15mins from my home in a little house close to the sea. Only about 11 were ever sold in Australia and I missed one offered at a record fair some years ago. Cukor just stood aside and smiled. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wikifame_org-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',342,'0','0'])); Bio / wiki sources: Wikipedia, accounts on social media, content from our users. />. I would love to get Colman’s 1928 opus, The Two Lovers which opened a major downtown picture in Melbourne/Australia that still exists as a theatre.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The leading lady in the film, Brita, was played by Signe Hasso, a Swedish actress.

Winters had read for the role of Scarlett, but to this day she is not sure whether Cukor recognized her when she came to audition for A Double Life. He was a director who followed his intuition, but he also let you follow your intuition and do your thing.” “It was very easy to work with Cukor,” she said, “I learned a lot from him.”.

“He had excellent intuition about women,” she said, “He knew that women are very intuitive.”. Late last year I ordered in advance the George Pal collection and got this private Blu Ray.

/ Lived: 67 years: Zodiac sign: Aquarius: Ronald Colman facts.

Afterwards, Cukor questioned her in detail about each of the characters.

I understand that Mr. Edwards was quite famous in Australia from the 1930s to his death in the 1950s. “Don’t you want to hear me read” asked Winters. I recently forgot to order Thunderbean’s Gulliver’s Travels Blu Ray on Amazon but I eventually got thru to them and I was to be notified when it was available(by Dec) and I would be able to buy the set and get the film frames. This was one of many things Winters learned from Cukor. In another scene with Colman and Winters, Cukor turned off the light.

His best films, both silent and sound, are readily available now on official DVD releases and much of his radio work can be heard over the Internet. ‘Oh, you strange women,’ he would say.”, Hasso remembered that there was a small scene, which for some reason she could not do right.

( Log Out /  Toggle navigation. What in Goldwyn’s name happened to the Colman films made in the mid-to-late 1920s?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I don’t believe there was a systematic effort to destroy the Goldwyn silents. We are grateful for the silents that have been found in Australia so I’m sorry to hear that these films won’t be among them.

I was back on and I think they replaced all or most of my posts. I thought the El Brendel fan on Nitrateville was going to make me an offer but he never did. At the end of the shoot, Cukor gave Winters a bust statue of Colman, which she still treasures. However, he had doubts whether the gentlemanly Colman possessed the danger and madness that were required to play convincingly Othello, on stage or in the film. Vote for this answer. A couple of 30s Chauvel films are or were on You Tube. For the death scene, Cukor used again an advice he had given to Lowell Sherman in What Price Hollywood He told Colman, “When you die, all your life, everything that’s happened, comes into your eyes for a brief moment.” Colman did it, but Cukor couldn’t see it.

Here is the striking cover for THE MAGIC FLAME (1927): An unusual aspect of THE MAGIC FLAME is seeing Ronnie as a clown. As a life-long fan, researcher and collector on the life and work of Ronald Colman, I have always been dogged by puzzlement and disbelief that his silent films produced by Sam Goldwyn have apparently suffered from such a careless, ignominious fate. I tried the Facebook page a couple of times.

I will look up the serials from Australia you mention you have there. They started a 10-15mins serial c1939 called Dad & Dave which went on to his death and is still in radio circulation today., An Interview with Mary Pickford at Pickfair, Color Footage from THE GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY (1929), DON JUAN 85th Anniversary of World Premiere, Douglas Fairbanks in ROBIN HOOD and THE BLACK PIRATE.

At the audition for A Double Life, Cukor told Winters, “The first thing you have to do is go to the bathroom and take off your false eye lashes and make-up. I still have most of the films but sold a few to a country cinema who had a flood and one of the partners, both of whom I knew when they worked with film producer/director Fred Schepsi, died of cancer. ( Log Out /  For Cukor, Colman was an actor who knew how to let the quality of the thought come out.

in recent times. ( Log Out /  Mervyn LeRoy shot her scene at MGM, and from there she hitchhiked to Universal. Thanks Bob.

Blog at 2.0Comments RSS 2.0. A type of Our Gang story, it was found in a trash bin in Sydney and I met David during that time before he settled at the South Australian Film Corporation who made a number of good Australian-themed features(Sunday Too Far Away, Blu Fin, Stork Boy, etc). On audio, I have three of George Edwards radio serials: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932), HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1934), and FRANKENSTEIN (1938). He did work for the same music publishing company I was then working for and had his own publishing name. He then asked Winters to rehearse with a coach before taking the test. looney_tunes Answer has 3 votes looney_tunes Moderator 15 year member 3223 replies Answer has 3 votes.

I met the song composer on Sun June 9 1970, the day before I had a serious factory accident in my street. The film has a camp floorwalker which is obvious and played by one of Cecil Kell(e)away’s brothers and Mum worked with that Kellaway in the theatre where she was a teenaged wardrobe worker/sewer.

“Cukor understood that words are a result of thoughts, and thoughts are a result of emotions,” Shelley Winters, who was cast in the small, but important, role of Pat, the waitress, said about his method.

There were silent films(mostly lost) and then a series of films from 1932(On Our Selection, from the first Rudd book). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

So we have this film but Warners can’t find his first appearance for them!!!! “Are you serious about acting” Cukor asked.

Under my desk I have a copy of Just Imagine(1930) which has never been spooled. I downloaded 64mb in mp3 of dad & Dave off Archive/org this morning. The URI to TrackBack this entry is: