About the 2 pound Fragance Oil: my bet is that at its best it has a faint sea/ozonic smell. Pure: this is the highest concentration of wearable ambergris oil that you can ever get or smell. Also, it has a unique combination of marine and fresh fragrance. Made from royal white ambergris: the highest quality of ambergris in the world usually used in Chinese medicine and the rarest perfumes in the old ages. They’re familiar with the use of scales in making perfume, so I just used the same format to write the instructions for making ambergris tincture. Open the jar and put it to the side, with the lid next to it. 'This would prevent whales being viewed in any way as a resource that humans can exploit.'Â.

This is for all orders. 6 months is the standard maceration time for Ambergris tincture. 'Â, All whales are now protected worldwide and cannot be hunted, with very few exceptions © Tim Cole/Wikimedia Commons. Thank you, your excellency, for responding to my post. AMBER, AMBERGRIS, AMBER OIL: BENEFITS AND USES OF AMBER amber stone: AMBER, (ARABIC, ANBAR) There are three main types of amber, the fossilized resin that is made into jewellery, ambergris, a product of the sperm whale and liquid amber which is a sap which comes from trees of various species and which is also known as storax. Then go though the macerate process ? Apothecarysgarden.com is: I have purchased bottle after bottle of oils claiming to be "real Ambergris oil" only to receive something powdery, sweet or balsamic, smelling of Benzoin, Vanilla, and Labdanum or else having a herbal note from Clary Sage and similar oils. Smelling it makes my heart skip every time. I have about ten grades of ambergris in my studio, and I love all of them, from the ethereal white and silver vintage pieces, to the funky black new stuff. You do need to age it a minimum of six months for the scent to fully mature and develop into a wondrous product. Considered an aphrodisiac since time immemorial, it fetches Astronomical prices for those lucky enough to find it washed up on beaches around the world. 13. 9. Hi Susan. I wander beaches with my fingers crossed looking for ambergris. Fragrance: It has a peculiar odor that makes it suitable to be used as a fixative. Some think the whale will pass the mass, whereas others believe the obstruction grows so large it eventually fatally ruptures the whale's rectum. Finding so much plastic in Ambergris has prompted me to rethink my shop packaging choices. I have a tincture with ethanol, and one with Mysore sandalwood going right now. Hello Dan. Here’s where your knowledge of using a scale comes in handy. I can oblige with some tincture if you PM me and don't kill. This oil was made in one of the largest and most expensive perfume distillations in history. http://perfumeclasses.com/Floating%20Gold%20Review%20in%20Fragrantica.pdf, Making Perfume – Working with Thick Aromatics, Perfume Tincture of Orange Jasmine Flowers, Natural Isolates and the Natural Perfumer – Being the Captain of Your Own Fragrant Ship, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Fossilised evidence of the substance dates back 1.75 million years, and it is likely that humans have been using it for more than 1,000 years.Â. Why and how do they do it? Aromatically, the 3 types range in intensity of scent with Grey being the lightest and Brown/Black having the most intense, or strongest fragrance, The Gold material sits between them in intensity of aroma. 100% natural: this oil is made with 100% natural materials and there are no synthetic materials in it. This is a quick post, no illustration other than the photo of the microplane, because it was written quickly for my students who are on an ambergris buying binge. Used for centuries in Unani and Ayurveda systems of medicine, Ambergris has a traditional role as an Aphrodisiac and is used in formulas that treat sexual debility, premature ejaculation and in tonic formulas for the heart, liver, brain and kidneys.

It can be initially warmed in the water-bath to speed up dissolution of the material in the alcohol. It is thought that ambergris protects the whale's internal organs from the sharp squid beaks.

Find out more about life underwater and the pioneering work of our marine scientists. Used for thousands of years in perfume and incense, it is considered a natural fixative that extends the lifespan of perfume on the skin and anchors more fleeting notes. I have made a tincture of ambergris, but I will attempt an oil infusion and perhaps an attar. One of the clearest identifying traits of ambergris is its odour. Fairtrade Frankincense explores our ancient and modern relationship with Nature's fragrant, medicinal oleoresins and provides a link joining traditional harvesters directly with our western market in fair and mutually beneficial commerce. Pour the alcohol into the jar with the ambergris powder, and place the lid on the jar. Father, mentor.

You may substitute something similar, of course. The first nose is very aromatic vivid and clean, a little rosy but you get the full ambergris power from the very first sniff. A journal about Herbs, plants and processes. He wrote of the terrible odour of a dead whale, from which 'stole a faint stream of perfume'. I only use the one with fine teeth like this one: I’ve been working with ambergris for about fifteen years, and I have some vintage tinctures that are as beautiful as you can imagine. I paid $25/gram for the ambergris. Grey mainly, its remote and can be dangerous to hunt out. Required fields are marked *, "Never does Nature say one thing, and wisdom another", Post: AMBERGRIS-Gold-Brown & Grey-A rare aromatic for perfume and incense, Post: Muskrat musk perfume tincture, Musk, Aphrodisiac. If you decide to prepare any of these products yourself, remember-Always keep clear notes! and some ozonic aroma chems, can do a good job as a Ambergris note replacement. It has a light, clean and crisp fragrance.The gold can have a soft, dry, Amber scent with Oak and Tobacco couched in Petrichor, (the scent of earth when it rains). Glad to hear you are taking steps to reduce its use. Since every order is fully fulfilled by hand just like it was done 300 years ago.

First, a fun photo, assembled by the folks at Ambergris NZ.

Now that we have the caveats and a bit of visual education out of the way, on to the instructions on how to make an ambergris tincture for your perfume.