When you live solo, there's no one nearby to cling to when something goes bump in the night, and one to assure you there is not, in fact, a ghost lurking in the shadows. If playing games sounds good to you, why don’t you broaden the circle a little and take the opportunity introduce your long distance love to some of your friends? And if you’d like more tips and tricks to help make sure your first meeting goes great, don’t forget to check out our Complete Guide To Meeting For The First Time.

It can be easy to get all comfy in your solitude, and never go outside again. Is there a famous musical you’d like to see? After all, how many nights have you spent dreaming about the chance to do something simple together like this? If it goes well, there will be others, and you don’t want to live with any regrets on this front. “That’s so much easier than trying to take a different meal for lunch every day,” she explains. look for rentals with added security features, develop healthy coping mechanisms when you’re sad, you will know everyone in the neighborhood, planning how you'll want to decorate each room. Just as good as Chipotle, but way healthier.

1. Plus, it’s easier to cook large batches of food with both of these methods.

So if you’re the one “hosting,” do some planning. It can really make the experience of living alone that much more awesome. Find something that you’ve never done before that sounds interesting and go do that together. Bachman also recommends buying seasonally. By all means, enjoy being your truest, slobbiest self (I sure did when I lived alone, and it was the best). Check out this downloadable template from The Kitchn to plan for the week. Go for a run together – If running is your idea of a good time, an easy run with a new friend can make for a great date! Brush your teeth! Complete Guide To Meeting For The First Time, 15 Serious Long Distance Relationship Problems (And How To Fix Them), Fun And Creative Long Distance Relationship Activities For Couples, 6 Options When It Feels Like There’s Nothing To Talk About With Your Long Distance Love, 5 Tips For Dealing With Reunion Nerves In A Long Distance Relationship, 10 Saucy LDR Games To Keep Things Fun And Interesting, 14 Subtle Signs Your Long Distance Lover Might Be Cheating On You, 25 Funny Quotes About Long Distance Relationships, 10 surprising ways that bring in a LDR is good for you, 10 questions you should ask each other early on, 3 big LDR pitfalls (and how to avoid them). There’s no need to prepare every single item on your plate. Plus, you can make extra for dinner and eat the leftovers for lunch.

Technically, if you want enough breakfast, lunches and dinners for the workweek, you would need 15 meals, but you don't have to cook 15 separate dishes. A good set of containers is vital for work lunches. After that, it’s time to freeze. Make sure that you're bringing everything you need, including the required driver and car safety gear. One container holds your salad and the other is perfect for snacks, like fruit, crackers, or veggies. Instead, “think of a meal as a veggie, a protein and a starch,” she says. Get your vocal cords warmed up. A clean apartment feels so incredibly grown up, and you'll be happy to come home to it.