Total cost is about $200. This tutorial shows you how to transform a couple of Kallax units into a minimalist inspired, pale wood cabinet with leather pulls. 63 cm, I found it was 68 cm. My youngest had a twin captain’s bed without a headboard. I was not paid to write this post, however it may contain affiliate links. If you want more inspiring DIY and Home Decor content, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Stain the wood to whatever tone you like, and watch your affordable shelving instantly go from average to EPIC. The short tapered legs give it the feel of a proper piece of furniture as well as a touch of style. The savings from this kind of solution would be astonishing. Longing for a window seat? Next, I used two L-shaped ½ inch mounting braces (with three holes for screws on each side) to connect each of the side KALLAX shelves to the shelf at the base of the U. I screwed into the shelf part of the Kallax as the outer frame is hollow. So all you’d need to do is stick the strip to the back of your unit. Put KALLAX unit on top of the platform. Behold, the ultimate mobile workstation! We have 2 children sharing a room. Done! A lesson in chic and calming neutrals via @sylviat, I literally spent 9 hours straight looking at bath, What a perfect outdoor space by @threebirdsrenovat, Just love how @sarahshermansamuel used pink, bold, Crazy times in the right now. But I can’t find any tutorial, it seems to be very easy but in fact a bed width is 80-90 cm and if we put KALLAX bookshelf used in photo this way, its proof is only 39 cm. Jan 18, 2015 - Explore Hannah Sheppard's board "Kallax Bed Hacks" on Pinterest. We’re looking for under the bed storage but frames for a california king are just too expensive. Best of all, most of the Kallax hacks in this list are pretty easy and quick to pull off. And that’s just naming a few ways to use it! Also, seriously consider bolting or gluing the units together. to quickly create some mobile storage! . There are some other colors available as well, like a white and green combo. The online tutorials I came across were inspiring but they didn’t give me a good understanding of the best way to connect the shelves. You can use the Kallax shelves to raise your mattress up above the ground, while creating storage at the same time. For a maximum effect display, try sticking some led light strips on the back of your Kallax.

Then you just tape the fabric across the back, which creates an awesome faux backdrop for your shelves! As a personal recommendation, I would stay away from any legs that are tall and thin. With this step, all the shelves were connected to each other. It’s a soft wood, screw them in with your hand! The Kallax series actually used to be called Expedit. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Kallax inner dimensions remained identical to the former Expedit, however the outer edge of the unit was refined and slimmed down a little. It’s perfect for scooter storage or anything else small. ←. If you are in need of a space-saving solution for your bedroom, then this Kallax hack might be a good option for you. To create a bit of an industrial look, this hack from Little House of Four … So I put two Expedit (ex-Kallax) units underneath the mattress and the slats, same as yours, and voila, I had a bed base! I absolutely love how this YouTuber Les bonheurs de Camille transformed her 4 x 4 Kallax unit into a chic rattan cabinet. But if this is the look you’re after, you’ll be glad to know it’s super easy to achieve it! 1. How's life been treating you??! You’re bound to find something to inspire you. 5.

Stacking your Kallax shelves two stories high could be a real show stopper if for example you live in a loft environment with soaring ceilings. Next, I attached the 4 ¾ inch mounting braces to the shelves that made up the sides of the U (2 on each side).

They were very easy to install. If you installed the little cabinet doors on your Kallax, then you could give it an instant makeover by adding some fresh and fun decals! For this hack, all you need is a piece of fabric of your choice, big enough to cover the whole back of the shelf. The Kallax is considered a laminate piece of furniture, so it will need some special treatment if you want to paint it. But I made a mistake in thinking that I had a full-sized bed, when in fact, my bed frame was a queen! Recently I found a post with a light hack to use KALLAX bookshelf as child’s headboard. Her pillows kept falling off the bed at night. I used nails and a hammer to attach the pine together. One of my favorite affordable IKEA Kallax hacks is to just add some legs to your unit. Allow for baseboards (if any) to space the legs from the wall. Although using the official measurements of the KALLAX shelves the distance between the two side shelves was supposed to be approx. Or maybe you need a breakfast bench in your eating nook? 1. I would be willing to bet a very substantial amount of money that you have already seen the Kallax at some point, somewhere. The Kallax is the perfect blank canvas for a clean, mid century inspired media console. Then I took two more pieces of poplar that I got at Home Depot (about 3 inches wide and 147 cm long (the length of one KALLAX bookshelf) and screwed them into the poplar pieces attached earlier with the screwdriver by hand, and to the mounting braces in the previous step. Depending on how high you decide to raise everything up, you could even create a cozy nook under the bed for reading or studying. #rugs #vintagerugs #vintagerug #ant, Click here to check out 10 awe-inspiring IKEA IVAR hacks, 11 Chic Mid Century Beds That’ll Complete Your Bedroom, 8 Easy And Inspiring DIY Fall Wreaths You Can Make At Home, 10 Fall Home Decor Ideas That Actually Look Good. Can’t get enough of those sweet IKEA hacks? You’ll need a Kallax or Expedit piece, 2 sets of IKEA Capita legs, screw them in on each end and in the middle of the bench, totaling 6 legs. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? . I reused some materials (slats, foam, mattress cover) and had access to the drill, screwdriver and stapler gun so these were free.

We already had the KALLAX unit, so we spent 40 dollars on the legs, 6 dollars on the plywood, and 2 dollars for the brackets.

Accidentally I didn’t purchase the correct length/width and worked with what I got, but ideally, the width of the headboard should be the length of the KALLAX bookshelf, which in my case is 147+16.5+16.5=180 cm. I had been thinking about buying a harder mattress and bought one spontaneously one day. We were worried about leveling the legs on our uneven floors but they stayed very sturdy. This Kallax kitchen island hack could be the perfect solution for you if you have the space in your kitchen to add an island, but not a big enough budget to get a custom built island installed. Usually light strips are incredibly easy to install, as they come with a sticky double sided tape on one side. Another great option to “class up” your Kallax is to wrap its sides in some solid wood. Here’s a good tutorial that shows you how to create a Kallax platform bed without using any tools at all. Oh HAY! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You do NOT want these falling on you or anyone in your home!! If you want me to email you cool stuff every now and then, pop yourself on my mailing list! The Kallax is without a doubt one of IKEA’s main, staple pieces. © COPYRIGHT 2020 IKEAHACKERS.NET | IKEA® is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Mind you, these units back then had 5 shelf spaces, not 4 like the new Kallax has now, so back then it was exactly long enough for the mattress (around 190cm). A fantastic and easy way to add a pop of personality to a backless bookshelf is by creating a “faux” backing with a large piece of fabric. They are sold in basic colors and you can buy the Kallax shelves in the following sizes: IKEA actually already offers many options to customize your Kallax – mainly drawers, shelves and baskets. This creates a seamless look that gives the illusion of custom built-ins.