The McAfee Secure proprietary firewall and IDS/IPS aware network discovery technology is designed to accurately map out any size or complexity of network topology. We automatically declare all employees’UIFearnings to the Department of Labour so there is yet another task you no longer have to worry about. It’s about access to relevant and valuable information at anytime, anywhere. Apart from offering all legislative payroll possibilities, country specific payroll collective agreement rules in industrial and mining sectors are also offered. Managers can define the relevant period ’s performance KPA’s for their employees and group them into relevant areas. ISCC Group of Companies works for the economic and social well being of their members, and not just for the enrichment of a select few investors. Access to Payroll or HR functions from anywhere in the world – Paymaster Payroll Solutions cloud access eradicates the need for onsite admin personnel and allows all stakeholders; Administrators, managers and employees access at anytime and anywhere. Movement – Manage the movement of employees within an organisation, including transfers, promotions,and demotions. Vast flexibility is also available with regards to defining leave pay income. Paymaster Payroll Solutions also provides various reports to assist you in completing annual training reports and compiling workplace skills plans. If you have a very simplistic structure, Paymaster Payroll Solutions hides the involved fields to allow you to capture your information quickly. All international legislation is automated and updated by Paymaster Payroll Solutions – Clients need not worry about understanding complex legislative rules. Paymaster Payroll Solutions has the ability to report on historical data based on an “as at” date, this means that reports being pulled for previous months will reflect data as if you were physically pulling the report in the past. Paymaster Payroll Solutions utilises one of the most modern data centres in South Africa. o   Onsite timesheets incorporating complex payroll interpretation of employee raw time and shift pattern capture either via online web capture or automated interfacing from access control systems. Administrators are able to create a vacancy that is linked to a position and upload a requisition form that can be sent to the relevant parties for approval via a workflow process. Types include: company, department, region, division, cost center, business site and more. These are then exercised in specific ways to disclose any application-level vulnerabilities such as code revelation, cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Leave can be given upfront or accrued in units such as days or hours.

Paymaster Payroll Solutions is a business tool that helps you grow and drive your business processes with the complete confidence that you are using the benchmark of today’s available payroll and HR management systems.

ISCC Group, Europlaw Group and our overseas international financial service providers aim to provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of Treasury, including acting as paymasters for various companies, complimentary services such as the raising of finance, insurance, investments management, buy-outs and special projects. There is no need to download any “newversion” in order to update your software with the latest tax tables and legislative changes – you are always using the latest version whenever you log onto Paymaster Payroll Solutions. Depending on the type of users you have in your company, various security roles can be defined where permissions are allocated that restrict users to selected screens or provide read-only access. Paymaster Payroll Solutions does not use “cookies” to store other confidential user and session information, but instead implements more advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded session IDs. Europlaw Group is now in position of offering both paymaster and escrow services to our international clients with the international banking platform provided by the ISCC Group of Companies; under ISC Bank and also presently working through both PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) TBK in Indonesia and Volksbank Pforzheim in Germany as well.

Getting a headcount should not be one of the most difficult questions to answer about your business, nor should detailing costs or spend by a department, region, or group. Record Additional Info – Record all disciplinary actions, track all equipment given to employees, recordtraining courses and associated costs, record an employee’s skills and qualifications. Companies are able to build up a qualifications and skills repository that in turn is linked to employees so that employees can quickly be identified when specific skills or qualifications are being looked for. The Paymaster Payroll Solutions user experience is singularly focused on extending access to every user while ensuring simplicity is always at the forefront in the execution. This greatly assists in driving an interview in terms of what questions are asked to a candidate.

Europlaw Group is a member of The International Association of Lawyers (UIA – Union Internationale des Avocats) situated in Paris, France, that brings together over 2,000 individual members and 200 bars, federations and association members, from more than 110 countries. Unlike most scanning solutions based on Nmap, our advanced dynamic port scanning can handle all targets, from desktop PCs to the most aggressive firewalls, IDS and IPS systems. Traditional security mechanisms such as firewalls and IDS’ provide little or no protection against attacks on your web applications. Biometric security – Biometric security systems are the third layer of security for entering the data center. Administrators can define security roles and attach users to these roles. Automated accurate payroll leave provision calculations are fed directly via the leave administration module where any fluctuation in employee leave balances translate into accurate provision costing for budget purposes. Reporting on historical data is instant, there is no need to restore any backups to retrieve information. Once this information is acquired it is matched to their Knowledge Base of vulnerabilities in order to launch additional application specific and generic tests of each available service. Create your own company appraisal processes that can be actively monitored i.e. Paymaster Payroll Solutions allows you to automate your entire hiring process from requisition, placing an advert, response handling, scheduling and tracking of interviews, electronic panel feedback and onboarding. Springe zur primären Navigation (Drücke Enter).

Paymaster Payroll Solutions for Mobile Browsers. The Europlaw group’s core strategy is based on the concept of reputable and intelligent partnerships and alliances. (everything can be done via the internet- no more waiting for consultants to arrive on site – this is real time, now support). Developing and defining accurate job descriptions as well as various requirements for each of the positions in the company plays an important role when measuring an employee’s performance and when the need arises to recruit for a particular position a job specification can be printed out immediately. Paymaster Payroll Solutions issues a session “cookie” only to record encrypted authentication information for the duration of a specific session. We are also experts in arranging incoming Loan structures for foreign investors, taking into account, the volatility of currencies and the need to protect the liability side of the loan. The first audit phase is a thorough, interactive port scan. The choice of currency conversion information source is up to the client. Once the interview has been completed, panel members are sent an electronic feedback form where they are able to rate the candidate.

These reports are secured in a password protected zip file ensuring confidentiality. Furthermore, documentation and reports are available throughout the process that guarantees efficiency and stakeholder communication. Here is an overview of how we handle security at various levels. Paymaster Payroll Solutions helps you comply with all legislative requirements by automatically calculating the correct. ISCC Group of Companies have provided now an international banking platform to Europlaw Group offering both paymaster and escrow services to its international clients receiving any funds throughout the world for investments purposes. o   Document approval workflow. It looks and feels very much like a native mobile application except that it is deployed using the power of the web and therefore is accessible from anywhere in the world. It delivers answers as fast as you can think up questions. We have created a powerful combination of features that is easy to use and affordable for any size business. Employees can apply for leave, access tax certificates and  capture expense claims that are sent via a workflow approval chain where the payslips are automatically updated without having to compile complex batch files outside of the system in order to upload into the payroll.

Paymaster Payroll Solutions has a configurable commission calculator that allows a manager to capture their teams  commission input whether it is monetary or unit based and Paymaster Payroll Solutions will automatically calculate the commission value based on the company’s commission rules and send it through a workflow approval chain where it is automatically added to the employee’s payslip. Informationen zur treuhänderische Zahlungsabwicklung durch einen Paymaster. For any further questions or enquiries related to Paymaster and Escrow Services, please visit and our link View an employee’s skills gap analysis against a specific position’s minimum requirements to assist in creating a career development plan to help them integrate into the company and their role. Clients can take advantage of the Paymaster Payroll Solutions technology to get data input from the source, electronically approve it in locations around the world through advanced workflow capability, and ultimately, process the information from anywhere in the world. Interview panel members are attached to each interview and are also invited to attend electronically. Accurately determining which ports on an IP address are open is the crucial first step to a comprehensive security audit. The ISC Bank through ISCC Group banking platform offers the unique facility for MT103 downloads can be performed under the Europlaw Group profile that such funds will be used with the consent of the client for investments under the banking and financial licenses held within the ISCC Group of Companies. Administrators can give users access to view specific employees that are in turn attached to organisation units defined on company level. Automated Employee increase letters according to performance predefined templates, HR initiates the capture and it is completed by payroll who fill in the missing data, Commission and expense claim electronic sign off sheets, Budgeting reconciliation reports for the remuneration committee during increase process, Ability to pay weekly, fortnightly and monthly employees in a single company, Tax certificates are available instantly every period (not just at year end), Ability to set up limitless earnings and deductions, Create limitless additional runs to cater for late payments, bonuses and commissions, Administer all components, funds and contributions etc on a single form, Administer changes directly on an employee’s payslip, Upload figures in mass via excel spreadsheet, Paymaster Payroll Solutions contains all medical aid rates, no need to obtain these manually, Draw a bank file for all major banks at the click of a button, Schedule standard reports or draw immediately in pdf or excel format, Ability to cost figures to any cost center, Ability to configure your GL requirements based on cost center codes, Add components to employees via predefined templates instead of capturing one by one, A simple easy to use YTD take on facility is available so that 1 tax certificate can be produced, Full reconciliation and exception reports.