Krissi: Obviously memorable. She started off well but didn't have the creativity and finesse as some of the other chefs had, and this was perhaps partly due to her background. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. share. As MasterChef enters its 12th season on Aussie shores with three brand new judges, it would be safe to say the popular TV show is somewhat of a stalwart to food enthusiasts the country over. The show is so much bullshit, the logo should be brown. From that list there, clearly, the standout pick is Emily. Goliath." I don't think he deserved that. This is scripted right? How staged is Masterchef? They use to tell people to stop cooking the same type of dishes, but is really doesn't matter in today's masterchef, everything Caesar has cooled this season has been Hispanic, the same with Farhan and his Indian culture. They sell tacos at ice cream shops in LA. They clearly don't select the brightest and the best. They use to tell people to stop cooking the same type of dishes, but is really doesn't matter in today's masterchef, everything Caesar has cooled this season has been Hispanic, the same with Farhan and his Indian culture. I don't think it's fake. Those kids are hilarious and the judges and kids are actually learning and helping each other. Lynn: Mister Finesse? Still love MCJr, tho.

The hypocrisy & dishonesty of the judges becomes apparent when you realize that SJ's dish had no citrus taste to it - something that was emphasized that needed to be a major component of the dessert. A lot of things that go against her, she brings on herself, but she is nice and not a bad person if you don't trigger her. They waste a TON of food. Also, people say she's a racist, but her only friends on the show were Sasha and Kathy who were black and Asian. You know what I mean (I've done social studies, so perhaps you won't, but you know... single mom, not particularly a beauty, no education...) so I won't say much about it. The learning curve is real, so they really learn some shit over the months of filming it. How about when they dump 200lbs of sugar or rice or something basic and staple on the kids' heads on MasterChef Jr? Honestly, it's the way they make the contestants dress that irritates me more than anything (and this is worse for Masterchef Junior). I'd like to know in particular: did a contestant ever lash out at one of the judges, cussed them or something?

The seasons with Michel Roux Jr. as host seem a black hole, there are nowhere to be seen. People in starving nations must think we're are so spoiled. Tacos are literally everywhere. Remember that the pack is pretty big at the beginning of the competition, so even if he wasn't even in the top 3, I can easily imagine that he was consistently ranked 4-6th in the challenges and just below the podium. I just noticed that; it makes perfect sense what you said there, Im a mexican and even my hood homeboys was on edge during the head-to-head showdown. Dude, you're from LA. Say something about how you can smell burning and look REALLY ALARMED in spite of all your Botox. I've watched almost every season of Masterchef, and this season was by far the most difficult to watch. The judges didn't follow that standard with SJ, and he stayed longer than he should've. C'mon, son. You don't need actors if you make a group of good cooks and odd personalities and you put each person in front of an interviewer that is good in asking questions. And who doesn't like Luca? What do you mean the showdown would have gone differently? They are utter garbage chefs by comparison and all of a sudden they have winning dishes back to back? I’m watching the most recent season as my first season, and a lot of this seems so manufactured. Sasha: This woman was utterly hilarious, and I was devastated that she went out first. adorbs. Plating is important when it comes to food, let's be real, the first impression is always important. I assume all reality shows are fixed. I just found it weird how every “mentor” had a contestant in the finale. I'd prefer to see him stay over the likes of Savannah and Bethy, then you would have a very strong pack at the end of the competition. I quit this season 2 eps in. Keep hearing the greatest things. The contestants are given a class on exactly what they're going to be making for each challenge just before the cameras roll, all ingredients are pre-measured (ok, now dump this entire container of flour in the mixer), and c'mon, you think Joe Bubba Billy Bob Texas Steak and Potatoes Guy knows what the fuck a croquembouche is?

If it was rigged, the showdown would have went differently.

I will just start and say that I don't defend her actions, but I do pity her somewhat.