Jason Shaw is one the hottest and the highest paid male models in the fashion industry over the years. As a model, Jason Shaw is known for being the spokes model of Tommy Hilfiger (1998-2003).

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Jason Shaw has been in an on-screen matchup with Holly Marie Combs in Charmed (1998).

Shaw bought a foreclosure a little over a year ago and with a team transformed the property into a modern, light-filled home. (l to r) Model Jason Shaw, Paris Hilton, and Tommy Hilfiger at a party hosted by Tommy for the release of Judy Turner's, psychic to the stars, new book "The Hidden World of Relationships" in the penthouse of the Hudson Hotel in New York City. Financial incentives are more effective than we thought, The utility of pay raises/cuts: A simulation experimental study, Integrating Personality and Social Networks: A Meta-Analysis of Personality, Network Position, and Work Outcomes in Organizations, Smallest Meaningful Pay Increases: Field Test, Constructive Replication, and Extension, A multi-level process model of employee-organization relationships, A multilevel approach to the effects of pay variation, A Social-Structural Perspective on Employee-Organization Relationships and Team Creativity, Racial Diversity and Firm Performance: The Mediating Role of Competitive Intensity, "Personality, Social Network Position, and Performance: A Meta-Analysis", A resource-based perspective on human capital losses, HRM investments, and organizational performance, Employee compensation: The neglected area of HRM research, Evaluations of One's Own and Others' Financial Rewards The Role of Trait Positive Affectivity, Unmasking Turnover: Effects of Voluntary and Involuntary Separations on Unit Performance in the Retail Sector, Turnover Rates and Organizational Performance: A Meta-Analysis, Competitive advantage through HRM: Current Issues and Perspectives, Best Places to Work: How “Making the List” Impacts Employee Turnover, Social Comparison Processes and Employee Reactions to Merit Pay, A Social Context Model of Envy and Social Undermining, Publishing in AMJ--Part 5: Crafting the Methods and Results, The Moderating Effect of Impression Management on the Organizational Citizenship Behavior-Voluntary Turnover Relationship, Turnover rates and organizational performance Review, critique, and research agenda, A comparative examination of traditional and skill-based pay plans, The Organizational Socialization Process: Review and Development of a Social Capital Model, EMPLOYEE-ORGANIZATION RELATIONSHIPS AND TEAM CREATIVITY, Self‐monitoring, status, and justice‐related information flow, A Contingency Model of Conflict and Team Effectiveness. Pay-for-performance (PFP) perceptions were consistently related to personal reactions (e.g., pay raise happiness, pay-level satisfaction, and turnover intentions). Using data from 138 independent samples, we meta-analytically examined three research questions concerning the roles of personality and network position in organizations. The authors developed a multilevel interactive model for predicting social loafing behavior in groups and tested this model in a study of 367 individuals working in 102 groups during a 4-month period. Our review of this research... We develop a social-structural perspective on the relationship between employee-organization relationships (EORs) and team creativity. Empirical Organizational-Level Examinations of Agency and Collaborative Predictions of Performance-Contingent Compensation, Interdependence and Preference for Group Work: Main and Congruence Effects on the Satisfaction and Performance of Group Members, The Moderating Role of Positive Affectivity: Empirical Evidence from Bank Employees in the United Arab Emirates, The Salieri Syndrome: Consequences of Envy in Groups, Positive and Negative Affect, Signal Sensitivity, and Pay Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions: The Moderating Role of Positive Affect, Positive affectivity and negative outcomes: The role of tenure and job satisfaction, Are Financial Incentives Related to Performance?