"I've got to say, I never thought that I would get the chance to meet you." Jill: "You got room for one more?" Once there, the door was locked and they could not progress. Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Jill agreed and the two flew to Chris and Sheva's position. One of the Majini dropped the transport area key and the two carried on. It was the second story-based DLC for Resident Evil 5 after Jill was freed from her mind control device. Josh gave Jill a boost and she removed the metal bar blocking the door. Do you know where they are headed?" Town MajiniBase MajiniBig Man MajiniInstigator MajiniDuvaliaCephaloBui KichwaChainsaw MajiniReaperGatling Gun MajiniExecutioner MajiniThe Executioner (Red)

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fighting off horde after horde, Doug finally arrived and landed on the helipad. If Wesker succeeds, Uroboros will

Josh contacted Doug and let him know that he was on his way. After holding out for a few more minutes, they were once again contacted by Doug who had visual contact on their position. Some people even said that they hate her or something like do they actually hate the face of their franchise? Especially since everyone playing it back then knew they weren't going to kill Jill Valentine of all people basically off-screen.No i meant it looks like they listed her as Kia even after the events of RE5. . They decided to use the Majini's weapons, a mounted rocket launcher to blow the door down. Josh: "I saw one anchored offshore.

she started her own bakery and began a card business which she became very rich. You're the only one who can! Jill told Josh that she had to go to the communications facility in order to tell Chris how to defeat Wesker. You are awake." Jill and Josh made a run for the helicopter until an unsuspecting Jill was blown back by a rocket explosion. They entered a train yard/construction area and the alarms sounded, triggering the real chaos. The radio was jammed and Chris and Jill got disconnected. I got a helicopter waiting and I'm going after Sheva." Jill: "I'm alright! Desperate Escape was one of the two extra campaign chapters for Resident Evil 5, available as a download.. Jill: "I couldn't control my actions, oh, but God I was still aware. After overcoming the enemy, they obtained the emergency exit key and progressed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Chris! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They came out recently and are completely playable for today’s modern age. You two need to stop him."

Once there, two Majini took control of more mounted launchers and things got chaotic.

This extra campaign chapter did not become playable until the entirety of the core RE5 campaign was completed. Why would Jill go back into fighting against bioweapons after all the shit she's been through? They realized that the bridge was out and they contacted Doug. Jill told Doug that there was a landing pad on the roof of the communications facility and Doug agreed to meet them there. "Wait a minute, you are Jill Valentine!" Jill: "You have to. Dunno if true though. Sheva: "Yes." "Are you all right?" Continuing on, Josh and Jill received a call from Doug. (SPOILERS! They realized that Doug was not there, and they were suddenly attacked by the hordes of Majini. jill went on to do many things.

"Good. Sheva: "It's alright." Cookies help us deliver our Services. He's on the tanker." Doug met Jill on this call and he promised to wait for her with open arms.

Jill Valentine (d.2012) was a Raccoon City police officer who lived during the global T-virus pandemic of 2002-2012. Jill: "I bet you say that to all the girls."

"Don't you trust your partner?"

Jill better make an appearance in RE8 or we riot. Doug helped Jill onto the pad as Josh fought more Majini off. Would be confusing as hell to keep up with two timelines. Once a player had completed every single chapter in the game, this bonus chapter was unlocked. How does the death count work?

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. After having to brave against multiple Majini, Majini-manned cannons, and against a large portion of RE5's overall rogues list, the two then reach a radio station and Jill is able to pass on the vital information concerning the instability of Wesker's virus. All Majini encountered during Desperate Escape appear to have no eyes.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They both went after Wesker. Jill and Josh entered the building. her ptsd from wesker made her become a recluse and she over came it. March 2009 Date: "Listen. Jill at this point in the lore is obviously still trying to cope what happened during her time as Wesker's puppet and would most likely never recover. Jill and Josh fighting Majini and a Chainsaw majini. Jill: "Thanks." In this area, Jill and Josh had to take two more heavy gates down in order to reach the facility. Desperate Escape was one of the two extra campaign chapters for Resident Evil 5, available as a download. Does the death count record if you load game or quit when you die. Millions will die!" Have you seen that?" jill went on to do many things. "So what are you doing here?" More posts from the residentevil community. Josh was willing to go since the helicopter was in the same direction. Throughout Desperate Escape you can potentially fight the Town Majini (Mini-bosses being Executioners in the 2nd act, Chainsaw Majini in the 1st and 3rd act and Chain Gun Majini in the 3rd act) or the Base Majini (Mini-bosses being Chain Gun Majini in the 1st act, Reapers in the 2nd and 3rd act and Red Executioners in the 3rd act), Chris: "Jill!"

And tbh, we don't need Jill returning or any other characters. Jill: "How... Who are you?" "Chris...", Josh: "Hey. Unused dialogue can be found within the game files where Jill questions Josh on the exact nature of his relationship with Sheva. Attacked by the flying Kipepeo, Doug informed Jill and Josh that he had to make a detour. Jill and Josh made their way up a ramp that led them to another barricaded door. Jill located and killed the Majini with another heat-seeking missile. The emphasis was more on action with this DLC, rather than atmosphere as it was the case with Lost in Nightmares. Josh: "Captain Josh Stone, BSAA West Africa Branch." I think she had PTSD. It was the second story-based DLC for Resident Evil 5 after Jill was freed from her mind control device.It lasted about one to two hours in length, depending on difficulty level and personal skill. The enemies that Josh and Jill encounter and at what point they encounter them are randomly selected. Desperate Escape As Doug made his way back to the helicopter, he was blown up by a heat-seeking missile. By Pressing Back. The two took an elevator down to the dock area from which Wesker escaped. ), To everyone who says Jill is unlikable in this remake...(spoilers from re1), So Regina in Dino Crisis was basically Jill version 2.0. It’s hard, they assassinated her character arc in 5. They used one of the mounted launchers, which led them to the second launcher giving them access to the front entrance of the Tricell communications facility. Also the tests seemed like something that could turn out bad even though Jill doesn't know it. Jill: "Take care of him." When trying to leave the area, they came across another locked door. I don't want them to cut contents like in RE2R and RE3R. Enemies:

There were files in either revelation 2 or re.net via re6 that explained how she was still going through therapy after re5, but also that she was eager to get back to work in the field. This is your only chance! Another door was barricaded.

We need new ones in upcoming games. Josh tells Jill it's not what she thinks, as Sheva is more like a sister to him. That was my biggest gripe about that game. The two were attacked by either a Chainsaw or a Gatling Gun Majini. You need to stop them!" At the other end, Josh boosted Jill up so she could make her way to the door and unbar it. Josh flew the helicopter as Jill provided cover fire. Josh StoneJill Valentine

They discovered a radio with which they could call Chris. Jill: "Thank you." "You're our only hope to survive this." I agree with you in a way but Jill really need a closure at least...as a game or as another média.Seriously give me a CGI Jill series over whatever this Infinite Darkess will be in any day of the week. A community for fans of the Capcom series, Resident Evil, (aka Biohazard in Japan). Is it possible to buy everything in the shop? doa-plus.com - We Press Forward. Can you hear me? It's too late to get it now." I think they are going to remake 5 and 6 in a whole different way to fix all the problems, Let's see how RE4 reimagining goes first before we discuss 5, What to make RE5 and 6 have different stories? As the two flew away, Josh mourned his friend's death and insisted on aiding Chris and Sheva in their final showdown with Albert Wesker, so Doug's death would not be in vain. Because honestly, story wise. Jill explained that an overdose of the PG67A/W serum should act as a poison against Wesker. Doug came out of the helicopter and provided cover fire for the two. Jill and Josh made their way up to the building's rooftop with the hopes of Doug awaiting them. Of course that they know, they just don't want to lol. Jill Valentine is a fictional character in Resident Evil, a survival horror video game series created by Japanese company Capcom.She was introduced as one of two player characters in the original Resident Evil (1996).

Gamer's Little Playground 175,863 views. Josh explained that he was here to help Chris and Sheva and he had a helicopter waiting on the other side of the mountain range. Player: Josh entered the Monarch Room and found a collapsed Jill Valentine. How is it that Capcom does not know how to continue the story arc of Jill Valentine after RE5?There are numerous ways to continue her story as many fanfic writers have done it.I don’t know how they can’t see that Jill is an all time favorite character ever since her debut in … Josh climbed onto the pad and helped Jill onto the helicopter. God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life. Chris: "We just can't leave here!" Josh: "I'm looking for my comrades, Sheva and Chris. Forgive me." Josh: "Just the pretty ones.

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Dick Valentine is Jill Valentine's father.1 He is an expert and widely known thief, throughout his only daughter's childhood he passed on everything he knew, hoping to have her permanently join him as a partner in crime. Chris: "Well yeah, but--" Once they reached the second launcher, they blew the final heavy gate down and made their way to the entrance of the facility. Though it’s probably a trick, Chris becoming a villain in re8 could be enough to finally coax her out of retirement.

Are you alright?"