The tension between John and Debra’s daughters came to a head the day before Thanksgiving, when Terra discovered the couple were living together and confronted her mom. We! Cheryl Burke Claims 'DWTS' Scoring Is Inconsistent, 14 Ways to Get Horny Again After the Election :'), DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Transform Your Apartment, How to Volunteer For the Georgia Senate Runoff, All I Care About Are Queen Elizabeth's Corgis, Thx. Terra Newell was deemed as acting in self-defense. And now, both of their real lives have become the story of Bravo’s series Dirty John. At trial, Cindi’s mother Arlane Hart testified in Billy’s defense, explaining that she loved him and did not believe he had been in his right mind when he shot and killed her daughter. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. “‘That guy, you can’t trust him for nothing. But who is John Meehan, and how did he end up getting killed? … You feel like John just thought he was the greatest guy on earth. It was a side of Dirty John that his real life daughters were too young to see years ago, before he left their mother Tonia Sells. Courtesy Debra Newell. The red flags in her relationship with John Meehan went … Debra Newell discovered too late the deceptions of John Meehan, a serial con man she married after a 2-month courtship — inspiring Bravo's Dirty John. Their two-month courtship led first to marriage and then to tragedy, inspiring the hit scripted Bravo series DirtyJohn, itself adapted from a same-named podcast from the Los Angeles Times. Meehan died in hospital four days later on August 24, 2016. It was Tonia who helped him graduate from ‘Wright State University’ and then from the ‘Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia.’ John and Tonia entered wedlock in November 1990. This content is imported from {embed-name}. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The woman was a wealthy writer who had encountered Meehan in a hospital where she was recovering after surgery, and he falsely portrayed himself as her anesthesiologist. “He has a type,” she explains. John Meehan in real life John Meehan aka Dirty John seduced, swindled and terrorised multiple women from 2005 to 2014. After a two-year courtship, he didn’t invite his family to their 1990 wedding — and in watching the wedding video by herself later, Bales overheard for the first time that his college friends called him “Filthy John.”, His dismissive explanation: “They’re just drunk. Not! Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases in the True Crime Newsletter. He helped 25 year old #TerraNewall fend off her powerful step-father as he was trying to stab her to death. In his youth he was given lessons in how to lie and to decieve people and John quickly became an expert at this that easily … John Meehan and Debra Newell met in October 2014 after connecting on a dating website. But over the subsequent weeks and months, Meehan slowly revealed himself to be the very opposite: A pathological liar with an ugly temper, a criminal past, and a long history of conning, manipulating, and abusing women. He’s rotten top to bottom.”. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. After meeting women, he would terrorize, swindle and stalk them. The couple had two daughter… Debra’s children from her previous marriage were not excited about the wedding as they were not convinced by John’s lies. ET) on Oxygen. John was known for pulling off bogus lawsuits and insurance scams. But, before we get into the details about the show, as well as the real John Meehan, keep in mind that MAJOR SPOILERS on the series will be revealed. The show premiered in the US on November 25, 2018. She reportedly stabbed Meehan thirteen times, with his eye being the final cut. Are! Per The LA Times, Luken later called John “the most devious, dangerous, deceptive person I ever met.”. Credit: It means nothing.”. In 2002, he was charged with drug theft and was later sentenced to 17 months in prison. But it's also true!). If you haven't read Goffard's articles or heard the podcast yet, rectify that immediately. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. She was fully exhonerated. When police intervened to arrest Meehan, he was driving a car apparently extorted from another woman and living in a cluttered RV that he’d conned from a third woman, according to the former investigator. The couple was in the process of separating, and the murder took place in the kitchen of the home they had just sold in Laguna Niguel, California. Meehan died four days later after the stabbing, at the age of 57. When Debra wanted to end her marriage with John, he did not take it well. As she got out of the car, John approached her from behind and attacked her with a knife. The red flags in her relationship with John Meehan went up early, but Tonia Bales was slow to see them. Meehan attacked Debra's daughter Terra in the car park outside her home. Dirty John Meehan’s real-life ex-wife speaks. The year before that first date in 2014, Meehan was arrested after police followed up a complaint by another woman he’d pursued and extorted for money, police investigator Julia Bowman tells PEOPLE. John Meehan died in the hospital at 57, four days after his fight with Terra. I was like ‘I don't want him to get back up, I don't want him to try to hurt me again. He was handsome, charismatic, accomplished, and seemed genuinely interested in her. “He would meet as many women as possible and then find the one that is the wealthiest, and then attach to that person.”. Not surprisingly, John had lied about his age and had even concealed his real name. Debra's daughters are being played by Julia Garner (who nabbed the role of Terra) and Juno Temple. “I don’t know the dynamics of the family. ET) on Bravo. She did, but it didn’t stop Jacqueline from wondering, why are John’s nails so dirty if he practices medicine? Debra’s nephew Shad—Cindi’s son—called her to raise concerns about John, revealing that he had served time in jail and had lied about being an anesthesiologist. She sought an annulment of their Las Vegas vows, even as Meehan tearfully told her he deserved a chance to prove he was innocent of any accusations. 10 years into their marriage, he wanted to divorce Tonia, which prompted her to call John’s mother, Dolores. Emma Dibdin writes about television, movies, and podcasts, with coverage including opinion essays, news posts, episodic reviews and in-depth interviews with creatives. John was released from prison on October 8 after serving time for violating a restraining order. Debra’s Jaguar disappeared from its parking spot in front of her office in Irvine, and surveillance footage showed John stealing it. Jacquelyn called Terra to warn her that John was in town; the previous evening she'd seen him waiting outside her (Jacquelyn’s) apartment building in Irvine. “It just seemed so calculated and polished.”., — LAT Entertainment (@latimesent) August 9, 2018. By the time of their 2002 divorce, after Meehan got another woman pregnant, Bales, then a mom to their two girls, had learned he was expert at hiding secrets, including his past arrest for cocaine trafficking. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. • Read the shocking tales of people lured into cults and controversial groups in PEOPLE’s True Crime Stories: Cults, available now on Amazon and wherever magazines are sold. Warning: This article contains spoilers about the real-life events dramatized in Bravo’s Dirty John. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? Working as a nursing anaesthetist, he was jailed for stealing drugs from a patient he was supposed to be prescribing for. It was like he was convinced of it, how great he was, how good-looking he was.”, “But,” she says, “that’s part of the psychopath.”. “They threw her under the bus,” Avdeef said, referring to Arlane and other family members who gave testimony. At a young age, John would win legal settlements by jumping in front of moving cars and by mixing pieces of glass into food bought at local restaurants. When the police arrived, they discovered a duct tape, injectable testosterone, cable ties, kitchen knives, and a passport in John’s backpack. Newell’s daughters hired a private investigator when they had doubts about Meehan’s intentions. Dolores revealed that John lied about his birthday and his full birth name, and that he had a drug charge against him in California.