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We're pretty interested in how this one plays out, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Kindred Fates news as it comes out of the fog.

Collaborate with the devs to create a playable kinfolk in the game, complete with concept art, a fully textured 3D model, rigging, and a full suite of animations.

Receive a special Kickstarter-only Royal Variant of Mechid.

Every bit helps! Kindred Fates - An Open World Monster Battling RPG, Your Name On a Street Sign, Grave, Graffiti Tag, or Building. Pokemon-inspired games aren't hard to come by, and we've already seen the successful — and slightly broken — soft launch of Temtem from Crema Games and Humble Bundle.

Includes all rewards from the Royal tier. You'll receive a digital copy of the game's official soundtrack! It is the game many fans have been asking for from the genre for over a decade. It is the game many fans have been asking for from the genre for over a decade. Kindred Fates from Skymill Studios is a Pokemon-esque open-world monster catcher that's not short on genre tags or creativity. erhält eine Provision, wenn du über so einen Link einkaufst. Skymill says on the game's Kickstarter page: Many of us who grew up with monster battle games hoped that they would mature as we did.

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We aim to create a game with thought-provoking storytelling, antagonists with a sympathetic cause, compelling character development, morally ambiguous decisions, and living with the consequences of your actions. To make that happen, the Kickstarter would have to reach the $150k stretch goal.

Capture monsters, explore a dark and unforgiving region, and fight to take back your home in this open world RPG. Become one of the locals! Includes ... or building with your name on it!

You'll even choose where they are in the game and their Kinfolk team! Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. To make that happen, the Kickstarter would have to reach the $150k stretch goal. Battles are real-time affairs, and should your Kinfolk lose, it dies — sort of. Work with the devs! It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Design the story, NPCs, and choose the location. If not, they're lost forever. Kindred Fates is a third-person, action-combat, open-world RPG that is looking to evolve the creature-collection genre. Kindred Fates has a unique take on the monster battling, and it's about time that some fresh life has been breathed into the genre. We will send you an adorable handmade 8-inch plushie of Awburn! It is the game many fans have been asking for from the genre for over a decade.

Kindred Fates is a game made by fans who wanted more.

Kindred Fates challenges monster battle fans in new ways.

You get even earlier access to the game's Combat Arena, and your name will be added to the game's credits!

525 members in the KindredFates community.

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From skill based online battles, to the impactful choices in its carefully crafted story. Fates has been announced as the fourth Teamfight Tactics Set. Includes all rewards from the Royal tier.