building is Blanton Nursing building is Edge Hall 863.680.4320, Department ChairAssociate Professor of ChemistryThe Dr. John A. Leighty Endowed Chair in Chemistry 863.680.4324, Assistant Professor of English 863.680.5076, Assistant Professor of Biology building is Polk Science

863.680.3860, Assistant Professor of Nursing 941.680.4683, Clinical Placement Coordinator Contact Lakeland University. There are no strangers here. - room is 135 building is Polk Science

863.680.3893, Professor of Citrus ScienceProgram CoordinatorJohn and Ruth Tyndall Chair in Citrus Sciences building is Ordway

building is Spivey Arts Building - room is 329 - F - room is 205 863.680.4490, Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

863.680.4312, Associate Professor of Political ScienceDepartment Chair building is Becker Business Building building is Becker Business - room is 208 - S building is Blanton Nursing

On the men's side, Lakeland offers soccer, basketball and baseball. 863.680.4998, Professor of BiologyDepartment ChairNelson C. White Chair in the Life Sciences - room is 207 Get in contact with us and a representative will respond as quickly as possible. Our staff is comprised of associates of our main campus, as well as our seven centers across the state of Wisconsin. building is Chatlos Building - room is 303 217-238-8239

863.680.4476, Professor of Psychology - room is 122

863.680.4314, Associate Professor of Mathematics building is Ordway - N - room is H-205 - room is 123 - room is 331 - H 863.680.4216, Associate Professor of MusicDirector of Voice Studies - room is 214 863.680.3781, Associate Professor of Exercise ScienceExercise Science Program Director

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- room is 141 building is Branscomb - room is 310 building is Edge Hall

Human Resources consultant, Siobhan Fundytus building is Curry Building 863.680.4283, Professor of Economics and Finance 863.680.4496, Director of the Library

863.680.6280, Associate Professor of Education - room is 334 building is Edge Hall - room is 218

building is Buckner Theatre building is Campisi Center for Physical Therapy

863.680.6284, Associate Professor of BiologyGeorge W. Truitt Chair in the Sciences - room is 140 863.680.4322, Associate Professor of Physics building is Christoverson Humanities Building Contact Information 863.680.4473, Associate Professor of Computer ScienceDepartment Chair - room is 320 building is Carol Jenkins Barnett Center for Early Childhood Learning and Health building is Becker Business 863.680.4348, Associate Professor of EnglishDepartment Chair Vice President, Environmental Services, Vertex.

863.680.3015, Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre building is Becker Business Building - J phone number 828.305.5144, Instructor of Business Administration building is Roux Library 863.680.4203, Associate Professor of Philosophy

- D Kent Hummelle

building is Curry Building If you are coming to campus, Information for all college numbers except those listed below, 5001 Lake Land Blvd., Mattoon, Illinois 61938. 863.680.4714, Associate ProfessorDirector of Community Engagement 863.680.4476, Professor of Religion

Get in contact with us and a representative will respond as quickly as possible. phone number 863.688.7743 x288, Professor of Biology

- room is 225 LAKELAND HIGH SCHOOL. building is Polk Science - room is 206

- room is 215 863.680.2018, Associate Provost for Experiential EducationAssociate Professor of Education Lakeland College - room is 328 Use the dropdown below to …

Staff Directory. building is Edge Hall

building is Polk Science - I

217-238-8292 Name Title Phone E-Mail; Scott Barlow: Director for Athletics.

Lakeland Community College is proud to offer seven varsity athletic teams. - room is 335 863.680.4441, Assistant Professor of Economics

… Offering associate degrees and technical certificates, Lakeland Community College provides quality learning opportunities to meet the social and economic needs of the community.

Women's sports include volleyball, basketball, and softball. - room is 219

863.680.5058, Assistant Professor of Social Science

- room is 317 863.616.6459, Assistant Professor of Economics building is Christoverson Humanities 863.680.4708, Marketing Department ChairAssociate Professor of Marketing 863.680.4168, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Sign up to receive the latest news updates. building is Polk Science

- room is 117 863.680.4337, Associate Professor of CommunicationDepartment Chair - K

building is Edge Hall, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing and Education Coordinator

building is Marjorie McKinley Music

building is Polk Science

- room is 252 building is Blanton Nursing, Instructor of Nursing

863.680.4309, Associate Professor of Spanish

- room is 317 863.680.3776, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Payroll officer, Lisa Schommer 440-525-7302: : Julie Phillips: Athletic Trainer. 683.380.4852, Instructor of Mathematics

- E

Rustler Roundup ; Alumni Events; Register as Alumni; Fan Zone. - room is 214

- room is 275

Lakeland College

building is Campisi Center for Physical Therapy - room is 155 building is Curry Building Lakeland's Health & Safety team strives to increase health and safety through awareness, guidance and training for staff and students.

Lakeland Community College is proud to offer seven varsity athletic teams. - room is 203

'key' : '67ef91da741c372a7bd8387f90ef63db', Students, faculty and staff all know each other, and everyone looks out for everyone else.

863.680.4278, Dean - Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise - room is 112 Lake Land College and the Athletic Department Announce their return to play protocols Laker Athletics Return to Play Protocols. Activities Director: Scott Rolando. phone number 863.680.4398, building is Marjorie McKinley Music building is Becker Business

building is Polk Science building is Polk Science 863.680.6289, Assistant Professor of Education 863.680.5028, Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator/Instructor

- room is 127 863.680.4393, Associate Professor of English

863.680.4310, Assistant Professor of Nursing