He protects the ball well using his body and by utilizing a football carry paired with the gather step. Consistent display of advanced-level shake and fluid ability in stringing together multi-move sequences. Weight: 73 kg or 160 pounds Age: 16 Will he readily welcome contact as he starts to grow into his body and generate more FTA’s? Ambidexterity is a strong plus.

Wingspan: 6-foot-9. Not enough praise can be given to LaMelo in this regard. Waist Size: 31 inches or 79 cm Born Place: Chino Hills, California Max vertical: 36 1/2 inches. LaMelo Ball Height: 6 ft 3 in or 191 cm. LaMelo Ball DraftExpress Profile: scouting reports, videos, stats and logs. Nationality: American

Will lead the closeout with the wrong foot forward and get turned around. Waist Size: 31 inches or 79 cm. This enables him to smoothly transition into a turn-and-run, Legitimate tools for defensive rebounding: max vertical (featuring a quick jump), intent, length, and reading the glass, Positive signs with screen navigation: can get skinny while maintaining nice speed, he handles corners fairly well, and covers passing options with length while recovering, Boasts multi-positional defensive potential, as length, mobility, and reactivity transect at a high point, Habitually over-helps in an effort to land a steal or block.

How long will it take to shake the iffy shot selection? LaMelo habitually incorporates multiple pass-fakes and finishes the sequence before other prospects would even make the initial read.

D raft E xpress. How would LaMelo’s game and gifts for distribution fare in a slower-paced setting, especially given that he seems to be quite dependent on rhythm? If also factoring in his physical profile and skill levels for his age, it’s tempting to immediately come away with very high expectations.

Sometimes inserts a backwards lean involving a kick-out, which offsets his balance. Outside shot is technically a set shot; doesn’t generate much lift, Simple posturing preferences likely work against him. The thing is, LaMelo muddies things up quite well: he has an established history of questionable decision-making, spotty effort-levels, and has showcased especially peculiar mechanics. In the past, floater would on occasion resemble a set shot; during others, would feature a double-clutch and inconsistent wrist extension. Micro-movements with lower body would often alter trajectory. Positive recent indicators in regards to development and utility of floaters.

Micro-movements with lower body would often alter trajectory. LaMelo Ball is the 2020 NBA Draft’s best player - SBNation.com Nick Name: LaMelo Can LaMelo develop a post game in conjunction with adding some bulk?

Shows rapid-fire dribbles involving both hands. Welcome to Lonzo Wire's European Union Experience.

In a right-to-left crossover, sometimes will keep left foot “open” which widens his stance and doesn’t work to sell a hard drive right.

USA Today labeled him “the most famous 16 year old basketball star ever”. Chest size: 38 inches or 97 cm His base sees variance from time to time with the right leg periodically sticking out to begin the motion; can land with both feet facing perpendicular to the rim.