The simplicity of this recipe also means it’s perfect if you want to bake them with kids (and my kids absolutely love eating them too!).

If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words and credit me, or link back to this post for the recipe. They are just delightful.

I know a few people who love lemon but don’t like buttercream and these are right up my street! I love your recipes, easy to follow and love a video to watch too.

A few people have asked me if they can convert the recipe into cupcakes. Beat on a low speed (either using an electric mixer or by hand) until all of the ingredients are fully combined.

I would double the ingredients and split between the two tins! As with the vanilla cupcakes they are based on, these lemon drizzle cupcakes are very simple to make. The milk will thicken and look curdled – that's what we want! I have learnt something new each time I have used one of your recipes.

Hi Jane, thanks for this recipe! HI Jane, I love these as did my husband.

Welcome to my Kitchen! By adding a teaspoon of baking powder and a tablespoon of lemon juice they have come out lovely. Beat together your Butter and Sugar until light and fluffy. Great recipe so easy to follow dose exactly what it says on the tin? I like to think they do, but baking them yourselves is definitely the best option. x. You can also add a scant teaspoon of Lady Grey or Earl Grey tea in the batter for sophisticated twist,  Lemon Tea Cupcakes anyone?

READ MORE, Lemon lovers will fall head over heels for my, The answer is yes, but it makes a very large batch of cupcakes which can be a bit much. As a avid hater of anything healthy I scoffed one and I couldn’t tell the difference.

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x. Hi, these look amazing but would love to make this into a cake for my dads birthday. There’s lemon juice and lemon zest in the batter but the real zing comes from the lemon drizzle. The Buttercream can be easily coloured to suit a theme, or you can use Lemon Extract in place of the lemon juice/zest if you wanted to make it easier! Also my buttercream was very yellow in colour? Pre-heat your oven to 160ºC/140ºC fan.

These deliciously zingy cupcakes are topped with tangy cream cheese topping… absolutely dreamy.

x, Hi Jane – I don’t have enough lemons but have bottled lemon juice. Enjoy!

I was a bit nervous as I’ve never zested a lemon before, didn’t even realise the peel was edible (total newbie as I said) Yet they came out amazing!

Split evenly between the 12 Cupcake cases, and bake in the oven for 18-22 minutes, or until baked through. Fabulous recipe and great for me as a beginner.

Lemon Drizzle is one of my absolutely favouritest cakes – I just LOVE it!

is it possible to use a dairy-free spread in the buttercream or would you recommend using your vegan vanilla buttercream recipe instead?

Please see my disclosure for more details!*.

I love lemon anything, but these were on another level. Purple ones, such as pansies, would look fantastic against the yellow of the cake.

Very simple to make also. Hi Jane do you think I can make these gluten free by substituting the flour? The simple lemon flavour is my favourite but you can experiment by adding a little elderflower cordial in the drizzle for lemon and elderflower cupcakes.. You can also add a scant teaspoon of Lady Grey or Earl Grey tea in the batter for sophisticated twist, Lemon Tea Cupcakes anyone? Sometimes, going quite simple and classic is the way to success.

I shared them with colleagues at a school and they loved them too. This helps to ensure that they don’t sink to the bottom. Do you know of any dairy-free alternative that I can use instead of unsalted butter for the buttercream icing .

Can I use this and if so, how much do I use? If you look at my older posts, such as my Lemon & Lime Drizzle Cake, and my Lemon & Poppyseed Cupcakes, you will see how ropey my photography skills used to be. Perfect for packed lunches, these lemon drizzle cupcakes will add a zing to your day! Try my super-easy Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes.

Stir together to combine.

You can add poppyseeds into this bake if you want as well, but I just wanted something lemon through and through. Thanks Sharon, I think they would freeze well either way, but after thawing and then adding the drizzle may not have the same effect! Lemon Drizzle Cake Bakealong | Cupcake Jemma Classics Gepubliceerd door Leo Robie op 08/12/2019. A lemon peel twist, small lemon slice or fresh lemon zest is the perfect simple garnish for this bake.

Hey! I don’t know why as I followed the recipe exactly. Lemon drizzle cupcakes that are easy to make and absolutely jam-packed with flavour. I use large piping tips and these easy grip disposable bags for perfect frosting. Love cupcakes? ❤️ A delicious no-bake, Gingerbread Loaf Cake ❤️ A sweet and delic, Christmas Pudding Truffles?! If you eat these cupcakes without the frosting they are technically lemon muffins, am I right? I’ve been new to baking since lockdown, total newbie!

X, Hi, do you think these will freeze ok?